On Hillary and Her Unsavory Past


Byron York of National Review Online had Hillary pegged waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in March of 2006.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has accepted campaign contributions from a Saipan garment-industry tycoon, sometimes described as a sweatshop operator, whose ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff have been part of the lobbying scandal investigation. Newly filed Federal Election Commission records show that the businessman, Willie Tan, last year gave $2,000 to Friends of Hillary, one of the senator’s political action committees. Friends of Hillary also accepted $2,000 contributions from Raymond Tan and Siu Lin Tan, family members who are top executives in Willie Tan’s businesses. All three contributions were received on September 30, 2005, according to FEC records. Another family member, Josie Tan, who listed her occupation as homemaker, made a $2,000 contribution received on October 2, 2005.

Read the entire article.  If it doesn’t open one’s eyes, there is no hope for the blinded.

In other news, a Clinton apologist has been taken in on the “Claws” article and has begun the usual erroneous spin.  This poor slog evidently missed this post but what else can we expect from one-sided thinkers, if we can call them thinkers, anyway.

If exposing Hillary’s Leninistic politics is considered “hate”, more’s the pity.

If exposing Hillary’s campaign fraud(s) is considered “hate’, bring it on.

Refute her Leninistic policies, if you can; refute her campaign frauds, if you can.

This isn’t about the person of Czarina…it “IS” all about her politics and her lying, and her dishonesties and her blatant hypocrisies.

Refute them all if you can.

The Gauntlets hve been tossed.

Let’s Roll.


6 Responses to “On Hillary and Her Unsavory Past”

  1. redhawk Says:

    Wonder When the Democ Rats are gooing to really make themselves worth while and Investigate anotyer one OF THE HITLERY FIRSTS. I refer to her being the FIrst ,First Lady in History to LIE under Oath to a grand Jury over the Investigations of her Involvement in the grat MONEY LOSSES FOR THE TAXPAYERS OF ARKANSAS in the two failures in which she was Involved : The Castle Grande and Whitewater real estate fiascos ( seems that everytime she does something on her pown she fails miserably)…. NOW If Lying Is another ” pass” for the Klintons.. then… Whay have a Congress that claims to be so fircely stuck on OVERSHGHTS to protecs the Constitutiin????

  2. redhawk Says:

    .. Or her Seances in the white House in order to get advice from Mahatma Ghandi, Eleanor Roosevelt and others who could or should No longer be allowed to vote… Her Insecurity is well documented.. The Scary part If she ever Become CIC is that she will seek counselling from Bubba nad Jamma Cawta on how to Defent the USA!!!
    New Zealand Here We Come!!

  3. bgoldberg Says:

    BIG breaking news story at the Hillary Project that the media will ignore!
    Make sure to read the full article.


  4. snooper Says:

    Thanks for the heads up! We have a few posts here on this subject but this article takes the cake!

    I find it “curious” that the oral arguments will be held in the RWR building!

    Ya just gotta love it!!

  5. redhawk Says:

    This NEEDS TO BE PUT ON C-SPAN so that We all can SEE it!!!!
    I know that the Klinton Led MSM will give it NO Coverage!!!

  6. redhawk Says:

    Will it ever be Interesting tp see that Hitlerita may get to Match the “FELON” label of the Bubbalier??

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