Waffling, NOT Honesty “IS” The Best Policy?


If At First You Don’t Succeed…Waffle

Here is a shining example, again, why Hillary and Obama are assuredly NOT ready for the Big Tent. Oh, they yammer now and then on how they are indeed qualified but, they delude themselves and they cater and pander to the weak-kneed, the emotional and those that have an adversity to actually think for themselves. Thinking for oneself can give one a massive headache if not yet accustomed to original thought. Such is the case with the followers of the Czarina and the young lad Obama.

Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) — Senator Hillary Clinton warned Democrats not to “oversell” plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq, setting a cautious tone on the war that was echoed by the party’s two other leading presidential candidates.

Clinton and her main competitors for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, Senator Barack Obama and former Senator John Edwards, agreed in a debate this morning that pulling U.S. forces out of Iraq can’t be accomplished in just a few months and that any withdrawal must be balanced by security concerns.

“It is so important that we not oversell this,” Clinton said at the ABC News-sponsored forum in Des Moines, Iowa. Edwards concurred, saying it “would be hard” to move troops out within six months, as suggested by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, while Obama said U.S. options are limited.

Wasn’t it not all that long ago that Czarina AND Obama were saying to get out and get out now? Why the waffle? Could it be that we are WINNING the war now and this scares them?

Actually, I “Rather” enjoy watching the DNC debates because we catch them in their BDS and double standards and their double talk every time. They never learn that honesty is the best policy.

It will be interesting to “see” what the reactions will be after the presentation by General Petraeus mid-September. With the Good Lord permitting, I will be in DC when this takes place as part of the massive formations of Pro-America Rallies and pro-Troop Support Rallies that will overwhelm the Fruit Loop Brigades that will be there as well. We are planning a live broadcast via Blog Talk Radio if all the bugs are worked out. Should be a hoot to watch the moonats run away…again.


5 Responses to “Waffling, NOT Honesty “IS” The Best Policy?”

  1. redhawk Says:

    Based on the Constant Waffles by our Czarina, let’s see what will she come put with this week.. To day is ONLY Tuesday and I wonder How many new Waffles IHOP size will she come up by Friday… Don’t you????

  2. dras Says:

    I see that we have one big problem and that problem was shown in a few polls where non of the above was the winner. Let’s face it, we have a stable of also rans who have no clear platform that anyone can fall behind and support. I guess we all need to get behind the best candidate and start working to get him elected and stop the swift boating of one candidate.

  3. redhawk Says:

    Also run Number UNO= Hillary who runs on Experience.. Yeah what she learned in the 90’s.. let Usama “walk” 12 times.. Allow Gorelick to impersaonte that dufus Reno and create the wall so that Intelligence could not be shared… “walking away” from Somalia.. bombing of Us Embassies.. the Cole all the while proclaiming that Saddam had WMD’s and passing the Info on to W… Lying about whitewater.. Travelgate.. Rose over billing and Countless more..
    Is this what you want ‘dras??? The one so aptly described by Miller as ” you are too stupid to be my cic”!

    Or is it the Naively Inexperienced BARACKA???
    Pr the Jon effen Goofy Breck???

    I ‘ll say this Huckabee..or Giuliani… Romney have better EXPERIENCE in Governing than any of the Lunatics from the Democ RAT loony bin…

    TRhaompson will be formidable one also IF and WHEN he declares his RUN…

  4. snooper Says:

    dras…are you a professional and paid whiner?

  5. redhawk Says:

    Me thinks that’ dras ( A synonim for MADRASS) is a Knee padder for the Klintons..

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