Michelle Malkin Does It Again!


The Kossification of the Democrat Party is complete.

Michelle writes:

Pay attention as Hillary adopts Kos-ese while praising the nutroots for “standing up to the right-wing Republican noise machine,” jokingly blames the “vast right-wing conspiracy” for a microphone glitch, and claims credit for helping establish Media Matters and the Center for American Progress.

Click the link and read the rest.

Listen as Hillary grovels:


Then read the Hillary Thesis.

Then, again, CONgress just needs to do their damn jobs.


17 Responses to “Michelle Malkin Does It Again!”

  1. redhawk Says:

    P A T H E T I C!!!! Pandering to Fruit loops is the Lowest form of the “progressive” Communists!!!

  2. snooper Says:

    Whiners always grovel.

  3. redhawk Says:

    .. and when not groveling they claim not to recall the failures that they run on…

  4. splastershoes Says:

    **Yawn** yap yap yap all day long with the same stuff. can’t spot an obvious joke. even the MSM credits Bush for having a sense of humor. God, are you guys really this blind?

  5. splastershoes Says:

    boy, Redhawk. Sounds like you quoted a page from the Bush Administration’s playbook. “…and when not groveling they claim not to recall the failures that they run on…”

  6. joe smith Says:

    This is the most idiotic website I have seen.

  7. joe smith Says:

    You people are total morons. I like Hillary and I can do better than this.

  8. joe smith Says:

    Don’t you guys screen you comments? Watch Bill Orielly will get after you.

  9. snooper Says:

    I love the moonbats coming over here and trying to be the apologist for The Czarina.

    Like we say over and over again…communists love their communists


  10. snooper Says:

    Hey moonbats…how about stop being “anonymous” and stop hiding behind Hitlery’s panties?

  11. balzar Says:

    I actually hope Hill does not get the nomination, I think Edwards sounds very reasonable. But still, if she does get the nomination she will make a great president, much like her husband. Of course any of the Dems look very good compared with what you have now.

  12. snooper Says:

    another moonbat rambles.

    how’s that 3% approval rating going for ya?


  13. Dave Q. Says:

    Anyone but Hillary.

  14. redhawk Says:

    .. MIGHT IT MEAN that 97% of Americans are “getting smart” and seeing the REAL Communist Movement for what it is… Me thinks so!!!
    But Proof is in the Pudding… as they sink LEFT into the Soros Cesspool of sick idealogy all they can do is attack without FACTS and implode.. that is all they know .. right Joe Redeye???

  15. redhawk Says:

    WE Need more MSNBC Circuses to really draw out the total incompetence of the Lefto lunatics runnong for the Left Nomination.. I say Vote for Kusinich.. He’s the man…

  16. snooper Says:

    Dave Q…”dangerous” chatter that if there are no “suggestions” BUT, I do hear ya.

    Hillary is a Clear and Present Danger.

  17. redhawk Says:

    … and a lying bitch… did ya all see her latest ” nuke” waffle??/ Obama should spank her on her AMPLE ass!!!

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