BTW, Where In The Hell “IS” Hsu?


Knowing the track record of the Clintonista Clan, Hsu just may turn up dead some place.


3 Responses to “BTW, Where In The Hell “IS” Hsu?”

  1. redhawkone Says:

    Our BOy the escape artist HSU has Done it Again.. Took its Passport and Fled… DE JA VUE all over again.. Like Hubby’s donors.. like Dyke’s..
    In addition 90 proof Jr who got $ 6,000 from Hsu refuses to return or donate the money… Now this is from the guy who after having crashed the Mustang had no recillection of driving.. hittind the ptlon, nor being arrested.. isn’t walking or swimming under the influence somewhat of afamily trait???

    Hsu might never be seen again or might turn up in Asia with the previouly vacationers donors to the Bubba trysts!!

  2. redhawkone Says:

    … Funny thing.. HSU gets caught AND Gov. of PA Donates the Hsu Contribution to Charity… Wonder if it is his Retirement charitable fund???

    Hitlery must be Puckering up now that HSU is again in Custody and capable of SPILLING some BEANS!!! Another Ruined week for the Lunatic!

  3. redhawkone Says:

    What is this No Trollling defense Krowd for Hitlery??? AMAZING what truth can do to Lunatics….

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