Go Publius!!


Czarinas’ Thesis Is Now Made Available

Go Publius posted a link at the Hot Rodham Blog that presents a copy of the long suppressed Alinsky Thesis.

Freedom Underground has the PDF as well.

Go download the PDF file and read it. Or, got to Go Publius and read one page at a time.

Future posts on this WILL BE forthcoming.


9 Responses to “Go Publius!!”

  1. redhawk Says:

    Like I said… Her Political Rabbi was a world class COMMUNIST!!!!

  2. redhawk Says:

    Like I said… Her polirtical Rabbi was world class Communist… while her Future Consort was in the USSR to avoid the DRAFT!

  3. snooper Says:

    Imagine that?

  4. Dean Says:

    The Tyranosaurus Rex of the world where anarchy reigns supreme.
    When hillroy ( is she man or beast? ) goes down in flames in 2008 let the party begin!!

  5. Publius Says:

    Thanks for the link!

    GOPublius.com posted the PDF on August 1. within 3 hours the document was downloaded 700 times. At one point during the day the interest in this document crashed our server account. we were up within 30 minutes.

    Because of the immense bandwith strain we put the document up as individual pages – this works well as a resource and will be a permanent fixture on our page. http://www.gopublius.com/HCT/HillaryClintonThesis.html

    It is vitally important the the voting public, not just non-democrats are aware of this paper. it provides a unique insight into her poltical agenda. It cannot be dismissed as simply a college paper – it is the blueprnt for her political career.

    Thanks again for the link! and keep checking back.

  6. snooper Says:

    Yes it is indeed

  7. redhawk Says:

    Grat Post, hope to see you here soon again… I agree that is was not ” just a college age paper” the Bubbalina developed her Communist Sypathy was back from her Chcago mentor who totally brain washed her…and she was willing to be brain washed as afirm of Immature rebellio aginst her Conservative principled family and her possible feeling of insecurity…

  8. tess Says:

    Hillary is in dire need of a spanking! It should have been done when she
    was a young teenager but evidently she had parents that were willing to
    let her and her brothers have their way. Consequently the entire country
    suffered through the 90’s as their pawns. Will some fine Republican have
    the fortitude to show her where she went wrong?
    George Bush was a real “MAN” AMONG MEN….AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC
    BY THIS VERY INTELLIGENT MAN…How many times has he made the
    Democrats (who had the backing of the press, celebrities, and a host of
    others) look foolish. He is just not a “..LIAR..” like Clinton.
    God Bless George Bush..!

  9. redhawk Says:

    Either the Demonc RATS haven’t gotten over the Inaneness of the Florida Fiasco by Goofy Gore, or the Lameness of the 2 candidates that they have put up or they have not caught up with the FACT that the American public can tell the difference beteween TWO LOSERS and a Winner BOTH TIMES!!!
    So Widdle Whiny Weasels keep on crying and whining but W won TWICE and You Losdt Twice so if you want to Blame or hate anyone just LOOK IN THE MIRROR Moon Bats!

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