Unfit For Command…must run in the family


Czarina Unqualified to be CIC

What has Hillary Clinton accomplished in her political career? What are her qualifications that support her aspirations to be President of the United States and in a time of war and/or peace, to be the CIC?

Knowing what I know about The Rodham, I have exposed her, as have many others, of her communist ways and means as she wears the garb of a “progressive”, read socialist. She is a budding Leninist.

Some of us have been wondering and waiting for the Czarina to come out in the publics’ eye and in her own words, describe herself, thus exposing herself as a true Clear and Present Danger to this nation we call America.

Today, on the Communist Broadcast Services show Deface The Nation, she actually did it.

Congress should stop funding the Iraq war to force President Bush and the Iraqi government to “change course,” Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., said Sunday on Face The Nation.

Simply amazing. She is actually more brain dead than I have anticipated. The “change in course” the Leftinistra yammers on about is “Rather” obtuse, is it not? What exactly is the change they wish to affect?

Some months ago, the strategy which was in place in Iraq wasn’t working. The strategy was changed and the Senate UNANIMOUSLY agreed to and APPROVED of the “New Strategy”. This New Strategy has turned never known before POSITIVE results causing many former opponents to rethink their positions. The POSITIVE results of the New Strategy is this: the tide has turned and we are now REALLY winning this War In Iraq.

This past week, we saw three Leftinistra Defeatist amendments to the Defense Bill go down in flames. The CONgress Critters have listened, obviously, to the VAST majority of the American People and we, as does the military, want to WIN this War In Iraq. Tis is why the amendments were defeated.

The amendments were in effect, a RETURN to the strategy that was NOT working. Why in the world do the Leftinistra want to RETURN to a FAILED strategy? The answer is obvious. The Leftinistra want the United States to lose the war so they can gain political position. They do NOT care about our troops. If they did, they would condemn the MoveOnish groups such as Code Pinko Skanko which display banners advocating the murder of American Troops.

The Leftinistra are weak. They are spineless. They are cowards. Soon, they will be canon fodder.

Hillary’s feigned “respect” for our troops is nothing more than political smoke and mirrors and our troops hate her and that which she stands for.

This Hillary Blitz on the Leftinistra Sunday Networks is merely a sad attempt of distraction utilized by losers. She is in the midst of multiple campaign fraud issues, lies and deceit, just like her hubby Billy Bob Cigar Boy is and STILL is.

We in The New Media will NOT give her a free pass.


2 Responses to “Unfit For Command…must run in the family”

  1. redhawk Says:

    YEP in the Words of the famous Dennis Miller :’ Hillary you are too stupid to be my CIC”… Truer words had never been spoken…

  2. redhawk Says:

    Too afraid to go against MORON>ORG NY Slime ad gainst Gen Petraeus… TOO Chicken to denounce Ah MAD dinejad going to Columbia.. May be the Shillery, the UN ,and George Soros should all move to Iran and take the froot loops in Congress with them… What a beautiful world that would be!!!!

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