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What’s More Important-The Message or the Photoshop?

September 30, 2007

Code Pink Advocates Murder

There is quite a brouhaha brewing at another site about this picture. It basically comes down to this: The picture is a photoshop illustration and was revealed as such at “Axis of Right” and “The Two Malcontents”.

However. The underlying message is quite accurate.

This group of pale communists (pink being the lighter shade of red) aligns themselves with the likes of Pelosi, ReidCo, Murtha and the looniest nut of them all, Sheehan.

Sheehan, who would jump into bed with Hugo Chavez if given a chance.

These nutbitches think nothing of espousing murder. After all, they supported Pelosi until Pelosi didn’t do what they wanted in “shutting down the war”.

If it’s bad for America and appeases zealot fanatics, which will lead to wholesale slaughter, these bitches are for it.

Yes, the picture may have been photoshopped. The message remains the same


Hillary Rodham Soros Clinton

September 27, 2007

Hillary Rodham Soros Clinton? Oh My!

Czarina cannot run for very much longer from justice. Even though she is Queen of Campaign Fraud and she has managed to skirt the issues on the Outer Marker, her past is coming back to bite her on the rumpolla.

The Soros group ACT, was fined $775,000.00 for what?

Funded with millions of dollars from billionaire George Soros, America Coming Together (ACT) misused about $70 million in “soft money,” uncapped donations that aren’t supposed to be used to urge election or defeat of a candidate, the FEC determined, saying that some of the money was spent on direct-mail and telemarketing efforts aimed against President Bush and Republicans in key battleground states in 2004.

So much for integrity. If you can’t win, cheat.

Officials of a defunct pro-Democratic group that was hit with a near-record campaign-finance fine last month hold strong ties to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, documents show.

At least four persons who worked for the America Coming Together (ACT) fundraising group, which the Federal Election Commission recently fined $775,000, work directly for the Clinton campaign or hold top positions with consulting firms hired by it.

Czarina…Queen of Cheat.

Over at Fishwrap, we find a plethora of links and interviews all exposing Hillary and Clan lying and cheating their way to the top.

Even the connection between Mrs. Clinton, Soros and’s “General Betray Us” ad doesn’t produce any serious outrage, except from Republicans like Mike Huckabee:

“If you can’t get your lips off the backside of George Soros long enough to use those lips to say it’s wrong to declare a sitting general . . . guilty of treason,” the 2008 Republican presidential hopeful said, “how would you ever expect to have the support of the very military you might have to send into deadly battle?”

Perhaps there is also a lesson here about the futility of campaign finance “reform” efforts. Writing about Jim McElhatton’s front-page story, Prairie Pundit observes:

What this story demonstrates is that there is little to no consequence for Democrats who violate the campaign laws. Whether it is vote fraud or or illegal campaigning they just MoveOn to another organization and keep on campaigning. The defunct organization pays a fine, but the perps just move to another entity.

Mrs Clinton should bow out now before she winds up in “udder” defeat as Mondale found himself when he was severely trounced by Ronald Wilson Reagan.

With her recent admission that “they” cannot guarantee troop withdrawals from Iraq, even though she has stated that she would do so when she is sworn in as President, she, Hillary, has once again, lied her butt off to gain some votes.

I guess she knows as we all do, the loud-mouth Moonbats of the Fruit Loop Brigades do NOT represent the vast majority of Americans. This is painfully obvious to all but the Fruit Loops.

It Takes An Idiot To Support Any Clinton

September 26, 2007

If you haven’t figured out that the Clintons are Godless Socialists that

have no higher authority to answer to, then you haven’t done your homework!

They’ll tell you ANYTHING to get votes, to get power, to  rot the soul of this nation!
I predicted this in the early nineties…look around you…what do you see?

The nation’s soul is rotting and the Clintons are the fertilizer!

And I was 100% correct with my prediction…all based on doing my homework!

Remember…they speak your language, and wear your face and appeal to your weakness!

And you are fooled and taken in by their smooth and deceptive words.

The Clintons do not have one drop of patriot blood in their veins…

never had,never will !


ps: ref: your ltr: …Paul Kengor, “the most religious Democrat since Jimmy Carter.”

I don’t know what your meaning of “religious” is…

Jimmy Carter turned out to show his face as one of the world’s biggest hypocrites

that undermines the pillars of the country

Cicero was correct !

It Takes A Patriot

September 25, 2007

Stop Hillary Clinton (One Million Strong Against Hillary Clinton)

The Politico has a very interesting article showing that a facebook group called Stop Hillary Clinton (One Million Strong Against Hillary Clinton) has overtaken the Barack Obama facebook group. (Link to join this group will be provided below)

As the new school year gets fully under way and presidential hopefuls work the young voter circuit via social networking websites, one online group — Facebook’s “Stop Hillary Clinton (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary)” — is seriously outpacing its pro-candidate rivals in attracting new members.

With more than 418,000 members, Stop Hillary Clinton has now surpassed “Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)” as the largest group for or against a presidential candidate on Facebook. (The pro-Obama group has 355,000 members.)

The anti-Clinton group is growing at 10 percent per month, said Micah Sifry, co-director of Tech President, a blog group that tracks and studies how political candidates use the Web.

And, while there are dozens of pro-Clinton groups on Facebook, they tend to be much smaller. The two largest — “Hillary Clinton for President — One Million Strong” and “Hillary ’08” — have a combined membership of just fewer than 10,000. When asked if there were any pro-Clinton groups on Facebook comparable in size to Stop Hillary Clinton, Facebook spokesman Matt Hicks said, “I haven’t seen any.”

Political analysts aren’t surprised. Clinton has had a polarizing effect on voters since her days as first lady. “Hillary Clinton is one of the most divisive political figures of our time,” veteran GOP consultant Rick Wilson said. “People feel empowered by the Facebook effect. This group is growing organically. It’s not some sort of Republican plan by Karl Rove in the background.”

But Sifry believes Stop Hillary Clinton members are united not only by Clinton’s negatives but also by the fact that moderate voters in both parties, and especially in the GOP, are struggling to find a candidate to rally behind.

No matter what side of the aisle, many simply cannot fathom Hillary Clinton ever becoming president.

If you are one of these people, then you can go here (you have to join facebook to join this group, it only takes a few seconds)and join with a coalition of people, from both sides of the political aisle that are against Hillary Clinton.

At the time of writing this, this facebook group has 421,938 members.

From the fcaebook page:

Congratulations to everyone for helping us surpass the much heralded Barack Obama group. We all recognize this as a place where those on the left and right can come together to oppose the election of Hillary Clinton.

In addition to recruiting your friends to join this group it is important that you take a look at $1 Million Strong Against Hillary and join! Visit it here:

Stop Hillary Clinton: (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary)
Type: Common Interest – Politics

Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can now unite behind a single cause- that of ensuring Hillary Clinton is not elected President of the United States.

Whether you are supporting Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney, John Edwards or Barack Obama a single goal exists, to ensure that another Clinton is not put into the White House.

Join today and invite your friends!

Stop Hillary Clinton, lets help them reach their one million mark.

Like I Said Earlier…Unfit For Command

September 24, 2007

What Is Wrong With These Pictures?

I received these in my email from a friend of many years.

Interesting point from CharlieB.

This is how a US senator looks upon a crook.

Unknown Name.jpg

And this is how a US senator looks upon an American hero.


Generals don’t make enough money to offer a significant contribution.

Posted by DW

Unfit For Command…must run in the family

September 23, 2007

Czarina Unqualified to be CIC

What has Hillary Clinton accomplished in her political career? What are her qualifications that support her aspirations to be President of the United States and in a time of war and/or peace, to be the CIC?

Knowing what I know about The Rodham, I have exposed her, as have many others, of her communist ways and means as she wears the garb of a “progressive”, read socialist. She is a budding Leninist.

Some of us have been wondering and waiting for the Czarina to come out in the publics’ eye and in her own words, describe herself, thus exposing herself as a true Clear and Present Danger to this nation we call America.

Today, on the Communist Broadcast Services show Deface The Nation, she actually did it.

Congress should stop funding the Iraq war to force President Bush and the Iraqi government to “change course,” Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., said Sunday on Face The Nation.

Simply amazing. She is actually more brain dead than I have anticipated. The “change in course” the Leftinistra yammers on about is “Rather” obtuse, is it not? What exactly is the change they wish to affect?

Some months ago, the strategy which was in place in Iraq wasn’t working. The strategy was changed and the Senate UNANIMOUSLY agreed to and APPROVED of the “New Strategy”. This New Strategy has turned never known before POSITIVE results causing many former opponents to rethink their positions. The POSITIVE results of the New Strategy is this: the tide has turned and we are now REALLY winning this War In Iraq.

This past week, we saw three Leftinistra Defeatist amendments to the Defense Bill go down in flames. The CONgress Critters have listened, obviously, to the VAST majority of the American People and we, as does the military, want to WIN this War In Iraq. Tis is why the amendments were defeated.

The amendments were in effect, a RETURN to the strategy that was NOT working. Why in the world do the Leftinistra want to RETURN to a FAILED strategy? The answer is obvious. The Leftinistra want the United States to lose the war so they can gain political position. They do NOT care about our troops. If they did, they would condemn the MoveOnish groups such as Code Pinko Skanko which display banners advocating the murder of American Troops.

The Leftinistra are weak. They are spineless. They are cowards. Soon, they will be canon fodder.

Hillary’s feigned “respect” for our troops is nothing more than political smoke and mirrors and our troops hate her and that which she stands for.

This Hillary Blitz on the Leftinistra Sunday Networks is merely a sad attempt of distraction utilized by losers. She is in the midst of multiple campaign fraud issues, lies and deceit, just like her hubby Billy Bob Cigar Boy is and STILL is.

We in The New Media will NOT give her a free pass.

WOOPS! Damn The Luck!!

September 21, 2007

Bill Clinton: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria

UHOH!!! Somebody let the cat out!!
Former President Bill Clinton was honored at last night’s VH1 “Save the Music Foundation” 10th Anniversary party … and Bubba clearly couldn’t get enough of entertainment beat hottie, Maria Menounos! Say cheese!

TMZ’s unimpeachable sources tell us that Maria, in a revealing fuchsia dress, caught Willie’s eye — and they were engaged in conversation for quite some time.

Bill’s legendary magnetism had Maria enthralled — here’s one star report that won’t require congressional approval!

We’re also told John Mayer and Jon Bon Jovi got up in Bill’s grill too.

Didn’t The Czarina and The Bill have a deal?

Hillary and Fraud…Synonymous

September 21, 2007

Yes…the two go hand in hand.

On Hillary The Rodham Clinton…Czarina

“I am not gay”…Why is this so important for her to express this. One would think that the Leftinistra would be all so pleased for one of the Rainbow Mutants aspiring to the White House. Odd, that, yes?

Hillary Clinton officially declared she’s not a lesbian – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Then why the hoopla?

About her socialist medicine program, she states that there SHOULD be a MANDATE for every American to purchase health care. WTFO? I thought she was wanting to GIVE the program away. Now she wants everyone to buy into it!? What for? Folks get it for FREE now so why would they support her BS about having to buy into it. This woman is a class-act flake.

Richard Collins has a piece up at Townhall where the Czarina is being continually probed about her record and history of voter and campaign fraud practices that the Lame Stream Media seems to give her a free ride on. One should be asking why that is, don’t you think?

This cretin Hsu has been donating a lot more cash to Czarina than anyone has been surmising up to this point.

While I was traveling with the Gathering of Eagles and Veterans For Freedom, on a slow news day last Sunday, Slate states the following tid-bit:

The front pages are nearly free of breaking news on this slow Sunday, but there are still some interesting morsels scattered throughout the papers. The Washington Post leads with a look at the eclectic group of donors that Norman Hsu tapped in his prolific fundraising efforts for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Some contributors say they never met Hsu, who now sits in a Colorado prison.

Where is the Lame Stream Media on this? Had this been, aghast, a Republican, Holy Shiite Goat Man!

StopHerNow has offered a reward for felons contributing to Leftinistra presidential aspirants. Fish Wrap has a “funny” video to view on the subject as well.

At least the Daily News picked the Wanted Poster up and has a feew things to say as well.

Czarina…a Clear and Present Danger.

Smoking Guns

September 11, 2007

cross post from Take Our Country Back

Czarina’s Scams, Woes and Campaign Frauds

Senator Hillary “The Rodham” Clinton is running on a platform of “reform”. I wonder what she means by that. I wonder if she knows what she means by that. I wonder if anyone, anywhere knows what she means by that.

She is beset with the outing of Hsu as a campaign supporter via fraudulent ways, similar to but the same as a coward that sneaks around defacing war memorials. Why do those on the left feel the need for treachery, slight and debauchery to maintain their wanna-be statures in life?

Oh! Sure! She is giving back $850K of ill gotten monies but, is she going to pay the price thereof? Isn’t accepting monies from crooks illegal? The laws of the land state that ignorance is not an excuse and surely, a self-vaunted important Senator such as she should know this. Isn’t she a law maker? Is she above the law?

And, what did Hsu freak out about on that Amtrak unit as he was fleeing the scene(s) of the crime(s)? Could it be that the FBI is closing in? Could it be that Hsu knows all too well that folks that “know too much” about the ops of the Clintonista and have data that can harm them have a strange and peculiar way of suddenly dieing?

As for the would-be First Czarina’s woes, methinks she is heading for the precipice of despair. Her numbers are looking pretty shaky right now and, perhaps she has fears of winding up like the wife of Ducacus when he lost so badly to RWR. She spent some time recovering from a nervous breakdown and I see Czarina heading for the same fate. She needs to drop out now while she can save face.

She isn’t liked by nearly half. That doesn’t describe or define a winner. Not by a long shot.

Many of the Leftinistra knew of Hsu and the Haunting has just begun. Another of Hillary’s friends has been zapped in a sting during an investigation of fraud…sound familiar?

A day after Clinton super-donor Norman Hsu failed to show up for his date with a California judge comes word that another high profile Hillary backer is in deep trouble with the law.


Passaic Mayor Sammy Rivera, recently named to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s national Hispanic outreach team was one of 11 Jersey politicians snared in a federal sting involving school contracts, according to press accounts. It’s not clear if Rivera was due to attend Clinton’s suddenly ill-timed speech to N.J. Dems in Atlantic City tomorrow.

And she wants to be President? And she dares find fault with President Bush? What campaign fraud is he being investigated for? Just curious an yet another question that will go unanswered.

With all this yammering about impeaching President Bush, just what has he done that calls for impeachment? I forget how many moonbats I asked this of and I have yet to hear chapter and verse. All I hear is emotional outbursts but no viable discernment.

Hillary faces a court case of campaign fraud pretty soon yet the Lame Stream Media is keeping a lid on it or painting poor Hillary as a victim. Too bad. So sad.

The movie Path to 911 will not come out on DVD because Hillary is running for President. I wonder why that “IS”.

Amazing, that.

Simply amazing.


This “IS” The Best They can Do?

September 9, 2007

Rasmussen Reports posted an article this morning showing that Hillary could win in a closely divided country. Imagine how remarkable that is. A President who can’t reach 40% job approval, let alone 50% and a country that is in a hysterical national funk, and the best thing that can be said about the opposition’s heir apparent is that victory is possible.

In their article titled Electability and Hillary Clinton, Rasmussen says the following;

Probably the most frequently asked question about Hillary
Clinton’s candidacy for President is can she win the general election with an
unfavorable rating above 45%? The conventional wisdom has been that it will be
very difficult, but newly released data from Rasmussen Reports suggests that she
may well be a more formidable candidate than many commentators and pundits believe.
First, it is important to note that
all the Democrats have negative
ratings in excess of 40%.
To be sure, Senator Clinton’s at 49% is slightly
higher than Senator Obama (45%) and Senator Edwards (41%). But in a polarized
country with a polarized electorate, high negative ratings for leading
Democratic and Republican candidates should not be surprising.

Well, except that is for the fact that one of the leading Republicans does not have unfavorable ratings comparable to the Democrats. According to their own data, Rasmussen shows that Mitt Romney and John McCain, and, to a lessor extent, Rudy Guiliani, have unfavorable numbers close to her evilness and the other demonrats.

Yet, Fred Thompson’s unfavorables are in the mid 30’s, significantly lower than any Democrat.

More important than his unfavorable number being 13 points below her evilness, is that fact that his net favorable/unfavorable number (+4) is not only higher than hers (0) but higher than hers can hope to get.

Let me break it down.
24% of the nation is undecided about Fred Thompson, while 40% likes him and 36% doesn’t.
Only 2% of the Country is undecided about Hillary while 49% likes her and 49% dislikes her.

That means that Fred’s ceiling of possible support (64%) is considerably higher than Hillary’s (51%). Much of the 49% who dislike her (surveys have shown as many as 43%-44%) are already predisposed to vote against her evilness.

A sober look at these numbers has to give pause to supporters of her heinous highness.
9 in 20 voters are off the table for Hitlery and 10 in 20 dislike her. It’s almost impossible to see how she could reach 50% in a general election.

One thing is very simple- Thompson is likeabe, Hillary the bitch is not. Thompson is an unknown quality among a quarter of the population, Hillary is not.
There is almost nothing Hillary can do to improve her stature in the public’s eye, not so with Fred.

In order to win, the evil bitch will have little choice but to attack, attack, attack.

Although it is clear that Hillary is evil enough to employ such as strategy, it is not at all clear it would work and not backfire.

It is possible that Hillary could turn the majority of undecideds against Fred by the 60/40 ratio she would need to bring the race into equillibrium. However, could she do so without turning still more against her and energizing Thompson’s base.

Let me explain.

In order to win the election, Hillary must increase Thompson’s negatives without increasing her own. Yet, to increase Thompson’s negatives she will have to run a negative, nasty campaign that runs the risk of turning off undecided voters. Thompson could capitalize on this by running a positive, optimistic campaign and contrasting the two.

Her negatives are already so high that she has no room for error. If she were to push even a small percentage of voters to Thompson’s side, or even to staying home, she dooms herself.

Here is why. Hillary’s support, like Kerry and Gore before her, is concentrated in a lower number of high electoral count states. The Democrats lost 30 and 31 States, respectively, in the last 2 elections. Though Hillary’s overall level of popular support is near 50%, there is very little evidence that her level of electoral support is there.

If she comes off as nasty, while Fred comes off as optimistic (a very real possibility), it is difficult to see how battleground states come to him.