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Hillary Has ‘Scars’ From Health Care Plan

June 26, 2007

But one wouldn’t know that from the sad-sack HillaryHub site.

From Hillary’s web site:

America is ready for universal health care. Hillary has the vision and the experience to make it a reality.

This is a battle Hillary has fought before — and she has the scars to prove it. She knows better than anyone how to fight and build the political support to get the job done.

Nearly 45 million Americans — including 9 million children — don’t have health insurance. And it’s not just the uninsured who are at risk, but those who are underinsured: those who have insurance, but when they need a certain medication, treatment, or surgery, their insurance company refuses to pay for it.

Hillary is also focused on the skyrocketing costs of health care — over the last six years, health care premiums have almost doubled.

Hillary has the experience to take on the insurance companies, work with members of Congress from both parties, and ensure that all Americans have the health care they need.

And what would the cause be which is driving the cost of health care up? Has she addressed that issue or is this one of those “I can do it better than anyone else” yet offers no other solution that the failed socialized medicine in other countries, Canada and England, for example? Is her solution to raise taxes so that the funds stolen from tax payers can be used on other things other than the original intent? Isn’t that the track record of the tax and spend types…social security, for example?


When it comes to health care reform, Hillary Rodham Clinton epitomizes the old adage, “once burned, twice shy.”

As first lady in the early 1990s, she tried to reshape the nation’s health care system – an audacious effort that collapsed under its own complexity, Republican opposition and the Clintons’ unwillingness to seek compromise with lawmakers.

“I still have the scars to show for it,” she tells voters now, promising a more consensus-based approach to health care reform if she is elected president.

But that newfound caution has also come with a price. While rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards have both laid out sweeping health care reform plans with estimated costs attached, Clinton has so far proposed only modest changes to the existing system while avoiding the vexing question of how to provide coverage for all.

Imagine that. “While avoiding the vexing question…”; as I have been stating for YEARS! HOW? What is The How? Democrats are deathly afraid of specifics. All they can do is yammer and yack.

This “sounds good” but what is The How?

On way to curb costs of health care is dump the frivolous suits brought against the medical care industry and for folks to own their own mistakes and stupidity. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!

Bob Geiger is lost in the sound good tripe:

I’ll go out on a limb and say that I think at times we Democrats spend more time talking about what’s wrong with our candidates and not enough time giving credit for what’s right about them. While I have some problems with Senator Hillary Clinton in some areas of her legislative record, she has unquestionably shown a track record of leadership and caring about health care for all Americans — and especially for children.

The Democrats find it nearly impossible to be specific and dwell on the emotions of others that swallow lock-step and sinker the “sound good” sound bytes. I was fooled once by Jimmy Carter. I shall not be fooled again.


Her Own Party Doesn’t Like Her

June 26, 2007

What’s up with that?

Chris in Paris on Sen. Clinton

Regarding health care, her muddled ideas of finding the middle ground – whatever that’s supposed to mean – are as off base in 2007 as her unilateral plans were back in the early ’90s. While I can appreciate her hesitation after her previous debacle, she appears to be trashing the entire idea instead of addressing the core issues of why it failed before. To ignore the mounting problem of health care is what we have come to expect from the GOP, but for a top-tier Democratic candidate to dance around the issue is not the kind of leadership that people want.