Can Hillary Hear The Bubbles?


Hillary’s Ship Is On Fire

Someone once said that never before has a presidential aspirant been elected to the Presidency of The United States when their approval ratings are overshadowed by their disapproval ratings.

Now, we see that Hillary’s approval ratings are at 50% nationwide and her disapproval ratings are at 50%. Gee. Why then, is she still going? Could it be that she has the gift of gab?

Also, now we have a video that the Lame Stream Media will not air. The link was sent to me from one of my readers and I thank Mike M for it. The video is quite long for a video…about 13 minutes…odd that, isn’t it? 13? Curious.

We have Hillary exposing her surveillance hypocrisies and in the GOP Debate this evening, Huckabee said that Hillary, if she took her lips off of the backsides of Soros, she might be able to get some fresh air.

In the last DNC Debate, Hillary and all of the other sponges of Soros fundings, told their trolls and blind followers that the troops would be in Iraq until at least 2013 and just last week, Hillary the Fraud told some folks that when she is elected she will pull the troops out immediately. Do we really need a psychopath in the White House?

I think it would be just swell if the DNC Candidates kept on doing what they are doing. That drop into the Abyss of Obscurity will be all the more sweeter.

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2 Responses to “Can Hillary Hear The Bubbles?”

  1. redhawk Says:

    … LOOK out for the Stampede.. rats are abandoning ship!!! Deano is too quiet .. has he left the Barge yet???

  2. redhawk Says:

    …Is Hillary “hoping” that the Hope Bubba Trailer Trash Library, funded by Taxpayer Money, and filled with Taxpayer’s property can be Off limit to the Press, and the Txapayers’ RIGHT to know???Is this her Definition of Transparency.. or did she really mean Secrecy before she meant Transparency after she decided to keep the White House papers SECRET?? Is this the only Experience that she has to offer????

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