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Vast army of ‘Hillary haters’ has claws out

August 26, 2007

This “IS” ALMOST too funny!

Here we go with the lamest of the lame losers going off whining about the obscurity abyss the Chief Leninist of the DNC will soon find her self sinking into. This article is a Godsend.

Thanks, Jill Zuckman. She is apparently a graduate for the same Moonbats In Training school as the idiot from Huff and Puff.

I was wondering where all these Moonbats from the Fruit Loop Brigades were coming from and we have it right here.

Chicago Tribune…LOL!!


DALLAS – Richard Collins, a wealthy Texas philanthropist, businessman and political aficionado, heaps praise on the woman he has set out to destroy, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.).

“She looks like a winner,” said Collins, sitting in his high-rise office with sweeping views of the city. “She’s run a good campaign, very consistent, no mistakes.”

But make no mistake about it: Collins is just one in a vast army of professional “Hillary haters” who are banking on Clinton becoming the Democratic nominee. Like the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in the 2004 election who denigrated John Kerry’s military service in Vietnam, Collins and others are searching for just the thing that will crystallize the way voters think and feel about her.

What is with these sad-sacked Slumber Party attendees on the left? There is a conspiracy under every rock. One could draw the conclusion that since they slither out from beneath the rocks, one would see the conspiracies. Simply amazing. Come one, come all. This is all too good!

Hillary, the Budding Leninist is a Clear and Present Danger and I don’t care if Hillary is a man, woman or any combination thereof. She talks from both sides of her backsides and has the nerve and the audacity to charge people with doing the exact same things she does. Double Standards. Plain and simple.

She comes across one way while hiding her darker side from the public eye and her followers are dumber than a box of turtle turds.

Come on Hillary! What’s the deal?


rantings continued 



June 19, 2007

I KNEW I wasn’t crazy! (don’t tell my wife)

Hillary Clinton checks in as the “creepiest” candidate in the hunt for the White House, a new Forbes magazine online character poll has found.

A full 15 percent of Americans say Clinton gives them the creeps – including 20 percent of men, compared to 10 percent of females.

No other active candidate comes close to Clinton, who’s taken hits from pundits for getting shrill on the speaking stump, making people’s hairs stand on end.

But former Vice President Al Gore, a non-candidate basking in the glow of an Oscar award for his recent documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” ties Clinton in the creep-out column at 15 percent.

On Hillary’s Drudge Fixation

June 14, 2007

Hillary’s Rub

The originality of Hillary Rodham (or no Rodham) Clinton is lacking originality. It never ceases to amaze this writer that the Leftinistra seem to resort to copying others for some mysterious reason. One could suppose that imitation is the primo example of flattery. In this case, it is merely flatulence.

HilaryHub is really Hillary’s Rub.  It is her way to strike against the opposition and it isn’t going to go very far.  Her advisers, one can postulate, said it would be a grand idea to emulate The Drudge Report.  The problem with that line of thinking is that The Drudge Report presents all sides to all issues.  He reports and you decide, as it were.  With Hillary’s Rub,  the presentations are one-sided.  The authors presented, depict Hillary as a caring, semi-evangelical and “nice” individual that deserves to be President of The United States.  The site is also designed to “tweak” opposition folks…such as I.  The only thing “tweaked” is my laugher…I nearly had an “accident” laughing as hard as I did.  I made a slight reference to this site here on a previous post.

At the Politico:

HillaryHub isn’t a typical campaign site. With a simple, three-column look, occasionally edgy headlines and links to a blend of videos, reports from newspapers and blogs and campaign memos, it’s a news aggregator on the model of the Drudge Report. The difference, of course, is that the stories are chosen to depict Clinton favorably and to tweak her critics.

When The Politico posted an internal Obama campaign memo aimed at raising the expectations for Clinton’s fundraising, HillaryHub linked to it under the headline: “Obama Camp Touts Hillary’s Poll Numbers and Endorsements.”

Imagine that.  Links to sites like sacbee,  touting the 1984 VP selection, Geraldine Ferraro, in the DNC camp is to show us, what?  I viral feminist?  Is that a good thing?  She didn’t learn her lesson, then?  She ran with Mondale.  That wasn’t such a grand idea now, was it?

Wednesday, Ferraro visited the Sacramento offices of Global Consulting Group, a New York-headquartered public affairs firm for which she is a senior adviser. She endorsed Clinton’s candidacy in April, declaring: “By electing Hillary Clinton, we can smash the ultimate glass ceiling once and for all.”

Is that what Hillary is all about?  Shattering glass ceilings?  How does that relate to the Global War On Terror?

Interns?  This article at the Hillary Rub, is intended to debunk the recent books all about the Real Hillary.


If you want to understand the woman who would be president, don’t bother to read the latest avalanche of recycled biographies – just ask her interns.

Oh,  I see.  Hillary’s interns know best.  Well versed authors, taking years to investigate and interview a plethora of people close to and contrary to Hillary surely wouldn’t know better than interns.  Who did the authors interview?  Were there no “former interns” of Hillary anywhere to be found?

This Hillary Rub is doomed.  It is domed because it is based on a  lie but the Democrats are GREAT at promoting their lies as truth.  The gullible fall for anything.

That was just two of the twenty articles displaying Hillary as the New Wonder Woman.  She is a wonder alright.  I wonder what in the hell she is up to.

Just So

June 8, 2007

From another blogger on Hillary and her inclination to do away with ownership.  There is a special statement on this blog that is interesting:

How about this….. if anybody reading this blog votes for Hillary, I will [quit] my job and we can share your prosperity.  Any takers? 

hilliary ahh.bmp

Hillary’s Campaign

June 2, 2007

Hillary’s Campaign

Sunday, May 27, 2007 2:34 AM

This is where she is headed at the moment after abandoning the troops with her NAY vote for funding.  Does she think the majority of the military will vote for her now?  LOL!!

Coffin Holds Up Hillary Fundraiser

June 1, 2007

I guess this is what happens when you try kissing up to the anti-war crowd:

A fundraising event for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was delayed three hours while the Sacramento County bomb squad investigated a coffin brought to the area by anti-war protesters.

Looks like Hilary does need some classier friends!

Arianna Huffing Away At Hillary

May 29, 2007

No surprises there really, is there?  Poor Hillary.  Blowing with the wind,  testing her chances at “Followership” instead of Leadership.  Her ship  is sinking…I don’t care what the Communist Broadcasting Services polls say.

That little game of political chicken Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton played during the Senate vote on the Iraq spending bill Thursday night would not have surprised you if you had read Her Way, the new book by New York Times investigative reporters Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta, Jr. which I’ve just finished.

Neither Clinton nor Obama were on the Senate floor when the voting began. Sources tell me that Obama was holding off to see if Hillary would go first. When it was clear she wouldn’t, and time was running out on the vote, he headed into the chamber and voted no. Less than a minute later, Clinton barreled in and did the same.

It was yet another example of her instinct for “followership.” Anyone willing to bet that if Obama had voted yes, Hillary would still have voted no?

The idea that Clinton is all tactics and calculation — and would rather stick her finger in the air to see which way the political wind is blowing than actually take the lead on something — is painstakingly documented in Her Way. Forget the stuff about Monica, Gennifer Flowers, Vince Foster, Hillary’s record as a lawyer, or the Clintons’ 20-year plan for both of them to become president. The money chapters are the ones on Iraq. When it comes to Hillary’s shape-shifting stances, explanations, and votes on the war, Gerth and Van Natta offer a definitive and chilling portrait of a politician solely driven by political expedience — even when it comes to life and death matters such as Iraq.

Any questions?

She Likes the Pork

May 29, 2007

Britt Hume, on The Rountable had some interesting “chats” over the weekend.  Obama’s and Hillary’s recent abandonment of the troops in harms way,  voted against the funding bill but said they like some of the items  in it…like pork.  They also have no spines, either.

BAIER: Senator Clinton said today that there were parts of that bill that she liked. I mean, she voted against the minimum wage hike.

FRED BARNES, “WEEKLY STANDARD”: She liked the pork, particularly.

But, look, I think when you have a war this is a time that calls for courage by our political leaders. Now what would be courage in this case? Political courage is when you go against — when you go against your electorate. And now the electorate right now, for Obama and Hillary Clinton is these at-large bodies of Democratic activists, represented by and all these other lefty groups and antiwar groups. That is the electorate for them now, because that group will have such a large influence in picking the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee.

So — now wait at minute though. So, what did Obama and Hillary do? I think the courageous step would have been to go against that electorate and do what they promised to do in the first place, which is was vote to fund the troops. Instead they caved, into that group. And the one thing this was not was an act of courage on their parts. Quite the opposite.

Hillary At Bootcamp

May 29, 2007

I was minding my own business one time, keeping an eye on the troops as they were in the middle of exercises and I heard a hissing noise and it was saying, “Vote for me my handsome preciousssssssssssssssss.”

This is what I found. It said it was Hillary.

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Heil Hillary?

May 28, 2007


I knew she was a leader of the Leftinistra but does she have to give the Nazi salute with the left hand?  And why does she look like she is in so much pain?  Could it be gas?  Could it be that even she doesn’t believe her?