For Hillary The Presidential Aspirant…


…she sure has quite a bit of ‘splainin to do.

Wasn’t it not too long ago that she was whining about “the rich exploiting the poor”?  As she is bankrolling millions at the same time?


Why is it that only the conservatives recognize this as a double standard?  Or,  so it seems.

But wait!  What do we have here?

One of Hillary Clinton’s most important courtships began early last year, around a formal dinner table at Georgetown’s Four Seasons Hotel. Her targets were Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack and his wife, Christy. Mack was already active politically – but on behalf of Clinton’s political opponents. A Bush “Ranger,” he had raised at least $200,000 for the President’s reelection bid and was one of the most prominent business names on GOP donor lists. At one time his name had circulated as a potential Bush Treasury Secretary.

And here

More and more Wall Streeters – especially those new-money hedge fund and private equity managers with net worths stretching toward and beyond the billion-dollar mark – are throwing their considerable moneyed weight behind Democratic candidates. So far, presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have managed to charm these masters of Manhattan with their policy smarts and scent of potential victory, even while decrying the country’s “highest concentration of wealth…since 1929,” as Clinton puts it.

Things like this never cease to amaze me.  You?

In one hand,  Hillary bemoans and decries the rich all the while being one of them and in the other hand she is “reaching out across party lines”, evidently as bribe money or a hand out.  Take your pick.

After successfully getting Barack’s goat stemming from the exchange at the Yawn Tube debate, Barack imploding by telling the world he was going to invade a sovereign nation that is an ally of the USA and that same country has nukes and a plethora of terrorists in-country.  She must be gloating and Barack must be crying.

She is a shrewd on Mr Finch!

I for one, among the VAST majority of Conservatives in this country,  am pleased that The Rodham is attending the Kos Fruit Loop society and will pandering to the minority of American representatives in the moonbat realm.  This can only further our cause for an “udder” defeat of Czarina.  We feel that Czarina, Queen of Pork, will get the DNC nod.

With her disapproval numbers very close to her approval numbers, swing voters WON’T be going her way.  They will either go with the other team or stay home.  Good.

Like the SoH,  the FIRST female to attain the Vaunted position, Hillary, too,  will make history as being the first female to be nominated by a political party to run for the highest office on the planet.

And lose like Mondale lost to Reagan.

Don’t be nervous folks.  The winds are changing.  The GREAT news coming out of Iraq has the moonbats VERY silent these days and the DNCers are NERVOUS as hell.  VICTORY in Iraq equates to DEFEAT for the DNC for decades to come.

Actually,  that should make then very happy.  After all, they DO own defeatism.

Thanks for sharing.


3 Responses to “For Hillary The Presidential Aspirant…”

  1. redhawk Says:

    To bad that Hitlery showed up in her usual Mao Unifor to the KOOS ‘fruit looP as you aptly called, I’d have liked to see her dressed in Carmen Miranda Fruit basket headgear, with Obama as Farina, and Jon boy as Rita Hayworth… That might have really resonated with the KOOOS Moon beams as representatives of the CLOWN Professionals which the really are!! .. the rest.. well DWARFS!!!

  2. snooper Says:


  3. redhawk Says:

    .. May be worth while to watch the PIMPS from the Left Pandering to the AFL-CIO Kabala this evening… Let’s see who is the Head PIMP….

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