Hillary Rodham Soros Clinton


Hillary Rodham Soros Clinton? Oh My!

Czarina cannot run for very much longer from justice. Even though she is Queen of Campaign Fraud and she has managed to skirt the issues on the Outer Marker, her past is coming back to bite her on the rumpolla.

The Soros group ACT, was fined $775,000.00 for what?

Funded with millions of dollars from billionaire George Soros, America Coming Together (ACT) misused about $70 million in “soft money,” uncapped donations that aren’t supposed to be used to urge election or defeat of a candidate, the FEC determined, saying that some of the money was spent on direct-mail and telemarketing efforts aimed against President Bush and Republicans in key battleground states in 2004.

So much for integrity. If you can’t win, cheat.

Officials of a defunct pro-Democratic group that was hit with a near-record campaign-finance fine last month hold strong ties to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, documents show.

At least four persons who worked for the America Coming Together (ACT) fundraising group, which the Federal Election Commission recently fined $775,000, work directly for the Clinton campaign or hold top positions with consulting firms hired by it.

Czarina…Queen of Cheat.

Over at Fishwrap, we find a plethora of links and interviews all exposing Hillary and Clan lying and cheating their way to the top.

Even the connection between Mrs. Clinton, Soros and MoveOn.org’s “General Betray Us” ad doesn’t produce any serious outrage, except from Republicans like Mike Huckabee:

“If you can’t get your lips off the backside of George Soros long enough to use those lips to say it’s wrong to declare a sitting general . . . guilty of treason,” the 2008 Republican presidential hopeful said, “how would you ever expect to have the support of the very military you might have to send into deadly battle?”

Perhaps there is also a lesson here about the futility of campaign finance “reform” efforts. Writing about Jim McElhatton’s front-page story, Prairie Pundit observes:

What this story demonstrates is that there is little to no consequence for Democrats who violate the campaign laws. Whether it is vote fraud or or illegal campaigning they just MoveOn to another organization and keep on campaigning. The defunct organization pays a fine, but the perps just move to another entity.

Mrs Clinton should bow out now before she winds up in “udder” defeat as Mondale found himself when he was severely trounced by Ronald Wilson Reagan.

With her recent admission that “they” cannot guarantee troop withdrawals from Iraq, even though she has stated that she would do so when she is sworn in as President, she, Hillary, has once again, lied her butt off to gain some votes.

I guess she knows as we all do, the loud-mouth Moonbats of the Fruit Loop Brigades do NOT represent the vast majority of Americans. This is painfully obvious to all but the Fruit Loops.


3 Responses to “Hillary Rodham Soros Clinton”

  1. redhawk Says:

    Another Change of MIND regarding using unusual means in order to save the Country… Ah yes a few months ago waterboarding was OK if it meant saving a US City from a nuke attack ( BTW BUBBA SAID THAT IT WAS OK ALSO) Now George the King has told Hitlery to change mind… A few Months ago “all troops out within months of my presidency” NOW at the end of my first term ( that is 4 years Bimbo)… So when George pulls the strings Jon Breck, Obanan, and Shillary dance to the same tune… Spineless like a wet overcooked linguini!
    Will NEWT have a field day in a face to face debate with this gaggle of Nothings!

  2. redhawk Says:

    NOW it seems that the Three Soros puppets, Clinton, Obama and Jon boy have some DEMOC RATS really in hissy fits over the Iraqui Statements that they’ll leave troops there for at least 4 years or so… SEn Landieau ( LA) and WEBB ( va) on the air got asked the qustion and while waffling they admitted that the ISSUE as expressed by the 3 BOOBS at the Circus in NH was NOT what got them the thin Majority.. looks like a cat figfht is in the making>>>

  3. redhawk Says:

    .. OOPS NEED to add TWO more Morons to the George cast of Puppets.. Tom “Dung heap” Harkin and Harrry “the Whining wesael” Reid… George pulls the strings and those two morons jump up and make total asses of themselves for the WHOLE world to see… BUT have theiy the Stones to apologyze to Rush and the American Publi for their Ineptness??? FIRE THEM!!!!

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