About the blog

This blog is now under the complete control of Snooper. It has served its purpose as the “Official Blog of the StopHerNow” web site. This blog is now divorced from SHN and the posts herein are in no way meant to reflect the beliefs of the Official Blog and the SHN web site.

Through the efforts of this blog as well as the efforts of the contributing authors on this blog, we bid a fond farewell to Stop Her Now Dot Com.

The SHN web site is launching their new web site and their new blog, theoretically on 9/4/2007. We will continue the efforts here and will from time to time, utilize the material from the new blog and the new and improved SHN site and movement.

We still maintain contact.

From this point on, 9/4/2007, at 0001 hours, all posts by me, Snooper, the one and only, will be from my blog at Take Our Country Back and pasted into this blog. The contributors will do the same from their blogs as well.

I enjoyed working with, not for, SHN. It was a joint effort and through the networking efforts, catapulted the SHN web site and movement where it needed to be. We gave birth to a great organization with the only goal of stopping Hillary Rodham Clinton from becoming the next President of The United Sates.

Heaven help us all should the efforts fail.


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