We Made Huff and Puff Take Notice!


The inane and ineffective socialist rag Huffington Post with Arianna “The Plane Was Going That Way Anyway” Huffington, the DNC Double Standard Champion and Proponent has given us a shot in the arm at Stop Her Now and the GREAT blog of that GREAT web site, Hot Rodham Blog!

Thank you Arianna!

As Rush Limbaugh has so eloquently stated and “IS” so true:

Rush said it best…


Simply put, those who hate us and attack us are our greatest strength.

Moonbats hate us because we are successful – according to Limbaugh, measure success by the amount of hatred and how much we are despised. That being the case, we can’t be surprised by our growing success. Our conservative friends online who have also been attacked by the moonbat left can take comfort and strength from Limbaugh’s words as well – because you too are being attacked for posting the truth.


Can I get an AMEN?  AMEN!  Thank you!


Thanks Chris Kelly and keep up that inane style of yours!  Good job!




9 Responses to “We Made Huff and Puff Take Notice!”

  1. Daniel Vine Says:

    I just wandered onto this site. What is it? Is this a high school weblog? I can’t tell if this is for adults. can someone help me here?

  2. snooper Says:

    Nice try, troll!


    You just wondered over my ass!


    Try something else and don’t forget to change your nic…again.

    Trolls. Morons.

  3. redhawk Says:

    … Trolls and Lefto PIMPS , like lemmings, follow the bunch and like Buffalos keep falling off the CLIFFS!!!

  4. redhawk Says:

    WOW a hollyweird Scribe who reads this blog… what’ll they do to him now??? .. and Arianna.. no wonder she’s so full of it as to print his dwibbles!!

  5. snooper Says:

    Remember the words of Rush…”the more they implode, the better for us”…

  6. redhawk Says:

    .. and the more FACTS are Disclosed the more they Implode and so on and so forth….

  7. redhawk Says:

    .. Have we Noticed that the Approval ratings for the Troll led Congress have stabilized at 3% since they are on vacation for August… Wonder if thay’ll work hard to reach a perfect ZERO after September when the Budget Porks laden Bill gets Vetoed and the situation in Iraq shows them as being defeatists even more than before… HURRAAAHHH!!!

  8. snooper Says:

    LOL!! They are “conspiring” during this “vacation” to come and show the world how stupid they REALLY are!

  9. redhawk Says:

    .. First the American Lunatic Left got them started … Then the Dim wit American press did not get it… NOW the WORLD shall realize that the US Congress is populated by MORONS being bought by the Soros Kommisars!!!

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