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Onward, Christian Soldier?

May 30, 2007

Carl Bernstein traces the evolving religious commitment of a politician partial to triangulation in his book on Hillary. Not to steal the thunder from Chris Lehmann , the review of the book, “A WOMAN IN CHARGE: THE LIFE OF HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON”, in and of itself revealing. It reveals the Hillary she doesn’t want anyone to know. She is a fraud.


She feigns religiosity as she develops her socialist leanings of governorship. As she began her education in the Leftinistra strongholds in the Great North East, she shunned her conservative ways and went hell-bent the Stalinist way. The article ends thusly:


If Hillary Clinton accedes, per her latest ambition, to the Oval Office, she will surely continue to “evolve” in the same direction, refining her very special, very insulated vision of moral leadership.

Let us pray.

Amen. We are going to need it.


Hillary the Catholic…or Is That Methodist?

May 17, 2007

Confused yet? Make no mistake. Hillary is a sly one. She must be sly because she caters to whomever she needs to cater to. This is what is known as People Pleasing and is a close kin to Codependency. What most do not realize or, do realize but will not accept, such mental deficiencies result in alienating themselves from everyone they try to appease…except for others like her.

It is said that her earliest religious and political mentor was a Methodist minister, Reverend Don Jones, now 75 years of age. I have found no references as to her change of denominational ties but I have found her venues of political slants, firmly based in socialistic tendencies. Those tendencies have developed into full-bore socialism mantras.

Then why are Catholic leaders angry with Hillary? Has she not made steps to attract them to her in droves? “A Catholic advocacy group is urging Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to remove an image of Mother Teresa from a campaign video narrated by former President Bill Clinton.” Why is this? One should ask what is meant by: Catholics to Hillary: Stop Using Mother Teresa in Ad. Is it because Bill the Apostate is narrating? Is it because Hillary is a Methodist?

Hat Tip to Miss Beth for her analysis:

“It is wholly inappropriate, disrespectful and disturbing that Hillary Clinton is using an image of Blessed Mother Teresa as a political tool, especially given their radically different views on abortion,” said Fidelis President Joseph Cella.

He noted that Mother Teresa fought to protect unborn children, while Hillary Clinton “staunchly supports abortion on demand in all nine months of pregnancy, including partial birth abortion and taxpayer funding of abortion.

“Out of respect to Mother Teresa, and the Missionaries of Charity strict guidelines for the use of Mother’s image, we call on the Hillary Clinton campaign to immediately remove her image from their campaign video,” Cella said in a news release.

I saved the last comment here for a reason. It actually started Miss Beth’s post but I have placed it here because it signifies the growing sentiment that millions are beginning to see and feel:

“Just when you think this wretched piece of female hatefulness couldn’t stoop any lower:

And there you have it. Hillary will stoop as low as she needs to stoop in order to win. It is all about the Almighty Power and Control. It isn’t about “We The People”. For Hillary, it is all about “Me The Hillary”.