It Takes An Idiot To Support Any Clinton


If you haven’t figured out that the Clintons are Godless Socialists that

have no higher authority to answer to, then you haven’t done your homework!

They’ll tell you ANYTHING to get votes, to get power, to  rot the soul of this nation!
I predicted this in the early nineties…look around you…what do you see?

The nation’s soul is rotting and the Clintons are the fertilizer!

And I was 100% correct with my prediction…all based on doing my homework!

Remember…they speak your language, and wear your face and appeal to your weakness!

And you are fooled and taken in by their smooth and deceptive words.

The Clintons do not have one drop of patriot blood in their veins…

never had,never will !


ps: ref: your ltr: …Paul Kengor, “the most religious Democrat since Jimmy Carter.”

I don’t know what your meaning of “religious” is…

Jimmy Carter turned out to show his face as one of the world’s biggest hypocrites

that undermines the pillars of the country

Cicero was correct !


10 Responses to “It Takes An Idiot To Support Any Clinton”

  1. merlallen Says:

    hahaha good one, dude.

  2. buma Says:

    Great satire in the tradition of The Colbert Report.

  3. Iggy Says:

    Wow. Even the completely insane have blogs.

  4. redhawk Says:

    If nothing else last night Pathetic Show from Datmouth showed the American public that in that group of pandering MORONS there were NO CANDIDATES FOR CIC… Not a Single one answered pointed questions from Russert who trued at least to find out which might have a scintilla of acumen to qualify for the job… Hitlery was the WEAKEST when faced with REAL possibility on the IRAN/Israel/USA evntuality of Military involvement… too stupid to be CIC… and her Pandering Husband is now on the stump trying to re-sell the Lincoln Bedroom for Profit!!!

  5. redhawk Says:

    oH almost forgo… HITLERY QUOTING THE BIBLE.. Now that is one for the ages or Dennis Miller/Jay Leno litany of jokes for the rerst of time!!!

  6. buma Says:

    I agree with redhawk on this one. We need a CIC who will tell our enemies to ‘bring ’em on.’ Our troops deserve nothing less as their service is extended for another rotation in Iraq.
    Oh — and ‘Hitlery’ — great one, redhawk. That sets a new high standard for discussion on this blog.

  7. oruacat2 Says:

    redhawk is just upset that a Democratic candidate may stand in the way of that “eventuality of military involvement” he so desperately pines for…

    Go enlist in the IDF, since it’s obvious that your priorities lie elsewhere.

  8. redhawk Says:

    Oh BUMA ( interesting name what?? Short for…???)

    Once again you show a definite affinity to your normal STUPIDITY Raoula the Troll.. Since you obviously are too Narcissticly HIGH BROW in the Ivy delusional feeling of superiority, might I suggest a more High brow blog where you can promote your supercilious ideology of Communism among your equals…it is called the DNC or blog.
    Really, enjoy the TROLL community you come from.. once yo get there.

  9. redhawk Says:

    Apparently you escaped the asylum.. Welcome anyhow.. we are inclusive unlike the Libbo slimes trolls.. But what got you all so worked up I wonder.. Might it be that Pathetic showings of last evening that has even Matthews calling out hillary as an incapable to discuss anything other that high taxes and communism.. is that what got your tutu all twisted up eh Iggy the Dizzy Troll?????

  10. redhawk Says:

    Ourcat2 or pussycat??
    There is NO Democrat, based on last night Pathetic performance by that gaggle of morons, that will ever be in a position to make any decisions like you attempt to describe… IT takes a SPINE to be CIC and all I saw last night was a convaluted Bowl of overcooked Linguinis.. Soft and Slimy!

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