The Epitome of Dumb


Czarina Issues An Utterance

Why would a Presidential aspirant “udder” such a politically motivated statement as the one Czarina “uddered”. What was the point? Towards which target or targets was she directing the “charge”? Has she sided with the Conspiracy Loons that 91101 was an inside job? Could it be that the GOP is going to orchestrate a terrorist attack to bolster their own power bid? Is she hedging her bets that if there “IS” another terrorist attack in the CONUS, she can say, “See? What did I tell y’all?” Could it be that SHE is planning an attack just so she can say, “See? What did I tell y’all?”

Czarina, Madame Hillary The Rodham “My Documents Are Invisible” Clinton, has just been elevated to a new low. She should be proud to associate herself with Cindy “I’m In A Jihad” Sheehan. Allah hu Chavez!



WASHINGTON (CNN) — She says she is the Democrat best equipped to fight terrorists, but White House hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton told New Hampshire voters Thursday that another attack on the United States would likely help Republican candidates at the polls.


Sen. Hillary Clinton said the Republicans would benefit politically if a terrorist attack occurred before the ’08 vote.

Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut, who is also competing for the Democratic nomination, issued a statement Friday afternoon calling Clinton’s remark “tasteless.”

“Frankly, I find it tasteless to discuss political implications when talking about a potential terrorist attack on the United States,” he said.

“It’s a horrible prospect to ask yourself, ‘What if? What if?’ ” Clinton, a New York Democrat, told a house party in Concord, according to the New York Post and The Associated Press and confirmed by her campaign.

“But, if certain things happen between now and the election, particularly with respect to terrorism, that will automatically give the Republicans an advantage again, no matter how badly they have mishandled it, no matter how much more dangerous they have made the world.”

Clinton added that if such a scenario occurred, she is the best Democratic presidential candidate “to deal with that.”

Clinton was in the crucial early voting state Thursday to unveil her health care plan.

A Clinton spokesman, Isaac Baker, told CNN “Sen. Clinton was making clear that she has the strength and experience to keep the country safe.”

So, if she is “the best to handle that situation”, as she has so claimed, how can she justify that rhetoric having issued such an ill-spoken statement as a terrorist attack would help the GOP? As a matter of fact, her statement is well beyond “ill-spoken”. It could very well be the singularly most ignorant statement she has ever made in her life, let alone her political campaign.

And she dares whine about the GOP politicizing the GWOT? Is she daft? Don’t answer that. I already know the answer.


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44 Responses to “The Epitome of Dumb”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    The hatred expressed on this website is cloaked under the guise of political partisanship yet this website seems to have a much more sinister motive. Sexism. I know you won’t admit it and will probably knock this comment around with other people with similar hate issues. If you want someone to hate, G.W. Bush is your man. For good or bad, the Clinton’s are certainly skilled Democratic politicians. Still, G.W. Bush has harmed this country far more than two Clinton presidents ever could and you know it. Wake up!

  2. Carol Nelson Says:

    Clinton(s) have done no harm? That is a joke, right? Let’s discuss the immorality of these two individuals. Because of HRC’s husband, with whom she stood by in the 90’s and still does today, all elementary school children know and are thoroughly versed in the term “oral sex” thanks to our esteemed (NOT!) former President. The man is from my state and he is a joke among the youth…..He was the biggest mistake the country made in electing besides Jimmah Carter!!!!! And we do not need another round of that moralty again in the White House.

  3. snooper Says:

    It must really suck to be Jeremy in that Turtle Turd Shroud.

    Show ME where Bush is “my man”, asshole. SHOW ME.

    Your talking dulls are about as sharp as the Rock of Gibraltar, dickweed.

    Your retarded defense of the SOCIALISTS Clinton Clan is indicative of an idiot socialist sucking up to other idiot socialists.

    STFU, “Jeremy”.


  4. Miss Beth Says:

    Hey, jeremy, you stuck on stupid or something? How’s your buddy Fidel and your other buddy Hugo? What have THEY done for you lately?

    Yeah, the clintons were GREAT…at scandal…isn’t that why bubba bombed an aspirin factory while diddling monica? how about when he was too busy playing golf while scramblers were on the ground waiting for his order to go get bin laden? what a way to make an executive decision that could have had a much different future for this country and two towers would still be standing, not to mention 3K+ people still alive? Yeah, he was great for the country–his golf game more important than obl and monica polishing the presidential brass more important than running the country…go grow up before coming back here…sexist my wide aunt fanny

  5. snooper Says:

    Troll trouncing complied with.

  6. spree Says:

    Sexism?? Is he kidding?

    Okay, from a woman here, Hillary is crooked, a liar and the worst thing that has ever happened to womankind. She is an embarrassment.

    BUT on the bright side, since SHE will likely be the Democratic nominee, she is perhaps the BEST news for the Republicans.

    Take that Jeremy, considering I AM a woman, try for another “party line”.

  7. snooper Says:

    Hillary SHALL be trounced.

  8. Miss Beth Says:

    Probably had two mommies and had to listen to the LBTG rhetoric all his life…and admires rosie and her ilk

  9. snooper Says:

    Rosie is their ZERO.

  10. Miss Beth Says:

    You know, though, there’s an old saying: you get the government you deserve. Now, there’s a lot of young women who plan on voting for billary not based on anything substantive but simply because she’s a female. An entirely SEXIST reason. And, as a WOMAN I feel I can say this pretty much with impunity…it’s females like that who gave credence to the lie women are way too dumb to vote. Unfortunately, they are INDEED too dumb to vote if that is their sole purpose in voting for the queen bitch–simply because she’s a woman.

    Now, if we had a woman like Maggie Thatcher or even Condi running? THOSE would be women WORTH voting for! LADIES–intelligent, even tempered, cool headed in the face of adversity and tough as steel under their velvet guises. Not a street walking tramp like billary

  11. Lynn Says:

    Whether Democratic or Republican, they have all been liars, crooks, and thieves, and yet, we continue to vote for them. If you truly know your politics then you know my comment stands true. There is so much hatred in this room. It’s sad…really sad.

  12. snooper Says:

    What “IS” truly sad, Lynn, is your lamed-ass talking dulls.

    Typical of an idiot.

    Have you nothing to offer other than blatant ignorance and stupidity?

    Run along child. Recess is over.

  13. Lynn Says:

    Unfortunately, snooper, it is people like you who breed hatred. And, that’s the problem with this political system.

    Does it make you feel like a bigger person because you try to belittle others?

    I can tell by your volcabulary you don’t have too much to say of any value or worth. Idiot, lamed-ass, ignorance and stupidity, oh, my feelings are so hurt.

    I can only imagine your response. Let’s see what other derogatory remarks you have to say about me and the others who voice their opinions that may be opposite of yours.

  14. Native Warrior Says:


    This is great!

    Don’t silence the “Snooper”, he is the #1 reason Hillary is going to take the White House for the next 8 years. I wish there were 1000 more doofus redneck buffoons like him to display his sick hatred for fellow human beings and ignorant childish insults that just prove the real truth- you’ve got nothing on the Madam Senator and you are scared little girl.

    Hey snoop toad, people are sick to death of our sons and daughters dying in war that is based on lies and greed. So go on back to bed with your sister and masturbate (for the tenth time today) to your worn out picture of dubya.

    Hey Mr Beth (I can’t justify giving you a female title after reading your homophobia and filthy language)- I want to thank you for not presenting any valid argument- or even an educated opinion. You are the epitome of the repressed wish-you-had-the-guts-to-come-out-of-the-closet dead fish lay that hides behind the Bible while hiding your real tendencies inside a bottle of cheap whiskey.

    Yea, Condi isn’t a liar, just like your hero Bill “hack” Oreilly is actually balanced and fair in his reporting. It sounds like you are the one who is unbalanced- go take your prozac.

    Good job people- keep up the lame attempts to scare people by invoking socialism and liberalism as bad words. The rest of the country, yes even conscientious republicans, know that the heart of those words just mean that liberals and socialists just want to actually help the less fortunate have access to basic things like – oh say – health care.

    oh- sorry- I mentioned a real issue that should matter to every American. My mistake- this website and you knuckleheads who pander to it aren’t here for discussion- you just want to spew your pathetic, tired, hate-filled rhetoric.

    Thanks for the support and for just being you.
    Hillary in 2008!!

  15. snooper Says:

    As usual, poor Lynn, your diatribe won’t work here.

    Again, have you anything to offer other than your ignorance and stupidity?

    Run along child.

    Support that which you say and lay claim to.

    Talking dulls don’t work.

  16. snooper Says:

    It figures that the Leninists would support the Czarina.

    Too bad for y’all.

    Have fun in that Obscurity Abyss!!


  17. snooper Says:

    OH! WAIT!! That’s what it “IS”!

    Stand by. The post is forth coming.,1,4382207.story?ctrack=1&cset=true


    Poor slogs.

  18. Sandy Cope Says:

    Instead of calling each other names (sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me), please lets have an intelligent conversation about how truly terrible this female will hurt our country. If she thought that it was a right wing conspiracy that was reporting on the Monica Lewinsky issue, and that her husband had nothing to do with that accusation (until the blue dress with his dna) appeared, why would she stand up for America with honesty and truthfullness when we have very important issues facing this country like terrorism, economic stabitity and etc.

  19. Sandy Cope Says:

    Is my comment not worthy?

  20. snooper Says:

    All comments are worthy but you are on the wrong thread?

  21. snooper Says:

    WOOPS! My bad. Somehow it got caught in moderation which uis tuned OFF. Must be one of those conspiracy things.

  22. Sandy Cope Says:

    Am I on the “right” thread?

  23. blinken Says:

    Just tuned in here. Yikes! If I had to vote right now, I’d say snooper is the winner of the idiot and dumb contest. Now, don’t get me wrong, Hillary would be SO VERY wrong for our country! I’m in that ball park.

    However, snooper, you really gotta find some higher level vocabulary. Do you really think people are going to respond positively to your garbage mouth? Your passion is great and could be put to very good use, but it’s RESULTS that matter. And the result we need is the whole point of this web site. Demeaning other writers may steam up the waters, but we can’t stop Hillary with hatred. We need JUICE! and FACTS! and SUBLIME FINESSE!

    Suggestion: Re-channel your zest

  24. snooper Says:

    LOL! Yes YOU are…I had the brain spasm. LOL!!

    All commentors are welcome…some more than others.

  25. snooper Says:

    Suggestion to Troll blinken…

    STFU and try again, moron.

  26. redhawk Says:

    TROLLS are parading to day… In Mori\onic Unisome steps.. LEFT LEFT LEFT and falling on ther Narcissticly drug imbued FECES.. OOP I ment Faces>>>

  27. redhawk Says:

    Say Snooper.. Wonder what has the Lunatic bunch all fired up again.. Could it be the GOOD NEWS .. Or The Stupidity regarding ” I am the only Experienced DEMOC RAT” that spilled out of the Czarina’s mouth which is causing all sorts of Funny Jokes to appear on the Comedy Circuit????

  28. redhawk Says:

    Blinken ” If I had to vote today…” well Dum ass vote if you must but once more you show how out of step you really are… for you Lefto morons there is no RIGHT ,you step at the cadence left left left left only hence you keep falling on your AZZ!!! Or is it Face since the famous CRP must have been done for you???

  29. redhawk Says:

    This Statement from the Czarina has me wonderong… Suppose that she’s made a deal with OBL to lay low until after Nov ’06….??? But then What if OBL becomes active after Feb ’09… What then… Is this another Right wing Conspiracy that has put the Lefto Lunatics in another self Imposed BIND due to their own Inability to see beyond their only interest which is ” NOTHING MATTERS BEYOND MY REELECTION>>>” Is this what is driving our Trolls to suffer such heavy Gastric Discomfort????

  30. dras Says:

    Boy do we ever suck. Read our own post, do you see how childlike we sound.
    I don’t know about the rest of you people but the very last thing that I wish to sound like is Russ Limpballs.
    He’s been on Hillary Clinton’s case for so long that you’d swear that she was an ex wife of his.
    Our hate and showing our hate for an individual is not going to work this time.
    In the time from the Swift Boat days till now, Americans by the Millions have learned to use the Internet and it will become dangerous to the whole party to be even a small part of a phony, childlike smear champagne.
    If we can’t beat the Democrat’s on our record then perhaps we need to clean up the RNC and go at them head first.

  31. snooper Says:

    Nice try, skippy-dras, but once again, trolls are not ready for the Big Top.

    Head back over to the KOSmonoff site. It is more your speed.

  32. redhawk Says:

    No Fear there DRAS.. Limp or not at least Rush’s Got them .. while it seems that yours never Dropped.. You poor Innocuous IMBECILE!
    But as usual you do provide a nice rolling target to keep our shooting sharp..HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    .. In addition the real Star of the Comedy Circuit World wide is the Czarine ” Experience”… Now that is the real Kicker that keeps the “dras’s” of the world in constant Gastric discomfort.. the Hitlerina keeps proving Miller RIGHT.. She is TOO STUPID to be CIC….. she better go back to bake cookies…

  33. snooper Says:

    red…seeing that none of these twits knows what they are yammering on about, it is no wonder why they will slip into that Abyss of Obscurity.

  34. Kirillius Says:

    This website seems to have little to no evidence, horribly biased opinions, and a lot of foul mouth members. Do you expect to really convince people of your views with that kind of expression? I’m quite conservative and i’ve very dissapointed at what i’ve seen from this website. A lot of sexism as well, at least from the user comments.

    I’m open minded, can anyone provide factual basis for disliking Hillary WITHOUT insulting someone every other line?

  35. snooper Says:

    Sorry moonbat Kirillius…perhaps you should actually click the links provided.

    Thanks for confirming your ignorance.

    How’s it feel getting your asses kicked?

  36. Miss Beth Says:

    I will attempt to do so, Kirillius…

    First, her thesis which she felt had to be hidden from the public while she spent her time in the WH. For a candidate who is screaming for transparency in others, it IS ridiculously hypocritical.

    Second–her 8 years in the WH. If she cannot even handle her own marriage, (and yes, many men stray, but c’mon, they’re in the WH for crying out loud), claims her husband’s debauchery is something made up by an illusory VRWC…and turns her head–she then is certainly not capable of handling even the rudiments of command.

    One scandal after another has followed her and her husband their entire public lives. No life is without skeletons, it would be foolish to think so, and yes, the repubs have skeletons as well–there are reasons why I’m not real fond of any of our candidates at the moment–however, to be constantly plagued by scandal is extraordinarily irresponsible and again shows a decided lack of basic management skills in simple life.

    She is not capable of speaking three little words: “I was wrong or I made a mistake” and uttering the appropriate apology.

    By her own words she wants to penalize people who have succeeded in the capitalistic environment of competition, take their hard earned money and distribute it to those who are too lazy to work. Her own words. That’s not economically feasible for any country and is flat out guaranteed to crash this country to a third world country within a generation. Why? Those that are successful, have amassed wealth by their own hard work are gonna say, screw you and leave–taking their businesses with them.

    Rather than taking a firm stand on ANY issue, she blows in the wind, trying to appease all.

    She apologizes to our enemies. She refuses to acknowledge the hand she and her husband had in the build up to 9/11 and in fact defended bubba in trying to force ABC to change the documentary on it–a direct slap in the face of artistic expression under the First Amendment.

    On the subject of Iraq, she just recently tried to call for US to institute a new PM in Iraq because the PM chosen by the PEOPLE of Iraq isn’t moving fast enough for HER.

    She is more concerned with her own power than in the welfare of the country from any aspect.

    Her “hillary care” was a disastrous plan back in the day and even more so no–what she proposes, what any of the dems propose, is akin to what’s already in place in England and Canada and if people would wake up and take a good, objective look at the failures of those socialized systems, the amounts of taxes taken from each taxpayer to use for those failures that makes them “free” health care, they truly wouldn’t want anything to do with those systems.

    Take a look at any government run agency–the IRS, the Treasury, the Post Office, most recently the Passport office–do you consider those agencies to be well run, economically competitive in a free market, efficient? I certainly don’t and I don’t want a doctor or health care that is run as these agencies are run. Do you? Truly?

    The health care ISN’T free and if people were intellectually honest, they would realize that.

    It’s not that we conservatives don’t see a need for certain things–we DO see a need NOT to become an off-shoot of Venezuela, Cuba, China, or any other communistic/socialistic society where freedom of speech and expression is supressed, your hard earned dollars are taken from you because you went to school and worked too hard and where you’re subject to ridiculously bad health care in the name of “free[not] for all”.

  37. snooper Says:

    Miss Beth, if the trolls would actually read the posts and go to the links provided, they just MIGHT learn something.

    They will see your words of wisdom and merely go to another post and begin repeating their crap.

    Amazing, isn’t it?

  38. Miss Beth Says:

    And, Lynn,yeah, it is really sad. So, what do you propose to do about it? You paint a pretty general statement of:

    “Whether Democratic or Republican, they have all been liars, crooks, and thieves, and yet, we continue to vote for them. If you truly know your politics then you know my comment stands true. There is so much hatred in this room. It’s sad…really sad.”

    Yet, I’d bet you would be the first to howl if someone tarred you with the same brush. So be a little more specific when making sweeping statements.

    And, if you are so concerned with us continuing to vote for them, then I have a few suggestions. Investigate each and every candidate you might even remotely consider voting for. Check out their ENTIRE voting record, not just on the big issues, but the smaller, more obscure issues as well. Find one you’re comfortable voting for, according to your own conscience and moral values. Don’t just listen to the talking points and the screeching bumper stickers. You may surprise yourself and find you’ve been lied to in ways you never imagined. You may have to beg a mea culpa or two for your preconceptions of a candidate or two, based on lies that sounded plausible but perhaps you had never really delved into, the lies were that good.

    The fact is, with the advent of the internet, it’s actually pretty easy to research things these days if one is willing to go about it with an open mind.

    Just throwing up your hands, painting everyone with the same brush and listening to extremely well-crafted lies, though, isn’t going to solve a thing.

    And, what you term hatred, may simply be the silent majority saying enough is enough, we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. We’ve been hit with so much unmitigated, TRUE hate from the left for so long, for us to finally stand up and say ENOUGH is a huge shock for most people…so, it’s along the lines of, at this point, don’t keep dishing it out if you’re not capable of taking it.

    You can go all the way back to FDR and Alger Hiss for when the dems started splintering off into the “religion” of godless liberalism/communism/fascism in this country and its the hatred of the left that has stripped everything good out of this country. Stop and think about it–really THINK. Then go do some more research and while you’re at it, google “Venona Project”.

    I guess it’s not hatred when its directed at conservatives, but it is considered hatred when conservatives fight back–not good to have and encourage such a double standard.

  39. Miss Beth Says:

    Sad but true, Snoop. Sad but true–and we’re supposed to be the close-minded ones.

  40. redhawk Says:

    Kirillus… WOW another name from the past… Looks like Banana Boy has yet resurfaced but still saying the most words without making any sense once more… Like Joe Biden about whom has been said ” never in the History of man kind hab=ve so many words been spoken withiout really saying NOTHING” .. So now we have a mollusk saying the same.. Pity that Mollusks have No Brains.. must be anothewr Rigt Wing Conspiracy after all.. What do you think???

  41. snooper Says:

    Yeah, ZERO is the True Moron.

    The Leftinistra don’t know what to make of the Righties FINALLY coming out with the gloves off.

    Too damn bad.

  42. redhawk Says:

    should you ever take the time to read ALL on this Blog.. We really do not dislike Hitlery.. we appreciate her cooking Brownies.. Being in a fuzzy RED coat and all.. IT IS HER POLITICS THAT SUK.. You MORON!!!

  43. redhawk Says:

    BTW Right Folks , It seems that the CAVE is calling all the Moon Bats again… They are GONE From the Firing range one again!!!

  44. redhawk Says:

    aHH that good ol ZERO… A real trip is he… Pity that it is such a moronic Widdle troll…at best!

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