If the latest post Iowa poll is to believed, (and I have bad news for the Clintonistas, it’s from Rasmussen- the best pollsters there are) Hillary Clinton is done. Stick a fork in her, turn out the lights etc…. etc….. etc…..

The latest poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that Obama has surged to a 10 point lead over Hillary in the granite state. If Hillary gets owned in NH like she did in Iowa, it’s just over and that is all there is to it.

This is both extremely bad news and extremely good news for Republicans (and, as a consequence, America).

Bad news

I was begging, in fact praying, that Hillary would be the nominee. There is no more hated, polarizing figure in politics and most of America would have crawled for miles over broken glass to vote against her.
Obama is far more affable, far more charismatic and (most importantly) far more unknown.

Obama will be an infinitely harder opponent to beat than Hillary. I still think we will do it, but it will not be easy.

Good news


There is no more hated, polarizing figure in politics and most of America would have crawled for miles over broken glass to vote against her. That apparently includes Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire. This proves that the Clintons have left such a nasty stain on American history that even their own party now hates them.

Despite the fact that it may not be the best thing for Republicans, there is something utterly delicious about such a total and humiliating repudiation of Hillary and, by extension, Bill.

The Clintons, as a political force, are dead if Hillary loses New Hampshire.

They won’t be missed. I assure you.




  1. William Rawlins Says:

    I am an American writing from Denmark, which has been my home for the past 33 years. I cannot agree with you more that Hillary was just a low life political animal that most law-abiding Americans loathed intensely, but I fear that our European “allies” are all too ready to put another spin on Hillary’s downfall. There is in Northern Europe not a single TV station that is right of center; in fact they’re all left-wing! They will sweep upon this tragic set of circumstances (i.e.: Hillary’s defeat in New Hampshire) to roast the good old USA. Might I suggest that it is about time that someone of great stature to tell the Europeans that the corruption and condescention that they tollerate every day is not something that Americans take kindly to (esp. with regards to the pretentious Clintons !) ! The sheer audacity of the former First “Lady” is unparallleled in American history. her understanding of economics is far from being on the same level as her husband’s. The tragedy is that U.S. citizens have to look at any of the disgraced Clintons without seeing them behind bars. I beg for someone to explain in simple language how terrible Hillary and Bill are, to a European audience, and thus prempt the crocodile tears of the left-wing media’s sob stories.

  2. Navtej Kohli Says:

    I agree with your comments…lets see what will come out of the battle.

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