DOH!! They Done It Again!


In a previous post Hillary; The Right Man?, we alluded to Hillary’s questionable character. Now we have the two of them, BOTH with questionable character and Bill saying Hillary isn’t trying to be a man. Is it because she already is?


Here is a great YouTube with audio of Bill Clinton being asked about Hillary. His response was not intended, I’m sure, as it appears when the words are in written form. Then again……..




If it winds up being Fred against Hillary, the “Hill-Bill” pair is going to provide a lot to talk about!


6 Responses to “DOH!! They Done It Again!”

  1. redhawk Says:

    WOW.. and then Bubba went ti get a SHOT… afraid of Contamination…

  2. snooper Says:

    STD!! From Monika?

  3. redhawk Says:

    … Question+ How many times has Hillary done a substitition on Bill since MONIKA was suspended from Cigar Duties…

  4. snooper Says:

    I don’t even want to know that

  5. redhawk Says:

    .. you are right.. too ugly to even ponder… HUGHHHHHHHHHH

  6. redhawk Says:

    YAH.. too repulsive to even imagine!

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