VP Dick Cheney Protects Us Against Hillary


And she is hopping mad!  Maybe if she hadn’t written about her true political underpinnings, she wouldn’t be the target that and her wanna-be First Man(?) are.


From News Max:

Presidential hopeful New York Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is hopping mad at Vice President Dick Cheney for charging her with “reinforcing enemy propaganda.”

In a letter to supporters, Clinton recalls that after she wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates asking him to “provide Congress with briefings of contingency plans for withdrawal — or an explanation of why no such plans exist,” she got a response from Under Secretary of Defense Eric Edelman who told her that discussing plans for withdrawal of our troops from Iraq “reinforces enemy propaganda.”

That, fumed Clinton, “was an outrageous response — and a dangerous one. Planning for withdrawal isn’t just common sense. It is vital to ensuring our troops return home safe.”

As long as this idiot Hillary rambles on about troops withdrawal,  she and her kind put our troops further  into harms way by enabling the enemy, plain and simple.

And her “candid concern” about the troops is laughably a criminal act in this DAV’s opinion.


8 Responses to “VP Dick Cheney Protects Us Against Hillary”

  1. redhawk Says:

    As a TRUE Conservative said recently .. The fact that the above mentioned Lunatic implodes when the Truth Hits HOME and potentially spoils her defeat pandering plan to get Lunatics votes….. Is a sign of Success for the RIGHT FOLKS and she gets PISSED OFF!!!

  2. snooper Says:

    This is why they oh so strongly desire for the Unfairness Doctrine to be implemented.

  3. redhawk Says:

    … Can you imagine a world without Talk radio to hold these nut job accountable??? Kind of like calling the OLD Pravda a form of ” free press”… Or the new SLIME press Nut job Style… But then under the Socio-Comm System of the NUT jobs all the current “free Press” of the USA shall be Unified under a Central controlled Bureau of MISINFORMATION headed by Carville and .. POOOF no more “free press””” .. and they are too dumb to figure it out… HAHAHAHAHGA!!!!

  4. splastershoes Says:

    Redhawk, I have to admit. You’re quite entertaining to read. On an issue about reinforcing enemy propaganda, you chose to repeatedly capitalize your platitudes. How quaint. Oh, and why do you care about people being held accountable? Our own President gets away with whatever the hell he feels like and the pathetic Democrats won’t do anything about it for fear of political voter retaliation. This entire mess is ridiculous. Oh, and I will cringe if I ever see Hillary sitting in the White House. I despise panderers of all creeds. Which basically means that I hate all politicians, since I haven’t seen any real truthful politician in ages.

  5. splastershoes Says:

    The most ridiculous piece from this article is the fact that VP Cheney, of all people, is the one accusing Hillary of reinforcing enemy propaganda. Uh HELLO?!?! Every failed action we make in the Middle East “reinforces enemy propaganda.” Heck, the very fact that we’re THERE “reinforces enemy propaganda.” What exactly is his point? He despises any form of accountability and now that the sun sets on this pseudo-shadow government of his, he gets cranky. Typical child. He needs a good spanking and to be sent to bed without supper.

  6. snooper Says:

    Hello, moron ZERO, splastershoes!


    Hiding again?

    Prattling inane and the usual loser mentality again?

    We SURE hope Hitlery is the DNC choice because she willlose worse than Mondale did.

    Please return often.

    You are QUITE entertaining!

  7. snooper Says:


    What you trolls don’t like about Cheney is this: he doesn’t roll over and play dead for your kind of vitriolic and hubris filled stupidity.

    Hillary is a full-blown communist and IF you were to read her thesis, it would be an obvious observance.

    However, if you are yourself a communist/socialist/progressive asshole, you would support Czarina.

    Climb back under your rock.

    Your crap doesn’t and won’t work here.

  8. Randy Bachman Says:

    Fuck you you Nazi cocksucker

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