Depends on what your definition of ‘hate’ is



August 28, 1:52 AM
‘Swifting’ Hillary?

Be careful who you call a Hillary hater, folks. Even to those people who’ve dedicated much of their lives to stopping the political ascendancy of the junior senator from New York.

On Sunday, the Chicago Tribune’s Jill Zuckman wrote a piece describing a nationwide network of “professional ‘Hillary haters’.” In it, she included Dick Collins, the man behind, a Web site dedicated to, well, stopping Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations. Now.

But Collins told Yeas & Nays that it ain’t personal, baby. It’s politics. “We don’t hate Senator Clinton, we only take exception to her policies,” Collins said. “Hillary and Bill are good entertainment for a world that has too few laughs.”

Case in point: Roger Clinton. “Does anyone think Washington will be the same after Roger Clinton’s antics?” Collins asked. Referencing Roger’s obscure cameo in “National Lampoon’s Last Resort,” Collins said, “I bet the Bush twins will never get an opportunity to star in a movie with Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.”

Lucky them.



3 Responses to “Depends on what your definition of ‘hate’ is”

  1. redhawk Says:

    Quoting Roger is akin to equate Barney Frank, 90 proof Kennedy, Bill Klinton as the Epitomy of High Moral Character.. Zackly so!!
    But only if you are a sick Komedian!!

  2. redhawk Says:

    Hillary is really a very book smart person.. she learns everything written and remembers other people ideas very well.. Unfortunately she lacks VISION … This is No Hate involved towards her it is a Statement Of Facts.. Just look over her Wesley Speech on graduatioin day.. WHAAAT???
    Look at her attempt to Socialized Medicine when she learned everithing that Ira Magaziner put in her head.. BOOM .. No Vision …
    and it goes on and On… She lacks vision.. something needed in a CIC…

    WE, unlke the Moon bats on Congres who Hate W for winning 2 elections, DO NOT HATE hillary.. We Just Do not LIKE her POLITICS of Communism…That is really all…

  3. Democratic Fundraiser “IS” A Fugitive In Plain Sight « Hot Rodham Blog Says:

    […] Depends on what your definition of ‘hate’ is […]

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