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Greetings from the celebrity Snooper. There is going to be a series on Blog Talk Radio hosted by A Newt One called American Truth Warriors.

We had 2 shows the other night and the archive audio can be found here and here.

We will discuss issues surrounding the 2008 elections and how Hillary just might make the DNC nomination but doesn’t have a chance at obtaining her goal as the First American Czarina.

I will update the dates of the programs as we line up our guests.


5 Responses to “Blog Talk Radio”

  1. John Says:

    For the truth warriors and seekers: got a kick outta Hill’s boys Wolfson and Penn pointing to Obama sitting down with a “Holocaust Denier” when her own team uses the swastika printing direct mailman Duane Baughman of San Francisco ‘fame’.

  2. redhawk Says:


  3. snooper Says:


  4. snooper Says:

    Double Standards, John. Plain and simple.

  5. redhawk Says:

    … Speaking of Double Statndars.. How about Jon The Breck hitting Murdoch anf FOX AFTER he took $ 500,000 for his book from a Murdoch owned Publishing house… Hillary ONLY got $ 200,000 …. From FOX executives But Jon the Dolt wants her to return the $$ but he said that his BIGGER Stash went to “charity” YEAH the “Hair Cut Stylist for Jon Boy Foundation”????HAHAHA!

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