Hillary and Fraud…Synonymous


Yes…the two go hand in hand.

On Hillary The Rodham Clinton…Czarina

“I am not gay”…Why is this so important for her to express this. One would think that the Leftinistra would be all so pleased for one of the Rainbow Mutants aspiring to the White House. Odd, that, yes?

Hillary Clinton officially declared she’s not a lesbian – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Then why the hoopla?

About her socialist medicine program, she states that there SHOULD be a MANDATE for every American to purchase health care. WTFO? I thought she was wanting to GIVE the program away. Now she wants everyone to buy into it!? What for? Folks get it for FREE now so why would they support her BS about having to buy into it. This woman is a class-act flake.

Richard Collins has a piece up at Townhall where the Czarina is being continually probed about her record and history of voter and campaign fraud practices that the Lame Stream Media seems to give her a free ride on. One should be asking why that is, don’t you think?

This cretin Hsu has been donating a lot more cash to Czarina than anyone has been surmising up to this point.

While I was traveling with the Gathering of Eagles and Veterans For Freedom, on a slow news day last Sunday, Slate states the following tid-bit:

The front pages are nearly free of breaking news on this slow Sunday, but there are still some interesting morsels scattered throughout the papers. The Washington Post leads with a look at the eclectic group of donors that Norman Hsu tapped in his prolific fundraising efforts for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Some contributors say they never met Hsu, who now sits in a Colorado prison.

Where is the Lame Stream Media on this? Had this been, aghast, a Republican, Holy Shiite Goat Man!

StopHerNow has offered a reward for felons contributing to Leftinistra presidential aspirants. Fish Wrap has a “funny” video to view on the subject as well.

At least the Daily News picked the Wanted Poster up and has a feew things to say as well.

Czarina…a Clear and Present Danger.


5 Responses to “Hillary and Fraud…Synonymous”

  1. Herb Schaffler Says:

    I can’t wait to see the newest polls to see if Hillary’s numbers have gone down any after all these recent campaign scandals.

  2. redhawkone Says:

    It would be a mrtacle for her Numbers to go DOWN… The other LEFT Morons are shootong themdelves in the foot all the time and MORON.org believes that Shillery is the ONLY hope they have…. besides the polls LOVE to ask the questions to skew the results for HITLERY.. I’d like to see her face to face debate with NEWT over her Sociailstic Goverment managed Health Plan>>>>

  3. R. Kemp Says:

    Why can’t you just report your side without using denigrating language? (look it up) You guys give “Crawled out from under a rock” new meaning. Sorry, I just couldn’t help stooping to your level.

  4. snooper Says:



    Get over yourself Kemp.

  5. redhawk Says:

    OHHHH Kemp.. Kemp Kemp the Uber Ivy narcisstic intellectual void…

    Give yourself a good Enema… You’ll feel betterc afterward.. But the truth remains that Shillary has given herself a few mortal wounds last evening.. THAT I am afraid is the TRUTH!

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