On Hillary and Nukes


Thank GOD above that Al Gore invented the internet and us Vast Right Wing “Flakes” are to exploit it.


The tide is turning folks…for the good for the Strict Constitutionalists and for the bad for the moonbat fruit loops that support the likes of Queen Commie Hillary. (Have I mentioned that we have proven Hillary is a communist?)


As Hillary so …AHEM!…(really hate to say this)…RIGHTFULLY chastised Barack for his emotional outbursts which nearly cascaded Pakistan into a National Crisis (another one), we find this Double Standard of the woman(?) that would be Czarina of The United Socialist States of the American Continents:


Beth Fouhy / Associated Press:

Clinton Discussed Use of Nukes Last Year — NEW YORK — Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, who chastised rival Barack Obama for ruling out the use of nuclear weapons in the war on terror, did just that when asked about Iran a year ago. — “I would certainly take nuclear weapons off the table,” she said in April 2006.

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Discussion: CNN Political Ticker, Hot Air, The Carpetbagger Report, Sister Toldjah, Taylor Marsh, Captain’s Quarters, MSNBC, democracyarsenal.org and Macsmind


CNN Political Ticker: Poll: Edwards, Clinton tied in Iowa

Allahpundit / Hot Air: Hillary: We must take nuclear weapons off the table — wait, Barack said what?

Carpetbagger / The Carpetbagger Report: Clinton, Obama, and nukes … oh my

Sister Toldjah: Confronting media-aided myths: Barack Obama is no political …

Taylor Marsh: Clinton on Nukes — Taking Obama to task for not leaving nukes …

Ed Morrissey / Captain’s Quarters: Do As I Say, v2.0 — The naivete sweepstakes continue …


Michael Cohen / democracyarsenal.org: Hillary’s Hypocrisy — On the heels of my last post – this is truly classic.

Macranger / Macsmind: Hillary’s continual gafts show she is unqualified to be President



Click any of the above and make your own determination.


The DNC is toast come 2008 and we know it…they know it…and now? YOU know it.


Have fun and enjoy!


And Hillary and Bill haven’t even given their dispositions yet into that quagmire of campaign fraud yet.


This is getting better and better for America!


15 Responses to “On Hillary and Nukes”

  1. redhawk Says:

    Another major Waffle really Qualifies Bubbalina for at least a full Franchise in IHOP house of pankakes and Waffles… Now that is a carreer that she is totally qualified for…..

  2. snooper Says:

    Only if she is the bus-girl…

  3. Susan L. Rapp Says:

    I wonder how many people might decide that it would be
    better to support Hillary Clinton after Obama made the outrageous statement that he would pre-emptively invade Pakistan and use nuclear weapons. People may want to think twice about moving their allegience over to Clinton after taking a moment to analyze her response to Obamas remarks.

    The Illinois senator warned Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf in a major foreign policy speech Wednesday that he would use U.S. military force in Pakistan even without Musharraf’s permission if necessary to root out terrorists.

    Asked about Obama’s speech and his comments about nuclear weapons, Clinton chided her fellow senator about addressing hypotheticals.

    “Presidents should be very careful at all times in discussing the use or non-use of nuclear weapons. … I don’t believe that any president should make any blanket statements with respect to the use or non-use of nuclear weapons,” Clinton said.

    Asked about the notion of unilateral U.S. military action in Pakistan to get al Qaeda leadership: “How we do it should not be telegraphed or discussed for obvious reasons.”

    So there you have it. Her remarks basically tell us three vitally
    important things about Hillary Clinton:

    1) Clinton is not opposed to using nuclear weapons
    2) Clinton is not opposed to invading Pakistan, and….
    3) Clinton thinks that any U.S military action in Pakistan
    should be kept a secret (presumably from the “enemy”, but
    most certainly from WE THE PEOPLE)

    I could not find on the web any response from Clinton regarding Obamas statements that would show my 3 points above are without merit.

    For purposes of comparison I will share what I think Clinton
    should have said:

    “To suggest that the United States engage in a pre-emptive invasion of Pakistan when our US military operations in Iraq
    have proven to be a dismal and tragic failure, is outrageous to say the least. Iraq should be a lesson to us that US military operations and nuclear weapons are not the answer to solving the problem of terrorism”.

    But she didn’t say that, did she?


    Dennis Kucinich for President 2008!

  4. snooper Says:

    Edwards is out.

    Obama is out.

    The next three will be Hillary, Biden, Kucinich.

    Neither one is qualified to be President.

    If and when Fred joins the race, the aforementioned should merely gracefully bow out.

  5. redhawk Says:

    Best thing for Humanity would be for Hitlerina to Straddle an A bomb being released from a Bomber…. Then she’d be forever remembered as a true American Patriot having destroyed UBL once and Forever thus atoning for the Weak hearted non action taken by BUBBA!

  6. redhawk Says:

    Have you all seen the latest poll from Rasmussen??? Hitlery Vs Giuliani has dropped Hitlery from 43% for Giuliani to 47% for Giuliani… She’s SLIDING… Bararck also dropping vs Hitlery… OK FRED get in the FUN!!!!

  7. snooper Says:

    This is fun to watch.

    Just wait until after General Petraeus “reports” in

  8. redhawk Says:

    Did you get the article about W wanting to hire some CNN Writers to write the Gen Petraeus report…What a Karl coup that would be especially since Congress rules demand that the report must be written by the President’s office .. and the Morons in Congress already are concerned that W will write the report.. THEY DON”T EVEN KNOW THE RULES!!! Morons all starting with that ultimate WEASEL reid who last evening said that the war is lost again!! INSECURITY brings out thair Stupidity even faster!!!

  9. Susan L. Rapp Says:

    I must make a correction regarding my Post above. In my opening
    statement I implied that Barack Obama said he would use Nuclear
    Weapons when he delivered a recent Foreign Policy speech. This is incorrect. Mr. Obama clearly stated during his speech that he would not use nuclear weapons. The rest of my post remains the same, it its entirety.

    Having said that, I feel impelled to follow up on a statement Mr. Obama
    made the day after he gave his speech:

    Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Thursday he would not use nuclear weapons “in any circumstance” to fight terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    “I think it would be a profound mistake for us to use nuclear weapons in any circumstance,” Obama said, with a pause,… “involving civilians.” Then he quickly added, “Let me scratch that. There’s been no discussion of nuclear weapons. That’s not on the table.” Quote

    I don’t know if Mr. Obama made that “Freudian Slip” because he is trying to be deceitful about his position, or whether he is having an internal struggle about where he actually stands on the use of nuclear weapons, or whether he really is against using nuclear weapons but just mispoke.

    In any event, it comes down to two simple questions:

    1) Should we believe the Dr. Jekyll Obama or should we believe the
    Mr. Hyde Obama….and

    2) Should we allow him to become the next President to find out?

    Personally, I would rather vote for Dennis Kucinich and not worry while I’m laying in bed at night that, like Ms. Clinton, he may push the button, or like Obama, may really be Mr. Hyde. Why take such a gamble when you don’t have to?

    Vote KUCINICH for President 2008!

  10. snooper Says:

    I noticed the error originally and knew right off what you had intended.

    It is refreshing to have a member of the opposition party come on here without the nastiness.

    You are welcome to post here.

    I won’t be voting for any DNC member but I do understand your sentiments and respect them as well.

  11. consevative_decay Says:

    LOL – a real meeting of the minds here. Freaky.

  12. snooper Says:

    Yeah. Ain’t it great?

  13. redhawkone Says:

    .. ubfortunately Dennis plan is??? LET THE UNIONS take over very functions of Gov’t.. that is all he’s been able to Convey… May be a Ron Paul/ Dennis K ticket is the thing that will appease Usama Bin Laden the most… He can take over without firing a shot…

  14. redhawkone Says:

    Does the DECAY remimd you of acertain TROLL???????

  15. redhawkone Says:

    Kusinich for Midlle east Ambassador at large… is this Cretin ever good.. Goes there one day and on the next Syria unveils a Nuke from Noko.. Dennis baby you have been wasting your talents all this time… Amazing!!!
    You should have gone to visit saddam and he’d have announced the location of all his WMDs .. and you have nothing to bitch about now.. or did you send wife to do your biddings????? She looks bigger and Smarter that you ole DK…

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