OKStop The World!  I Want To Get Off!

Get this from yet another Ostrich Syndrome dweeb!

HILLARY vs. HITLERY….Over at National Review, Kathryn Jean Lopez comments on Hillary Clinton’s performance at tonight’s Democratic debate;

In response to more than a few answers tonight — on Iraq, on China — I’ve said, “she sounds reasonable.” If I were a normal America, I think I’d really think that. That’s really hard to admit.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I’m going to unleash some snark about Lopez not being normal. And sure, that’s tempting. But not tonight.

Instead, I want to make a serious point: she’s right. The audience for presidential debates is still small, but obviously it’s growing as we get closer to the primaries. And a lot of people who have vague, media-fueled recollections of Hillary as a conniving, ball-busting uber liberal, are starting to watch these debates and realize that…..she seems pretty reasonable. Pretty normal. Not at all the Hitlery of wingnut fame. What was all that nonsense about, anyway?

Anyway, I’ve mentioned this before. Just thought I’d repeat myself. An awful lot of people are effectively seeing Hillary for the first time ever following a very long hiatus, and they’re not likely to see any resemblance to the fever swamp creation of Rush Limbaugh ravings from the 90s. Her negatives are never going to be as low as, say, Obama’s, but I betcha they go down five or ten points by the time this is all over.

This is  pure and un”adulterated” nonsense.  These people have been living in La-La-Land for so long, their heads are full of inanities!  Have they not read the Long Suppressed Thesis of one Hillary Rodham?  There is no way on God’s Green Earth that anyone which has actually read The Thesis would say driveling nonsense as Goober above has.

Page 97 is interesting.  Paraphrasing: “Government will bring about the changes required”.

Where have we heard this before?

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8 Responses to “HOLD THAT TRAIN!!”

  1. Hillary Clinton's Wellesley Thesis Says:

    […] UPDATE AUGUST 7, 2007: ANALYSIS Snooper. […]

  2. redhawk Says:

    Last night Hioltlery and the emptiests of empty suits proved once more that all of them combined have NO GRAVITAS… Hitlery in particular who in the attempt to sound “presidential’ attempted to shut up O’barry ( the clueless waffler) over taliking too much but went on the over play her anti China position totally ignoring that it was her Felon to SOLD America to China in his true GLOBALIST agenda… Has she ver thought of how tough she can act towards China being that they Hold a 1.3 Trillion Dollars of us???
    Om Nafta ( doe by BUBBA) and voted on by the other present Senators… she waffled.
    On Iraq.. VOTED ON by all but Biden.. She waffled along with DUD of CT.

    I Just love Dennis Miller who said:” Hillary you are not Smart enough to be my President” being that she admitted in her book that she had no idea that BUBBA was ” fooling aroud” for all those years>>>> That’s our Czarina so loved by the press….DUHHHHH!

  3. snooper Says:

    She is a FLAKE!

  4. redhawk Says:

    .. Well yes.. A whole Train load of flakes from Kellogg”s

  5. Tim Says:

    If ignorance were cornflakes, Hilary would General Mills!

  6. snooper Says:

    Hillary isn’t “ignorant” actually. She “IS” “Rather” sly, however.

    She is counting on the Ignorant Electorate.


  7. redhawk Says:

    .. But at the same time STUOID enough to claim that she Supports the Military while voting against Funding them for ammo, Vests, food, armored
    anti AID vehicles… Let us see if she has the SPINE to bring up the funding for more Army and Marines and funding on the Senate floor in September and then get Reid to bringb them up for a vote…. Go Karl you got a very esay Target to really BLAST!!!

  8. Hillary Clinton’s Wellesley Thesis - now in searchable PDF format! | GOPublius Says:

    […] from Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”. Well played and worth the read. Analysis by: Snooper at stophernow Meta:   Comment: Comment Feeds Filed under: Election 2008, Liberty v. Equality, Must […]

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