It Comes With The Territory…Libs Invented Dirty Pool


Czarina Targeted…


An apologist for Czarina whines! Everybody now! Ready? One! Two!! Three!!!


This crap makes me ill…professionals my ass…

From the Pundits Blog:

Dems, GOP Poised to Bash Clinton – Posted by A.B. Stoddard

It’s the unofficial end of summer, the end of Campaign 2008’s very early beginning and the end of the no-fly zone over the frontrunner, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her two main rivals for the nomination, former Sen. John Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama, have now run out of time to play nice and have repositioned their candidacies to take aim at Clinton as yesterday’s entrenched, narrow-minded, corporation-and-lobbyist-hugging establishment pol. And if they needed any help, others including Karl Rove and Mitt Romney have decided to step in and pour it on as well.

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Shut. Up.

So, the budding Leninist’s ship “IS” sinking. Good. Good for America.
Alinsky would be proud.


One Response to “It Comes With The Territory…Libs Invented Dirty Pool”

  1. redhawkone Says:

    The CRAP of the Democ Rat party

    C linton
    R reid
    P elosi…. With Shiites like that who needs enemies????

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