Vast army of ‘Hillary haters’ has claws out


This “IS” ALMOST too funny!

Here we go with the lamest of the lame losers going off whining about the obscurity abyss the Chief Leninist of the DNC will soon find her self sinking into. This article is a Godsend.

Thanks, Jill Zuckman. She is apparently a graduate for the same Moonbats In Training school as the idiot from Huff and Puff.

I was wondering where all these Moonbats from the Fruit Loop Brigades were coming from and we have it right here.

Chicago Tribune…LOL!!


DALLAS – Richard Collins, a wealthy Texas philanthropist, businessman and political aficionado, heaps praise on the woman he has set out to destroy, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.).

“She looks like a winner,” said Collins, sitting in his high-rise office with sweeping views of the city. “She’s run a good campaign, very consistent, no mistakes.”

But make no mistake about it: Collins is just one in a vast army of professional “Hillary haters” who are banking on Clinton becoming the Democratic nominee. Like the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in the 2004 election who denigrated John Kerry’s military service in Vietnam, Collins and others are searching for just the thing that will crystallize the way voters think and feel about her.

What is with these sad-sacked Slumber Party attendees on the left? There is a conspiracy under every rock. One could draw the conclusion that since they slither out from beneath the rocks, one would see the conspiracies. Simply amazing. Come one, come all. This is all too good!

Hillary, the Budding Leninist is a Clear and Present Danger and I don’t care if Hillary is a man, woman or any combination thereof. She talks from both sides of her backsides and has the nerve and the audacity to charge people with doing the exact same things she does. Double Standards. Plain and simple.

She comes across one way while hiding her darker side from the public eye and her followers are dumber than a box of turtle turds.

Come on Hillary! What’s the deal?


rantings continued 


74 Responses to “Vast army of ‘Hillary haters’ has claws out”

  1. Kevin Watts Says:

    EXACTLY! Why in the hell would she want her records locked up…IF she is soooooo proud??

  2. snooper Says:

    She whines about “invisibility” and yet hides her “stuff”.

  3. puzzletop Says:

    Keep your eye on governor from NM Bill Richardson. He’s already been appointed twice as Energy Secretary and UN ambassador by Bubba. He will be the choice for VP. This guy is so slick that he got elected by the people of NM and takes off to become president of the United States. God help the people who elect someone so slick. He’s cut out of the same cloth as the Clintons

  4. Buchanan Says:

    I read that Chicago Tribune story and had to visit the site to check it out … so let me get this straight: you’re dedicating countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars to stopping Hillary Clinton when we have in office, right now, possibly the worst president in the history of the USA, a man responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people with his pre-emptive war in Iraq, including thousands of US troops. Yet we must stop Hillary Clinton. Don’t you think your time and energy would be better directed at the current occupant of the Oval Office, maybe trying to help him see the light as to his tragically misguided foreign policy? Or maybe trying to convince the current GOP candidates not to repeat the same mistakes? Really, I’m serious. Can anyone tell me how this wouldn’t be a better use of your time and resources?

  5. snooper Says:

    puzzletop…we are and will be…

  6. snooper Says:

    Buchanan…you are obviously out of your league and you know not a thing about our history of Presidents. Jimmy Carter holds the Title to the Nations’ Worse President ever. I know. I served under that moron as he was the CIC.

    As for GWB’s “misguided foreign policy”, no one has explained to anyone how that is so, except for the rantings of people like you that repeat the phrase with nothing to back it up.

    To beat your sorry-ass to the punch about WMDs and the ignorant question, “Where are they?”, WMDs were LOW on the list of The Why We Went To War.

    Perhaps a lesson you can learn: if you have the guts and courage to do so.

    It must be a sad circumstance for you moonbats in training.

  7. Athenawise Says:

    No, Snooper, WMDs was the FIRST reason. Then, it became CAPTURING SADDAM. Then, it morphed into BRINGING DEMOCRACY TO IRAQ.

    WMDs were hardly “LOW on the list of The [sic] Why We Went To War.” It was the major reason.

    I agree with Buchanan: An awful lot of time, effort and money is being spent to bring Clinton down. Better to take a good look at the current administration and devote that energy to candidates you want. All you’re doing is ensuring a Dem win, even if it’s not Hillary.

    Oh, and don’t be so quick to judge those who disagree with you as liberals. A lot of conservatives are very concerned about the damage done to America in the past six years.

  8. Buchanan Says:

    WMDs were low?? So you’re admitting they lied about the reason for the war? Because that’s what they were saying at the time.
    Anyway, you’re right, Jimmy Carter was a bad president. And that’s the difference between the left and right … we can self-assess. Frankly, I don’t even like Hillary that much, I just think this site is a waste of time. Tell me this: What would the right be saying and doing if a Democratic president had, in reaction to 9/11, invaded Iraq, which had nothing to do with the attack and was not a haven for terrorists, and then years after declaring ‘Mission Accomplished,’ there were still American troops fighting and dying there?? Do you think the commentators at Fox News would have something to say about that?

  9. redhawk Says:

    Well Buch O boy feel free to leave and make sure that the door knob does not get dtuck in your butt!!!
    I suppose that you prefer the ” we have knowkledge of WMD”‘s which the Bubba administration Assured Knowledge passed on to the W’s Administration.
    Or as Hitlery recently said” If we have additional Terrorist attacks beteween now and next Nov. it will help the GOP ‘
    Could she be referring to her: ” I am the only Democ RAT with Experience in keeping the Nation Safe”
    Let see:
    Experience in telling the Nation for 8 years that Saddam had WMD’s???
    Experience in Lobbying Tomahaw missiles ti pill fcatories???
    Experience in Cutting and Running when US Troops are slaiughtered in Somalia???
    Experience in looking the other way when 2 USA Embassies are Bombed in Africa, the Cole is attcaked in Oman,
    Experience in not leting ” one shot one kill” experts dispatch of Osama Bin Laden 12 times as experienced by the Bubba WH???

    Or is she referring to Experience in lying about he Communist beliefs, the white water affair, the Rose fies and overcharges, the Travelgate issue…. Is this combined with the facts that like it or not ubder W we have not been attcaked in over 7 years??? If this bother you.. well feel free to Go ..and have a nice if Delusional day!

  10. garbo Says:


  11. redhawk Says:

    Is that where you hail from Garbo??? Or is this the only ability of communication that you have.. or are you a result of the famous CRP …Eh?

  12. redhawk Says:

    Troll are really in a hissy fit today…what is causing such viscreal discomfort to our trollsters???

  13. snooper Says:

    None of these trolls have ever read the Iraq Resolution. That much is plainly obvious.

    We also don’t hate Hillary as the article implies.

    Personally, I hate her politics.

  14. dras Says:

    To save the party it’s time to come clean with the American public. I’ve been following some of the Whistle blower stories and I must admit that it sure looks to me that the graft and shady deals that are being hidden from the public are going to be very damaging to the whole Republican party unless we jump in line and start asking for some clearitly on these cases.
    The party will be paying for the mistakes of this one administration and we need to start working on this problem before we spend millions trying to beat down a possible Candidate for President.

  15. snooper Says:

    Give it up, dras. You fool no one…especially here. LOL!!

  16. redhawk Says:

    Hate is the daily practice of the “dras of the Leftoids”.. Hate W for proving that the Domoc RATS only had two losers to present the last two elections… So they LOSE.. WE Win and they Hate us… They are Dumb .. we are Better and they hate us… Their Politiciand Gave us 9/11 by playing personal ” elect me at any cost” games .. we pay te price and they hate US… W has “seen” the Facts .. kept the Country from additional Attacks and the Hate us… Now are the Lunatics a bunch of Dum asses or what????

  17. ken Says:

    HAHAHAH!!! Whos the moonbats? Your ignorance is amazing. Repuglicans, Grand obstructionist party, Christies, fascists, fear mongers, liars, hipocrits, etc. Your blind faith and inability to see facts as to what your political “religion” really stands for is maybe good enough for a soap box at the county fair but please go back to your private rooms to worship the snakes.

    Hillary will be our next president. And will be the greatest so far in this decade.

    Fools, suckers, ignoramous. This sight is amusing for its ability to shed light on what republicans really are, spineless liars with a 4th grade mentality. Good luck with that. Fools.

  18. redhawk Says:

    WOW another Troll whose TUTU really got Twisted into causing additional Gastric discomfort has appeared on the firing range..
    We must be in Full moon Phase since all the Moon Bats are extremely agitated to day… Wondewr what’s causing it??
    Could it be the New Iraqui Gov’t Coalition??
    The Surge which against all wishes by the Lunatics it shows a winning attitude??
    Is it the Lower that whale crap ratings of the Loonie led Congress???
    Makes One Wonder does it NOT???

  19. snooper Says:

    LOL!! The third grader ken is upset. Perhaps mommy’s milk is sour?

    Fellow Leninists will naturally support Hillary the Budding Leninist.

  20. Miss Beth Says:

    Actually, it IS close enough to a full moon to claim it as such–with the eclipse tonight/early am and a lunar eclipse at that!

    Truly, they’re all self-imploding because THEIR heroes are falling apart from lack of substance or too much baggage and all the people they love to hate are resigning…they’re left with no one and nothing to bash and so must turn on themselves.

    Gawd it’s fun to see their minisicule heads explode!

  21. snooper Says:

    Ain’t THAT the Truth?

    They even fell for the taunting of the article. They will ALL feel dumber than they are already in the next few days!!

  22. Miss Beth Says:

    Too bad the old saying won’t apply here–you know the one: A conservative is a liberal that got mugged by common sense and facts.

  23. redhawk Says:

    First Of all at this Time The MOON is really FULL and the Moon bats are also really FUll of the usual , well you know .. It smells, it is Unacceptable, and it it usually the orecurser of the arrival of the famous Full of crap Lunatics…There fore they are out in full Moon Bat regalia nad hitting the firing range So.. Lock up and load and fire for effect…
    In addition I need to make a Correection.. THERE IS NOTHING FLEDGLING about Hitlery Communism.. She Is a fULL Member of the Party for a lONG Long Time… Say Bubba do you feel USED ???

  24. snooper Says:

    Hillary is a budding Leninist plain and simple. Just REALLY listen to what she is saying and then compare those words to those of Lenin…nearly verbatim.

  25. redhawk Says:

    Not Budding.. FULLY COMMITTED is what it is!!!!

  26. redhawk Says:

    Looks like the Newest DESK supply has been delivered to the Moon Bat cave.. They are now fully Under the Desk once more.. Sulking .. Bruised narcisstic egoes and all>>>

  27. ken Says:

    Leninist, communist, moonbat, etc. Wow, I guess when you have Bush as your president, this is about as good as you can come up with. See you in November, kids. This is gonna be fun watching you all trip over each other. When Hitlery the leninist takes the oath of office, will you finally leave the country? Youve already helped destroy the constiitution and most of our relationships with other countries, so why not just move on somewhere else where your special brand of republicanism can do its thing.
    Fools, suckers.

  28. snooper Says:

    poor troll ken…too lazy to do your own research or what?

    Destroy the constitution? How so. Opinions don’t count. Where are your facts and examples, troll?

    Relationships with other countries? How so, troll? Which country around the world come to the US for help, troll? Which country keeps Jihad from spreading, troll? Which country realizes the threat of the Caliphate, troll?

    Move out of the country, troll? When are you and your commie-pinko-fags leaving? This country was founded on A Federal Republic, troll. Do you have ANY idea what that is, troll?

    Yes. We SHALL see you in November and if your kind keeps it up, perhaps sooner.

    Fool troll.


  29. redhawk Says:

    Hi Ken, since you appear too lazy to get to FACTS .. Let me propose a challange for you.. Please reserach Hitlery History.. it seems that her ultra Left leanings since Wellsley/yale and practiced all along seem to be “getting” in her way in attempting to ” sell” herself as a middle of the road Conservative.. a Strong Methodist.. Pro National Security.. Not for BIG Gov’t… for starters try to Justify that what she says is TRUE.
    Prove that she aint LYING as Usual and we’ll go to Challange Number TWO.. Now get on it>

  30. redhawk Says:

    OHH and ONE more thing KEN… Why blame Us for Gore and Kerry Misadventures… Or the fct that the Lefto Democ rats have had nothing better to offer .. Liberals seem incapable to face accountability for their mistakes and rather spew HATE towards the Winners.. Now Why is that??
    Could it be that the untrue Narcisstic feeling of superiority you trolls seem convinced to have over the average voting public is proving NOT TO BE TRUE and this really gets your Tutus totally tight and causing you gastric discomfort or is it that you and your kind are just full of Shit????

  31. snooper Says:

    red…ken is a coward and a fraud. IT is also a troll and merely repeating known lies.

  32. ken Says:

    You “people” are funny. You make me laugh. Nice Rush Hannity talking points. Nothing better to offer? Very funny. I love when repugs talk about “known lies”. If I had the time to waste I would, but right now Im just having fun watching you facists trip all over each other.

  33. snooper Says:

    oh, ken! Please continue the cut and run dances, will you?

    Typical troll.

    Dance kenny boy dance!

    Oh. Wait. Recess is over. Back to class with little one. Teach is waiting with your nappy-time juice.

  34. redhawk Says:

    Wonder which tune will make our Ken really dance the Runaway two left step… Like a typical MORONIC Narcisstic Clueless.. MORON… It is afraid to answer questions.. HUMMMM Kinda like a certain banana tree climber we used to know… BTW the Newest Backer of Hitlery/Bracka ticket is none other than Fidel , the Cuban failure of a dictator.. he is looking for same failure for America by wishing the Inept Duo on us.. hahahahah
    So ken I ask you one more time:
    Can you Mention ONE piece of Legislation since she got in the Senate that was WRITEN by Hitlery???? Or is the WSJ article about Improper Campaign Donations Misreportin( by acHinese family no less)Starting to get Tutus even tighter so that , having had your CRP, your widdle constriced brains are getting even more gassed up???

  35. redhawk Says:

    Say we didn’t really scare the Ken Troll away did we?? So soon and we hardly got to know it!!!

  36. redhawk Says:

    Anther Resaon that has come out to justify Miller’s statement :” Hillary is too stupid to be our CIC”

    Anyone involved in Whitewater Mishandled Real estate GOOF UP is NOW POSTULATING over poor Real Estate Dealings??? Helloo Hitlery.. you really did not have your head shoved up your ass now did you????

  37. ken Says:

    Im not gone. Just laughing.

  38. snooper Says:

    Yeah, we are laughing at you too.

  39. snooper Says:

    red…this particular troll must be ZERO’s mommy.

    Never offers anything to refute facts.

    So sad.

  40. ken Says:

    What facts? You mean the drivel you repugs try to pass off as facts cause comedian rush hannity says so. Now thats funny. Fact1 republicans are corrupt christo fascists that are perfectly happy selling our country down the river for another win in their column. Fact 2 repugs are all hypocrits drowning in your own desire to appear tough all the while trying to pick up boys in airport toilet stalls. Fact 3 repugs believe in neither family or values. Fact 4 you do not support our troops. Fact 5 repugs blanket themselves in nationalism and try to pass it off as patriotism. Fact 6 you were sold a bill of goods claiming a permanent majority so need to worry about facts 1-5. Fact 7 there is no way anything I could say could make you change your thick skulled feeble little brain washed minds so Im just having fun insulting you. You people are impervious to facts. So why should I try. You want a debate? Ok, heres the debate, Democrats are right and repugs are wrong. Ill take the side of the affirmative.

  41. snooper Says:

    kenny boy…you are the one coming over here saying we be all wrong.

    Prove it or STFU.

    Those are the rules.

    “…Fact1 republicans are corrupt christo fascists that are perfectly happy selling our country down the river for another win in their column…”

    An opinion is not a fact. Try giving an Example if your puny brain can deal with it.

    “…Fact 2 repugs are all hypocrits drowning in your own desire to appear tough all the while trying to pick up boys in airport toilet stalls…”

    If this person did this, he needs to resign. Now, what about Freezer Cash Jefferson? Should he resign or stay? How about Lying Ass Murtha? Should he resign or stay after wrongly accusing the Haditha Marines that are getting off left and right for lack of evidence?

    Try again, fool. Bring some facts to the table and don’t forget Pelosi’s violation of the Logan Act.

    “…Fact 3 repugs believe in neither family or values…”

    Again, opinions are not facts. Try again moron.

    “…Fact 4 you do not support our troops…”

    So sad for you moron. I served from 1976 to 2004. Again, you have no facts. All small children think their opinions are facts. Try reading my real blog before you make yourself the fool. Oh. Wait. You already have shown yourself to be the fool.

    “…Fact 5 repugs blanket themselves in nationalism and try to pass it off as patriotism. ..”

    If you knew what you were talking about, people would take you seriously. Learn of which you speak, little one.

    “…Fact 6 you were sold a bill of goods claiming a permanent majority so need to worry about facts 1-5…”

    Use complete sentences. Your alleged Fact 6 makes no sense. Try again, grasshopper.

    “…Fact 7 there is no way anything I could say could make you change your thick skulled feeble little brain washed minds so Im just having fun insulting you…”

    Is that what you were doing? insulting us? Not hardly. You will have to learn how to do that first. You are merely a tick on a moose’s ass. Funny also. We had a good laugh over your ignorance. Please return soon. We could use a good laugh once in a while.

    Do all opf you trolls go to the same school of Dumb? Do your Moonbat Diplomas read the same? Just curious.

    “…You people are impervious to facts. So why should I try. You want a debate? Ok, heres the debate, Democrats are right and repugs are wrong. Ill take the side of the affirmative…”

    Where did you learn to communicate? Oh. Wait. You haven’t yet. Are you sure you aren’t ZERO or that other moron Madison?

    So far, you have only presented one item of substance and that was Senator Craig who at the moment is on the shit-list. Everything else either makes no sense or is YOUR OPINION.

    It “IS” indeed OK to have an opinion but at least TRY to back them up with some substantiation.

    Please check with your handlers, little one.

    Recess is over. Nappy time for you.

  42. ken Says:

    You have been living under a rock if you need specifics explaining the complete failure that is repuglicanism. It is just amazing the depth of your dishonesty when you need yet another bullet list of your failures. They happened, you know they did, the facts are in, the names are of real people. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Brown, Chertoff, Foley, Ashcroft, Abramoff, DeLay, Ney, Reed(Ralph), Scalia, Novak, Foley, Wolfowitz, Gannon, Kerik, Libby, Sampson, Goodling, Doolittle, Hastert, Tobias, Renzi, Cunningham, Allen, etc. etc. etc. I know, you need first names too. Give me a break. Moving on: Memogate, Doctor Detroit: The DOJ’s Bungled Terrorism Case, The Energy Task Force, The Indian Gaming Scandal, Halliburton, IRAQ!!!, Outing a CIA operative, illegal wiretaps, the Boeing boondoggle, medicare bribe scandal, New Orleans, the medicare money scandal, ground zero’s unsafe air, Bush AWOL, Niger forgeries, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Walter Reed, etc. etc. etc. More? Ok, 7 minutes reading a book while “Sir…The country is under attack”, Mission accomplished, Bring em on, fighting them there so blah blah blah, nucular, borrow and spend, Macaca, Largest growth of government in history, deregulation of mine safety, internets, etc. etc. etc.
    Of course there is much more. These are just some of the scandals that has occured just in the last six years most occuring while the repugs had complete control. All you got was what?….freezergate? Repugs ran everything, if Democrats are just as bad or by your opinion worse, where are all the inditmnts? How many democratic members of congress, liberal lobbyists, progressive operatives have been put in jail during the same time period? Jeez, at least our page scandal was about concensual male female improprieties unlike the repugs who are fondling little boys with one hand and signing on to anti gay laws with the other. I know, I know, but Clinton!! My god, I could go on forever, and you know I can, so lets dispense with the “you cant back anything up with facts” routine. It gets so tiresome to keep reminding you repugs that your “moral majority”, your “permanent majority”, your dogma, beliefs, fake morality, zenophobia, fear mongering, hatred and intolorence, is nothing more than a house of cards. The democrats will once again, like we always do, fix the mess you left us with, raise the necessary taxes to do so, get blamed for that, lose again because of your empty retoric, and start the whole cycle over again. Unfortunately, people continue to believe your lies and propoganda. Were used to that. From Fillmore to Buchanan, Hoover to Harding, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Bush, we have and always will overcome. Thats what makes us Americans. No help from you.
    You want to be anti Hillary? Fine. We werent counting on your vote anyway. Keep spewing it out, weve heard it all before and you know what, we dont care. We know that voting for Hillary will always be better than your alternative. You should really be spending more of your time doing what you pigs do well, suppressing the vote. That is the only way you can win.

  43. snooper Says:

    Poor troll. Do your handlers know that the talking dulls you spout have actually been debunked many moons ago or what?

    No matter how many times you repeat the shit, it doesn’t make then any more true.

    Here ya go if you want to see what Liberal morons have done for the country.

    * Ben Affleck
    * Woody Allen
    * Edward Asner
    * Alec Baldwin
    * Warren Beatty
    * Joy Behar
    * Harry Belafonte
    * Bon Jovi
    * Jimmy Buffet
    * George Carlin
    * James Carville
    * Cher
    * Chevy Chase
    * Margaret Cho
    * Noam Chomsky
    * Ramsey Clark
    * Eleanor Clift
    * Bill Clinton
    * Hillary Clinton
    * George Clooney
    * Ben Cohen
    * Katie Couric
    * Walter Cronkite
    * Matt Damon
    * Larry David
    * Howard Dean
    * Leonardo DiCaprio
    * P. Diddy
    * The Dixie Chicks
    * Sam Donaldson
    * Maureen Dowd
    * Richard Dreyfus
    * Ebert and Roeper
    * Jane Fonda
    * Mike Farrell
    * Larry Flynt
    * Al Franken
    * Kim Gandy
    * Janeane Garofalo
    * Richard Gere
    * Al Gore
    * Danny Glover
    * Whoopi Goldberg
    * Woody Harrelson
    * Jesse Jackson
    * Edward Kennedy
    * Robert Kennedy Jr.
    * John Kerry
    * Paul Krugman
    * Jessica Lange
    * David Letterman
    * Spike Lee
    * Bill Maher
    * Madonna
    * Chris Matthews
    * Aaron McGruder
    * Cynthia McKinney
    * John Mellencamp
    * Moby
    * Michael Moore
    * Viggo Mortensen
    * Bill Moyers
    * Michael Newdow
    * Rosie O’Donnell
    * Pearl Jam
    * Nancy Pelosi
    * Sean Penn
    * Rage Against the Machine
    * Dan Rather
    * Robert Redford
    * Harry Reid
    * Rob Reiner
    * REM
    * Frank Rich
    * Tim Robbins
    * Anthony Romero
    * Linda Ronstadt
    * Tim Russert
    # Carlos Santana
    # Susan Sarandon
    # Al Sharpton
    # Cindy Sheehan
    # Martin Sheen
    # Russell Simmons
    # George Soros
    # Steven Spielberg
    # Jerry Springer
    # Bruce Springsteen
    # George Stephanopoulos
    # Howard Stern
    # Barbra Streisand
    # Oliver Stone
    # John Sykes
    # James Taylor
    # Ted Turner
    # The View
    # Jann Wenner
    # Kanye West
    # Robin Williams
    # Joe Wilson

    Need more?

    * Barbara Boxer
    * Joseph Biden
    * John Conyers
    * Chris Dodd
    * Dick Durbin
    * Rahm Emanuel
    * Dianne Feinstein
    * Harold Ford
    * Barney Frank
    * Jesse Jackson Jr.
    * Sheila Jackson Lee
    * Tom Harkin

    Need more?

    * Kathleen Blanco
    * Rod R. Blagojevich
    * Jon Corzine

    * Christine Gregoire
    * Tim Kaine
    * Janet Napolitan

    * Edward Rendell
    * Bill Richardson
    * Thomas Vilsack

    You really are out of your league.
    * Alcee Hastings
    * Marcy Kaptur
    * Patrick Kennedy
    * Dennis Kucinich
    * Jim McDermott
    * Marty Meehan
    * John Murtha
    * Mary Landrieu
    * Patrick Leahy
    * Carl Levin

    * Barbara Mikulski
    * Patty Murray
    * Barack Obama
    * Charles Rangel
    * John D. Rockefeller
    * Sheldon Silver
    * Charles Schumer
    * Maxine Waters
    * Anthony Weiner
    * Henry Waxman

  44. redhawk Says:

    That must be Zachly the list of Empty suits which we have heard about but never seen.. Thanks Snooper this is Zachly what neded to be brought up to the LIGHT of day!! But then Moon bats hide from the Light of day!!!

  45. redhawk Says:

    Kenny ( or ist it Momma’s boy having had sour milk) is using too many words again but like Joe Biden.. It Don’t say NUTTIN”.. Except what the direktorate sends to it in the dark of night….so that it can di its finger exercise and post… not a brainer is it Ken….

  46. redhawk Says:

    Do you Consder the CIGAR and Blue Dress Incident in the Oval Office a sign of the Best Moral example that you Demneted c RATS can offer???
    Or the Barnety Frank Pros. Ring run from his basement another Upstanding Moral example???
    Or ‘what was his name from P’town” Congressman who actually took a page to Portugal for a frolicking good time ..ahh zachly HIGH Moral road eh??
    Or Letting a young Woman drown in a Cape Cod body of water, being involved with a nephew in a Florida rape case.. The Best Example that you have to offer .. you poor delusional brain dead MORON???

  47. redhawk Says:

    What more is needed to prove the fact that Communists stick together?? The latest Failure at Comminism that sly Fidel who in the true mind set of old Comminists want to keep that falure alive is now Backing the ticket of Hitlery and Obanan as having the best chance to be elected in order to turn the USA in the Newst Faled Comminust Stae . That way Castro’s legacy shall no longer Be’ The last Failure”… in addition Fidel Likes Bubba.. he said that at a UN gathering of Morons in the 90’s Bill shok Fidel’s hand. ” He is a noce man”.. Yeah but was he really NOT after some Cuban Senoritas Really and Cuban Cih=gars??? Eh Fidel..

  48. ken Says:


  49. snooper Says:

    kenny…why must you laugh at yourself so?

    We need the laugh but you really don’t need to show your ignorance this way.

  50. ken Says:

    Woody Allen?!? Ed Asner?!? BON JOVI!?!?!?!?

    Too funny.

    But but but Clinton!! and and and Kennedy!!! BARNEY FRANK!!!!!

    You “people” prove my point by just waking up in the morning.

    Out of my league? With that list?!? BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

    Your threatened by….The View?!? JAMES TAYLOR?!?!?!?

    I cant stop laughing. Im in a room full of people and some of them are still on the floor. They cant compose themselves from laughing so hard.

    Just amazing, truly amazing. You really just dont get it do you? WOW.

    Moby? hahahaha

  51. snooper Says:


    Poor widdle twoll!

    Daddy’s milk too sour?

    You obviously have missed the nuance of the listing.

    Threatened? Not hardly.

    Exposing the Leftinistra? Absolutely.

    Your time has come.

    Have fun in that Abyss of Obscurity.

  52. snooper Says:

    It is all too obvious that your kind, kenny, are slipping into the primordial ooze of insignificance.

    You don’t get out much, do you?


  53. snooper Says:

    Before I forget…,0,2313285.story

  54. snooper Says:

    One other…

  55. snooper Says:

    Let me get something straight here;

    Hillary has the HIGHEST disapproval ratings in the HISTORY of politics.

    Even her “mainstream” fellows don’t want her.

    She has been under investigation and there “IS” an upcoming campaign fraud trial soon coming of which SHE has been declared a DEFENDANT and you, moron kenny, support this crook?

    Good luck, grasshopper.

  56. snooper Says:

    Oh. Yes. Did you know that Hillary is a budding Leninist? Or doesn’t that bother you?

  57. snooper Says:

    to kenny and ITS “room full of idiots”…

    Do you agree or disagree?

  58. redhawk Says:

    Ken’s Obsessing Snooper.. it is really gassed up and experiencing severe Gastric Discomfort.. Or else it would not make a total ass if itself Over and over and over… Funny thing how moon bats are able to laugh at themselfes while crying at the same time isn’t it???
    May be the Jungle is calling it back…

  59. snooper Says:

    Damn the luck!

    Your “buddies” got trounced!

    Making good Jihadis out of bad ones.

  60. snooper Says:

    whatsamatter, kenny? Can’t keep up?

  61. snooper Says:

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere twoll!!

  62. redhawk Says:

    Kenny and his room full of Primates.. Is that what it meant I wonder????Or are Primates too smart to associates themselves with MORONS!!!

  63. redhawk Says:

    RATTATATATATA.. GOOD SHOOTING Snooper.. Outstanding SHOTS!!!

  64. redhawk Says:

    Say Snooper Do you think that kenny boy is another form of Zacktly.. after one like it they stopped and it was raised as an only child????

  65. snooper Says:

    red…and the troll “IS” definitely a liar.

  66. ken Says:

    still laughing. thanks guys.

  67. snooper Says:

    GREAT response…for one with no facts to back its lame claims/opinions up.

    So sad to be kenny the twoll boy.

    Have fun in your waning days.

  68. ken Says:

    ok. I will thanks.

  69. redhawk Says:

    Kenny Boy.. YOU are really Stupid but I wish you a happy sunset anyhow…after all even MORONS need sympathy and pity!!

  70. redhawk Says:

    Say what you will Kenny boy but the fact that you and your band of Trolling Morons have become overactively gassy lately can only have ONE meaning… You are Sinking and the Powers of the Kommune are pushing you to walk the line… like a gaggle of quacking DUCKS!!

  71. On Hillary and Her Unsavory Past « Hot Rodham Blog Says:

    […] other news, a Clinton apologist has been taken in on the “Claws” article and has begun the usual erroneous spin.  This poor slog evidently missed this post […]

  72. redhawk Says:

    Will JUST oNe of the TROLLS attempt to explain Hitlery Seances with Mahatma Ghandi, Eleanor Roosevelt ???? Or her Lies about Mother Teresa??
    Just ONe will do.. hahahahahahahah

  73. Karen Says:

    So, this is what you do with your time? Is Hillary our biggest threat? We all want the same things. First how do we fix/get out of this war. How do we fix our failing health care system. education needs to be a prority. Honestly, let’s all get together and vote in someone who can save us from what’s already in office right now. Or is it too late?

  74. snooper Says:

    Is Hillary our biggest threat? That all depends on your way of thinking and to what degree the threat is considered. As for a Presidential Aspirant to defend the Constitution, yes she is the biggest threat. As for defending the country against The Caliphate, yes, she is the biggest threat.

    Her Leninistic ways and means is exactly contrary to the Constitution of The United States.

    Our failing Health Care system? You mean the BEST there is in the world? Please. That talking dull has been refuted time and time again. Try another.

    Education system? Yes. Obliterate Public Schools and the Socialist NEA. What good have they accomplished? Nothing. I agree. Put education back into the family where it belongs.

    Save us from what is already in the White House? Don’t you know that GWB isn’t running for re-election? This talking dull is old, used and worn out as well.

    The BDS syndrome cracks me up.

    Oh. Wait.

    So, is this what YOU do in YOUR spare time? Visiting blogs and wasting your time with ignorant talking dulls?

    Try again, little one. Recess is over.

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