The interesting nuances of Czarina keep adding up the deeper and longer one pays close attention.


Accuracy In Media:


Ben Smith of Politico.com reports that the first attack on a new book on Hillary Clinton came from Media Matters for America, “a Democratic-leaning group whose founders are close to the New York Democrat senator’s presidential campaign…” Bingo. It looks like the media may finally be coming to grips with how the Clinton machine operates. The Media Matters attack on a reporter for daring to co-author a book that is somewhat critical of the New York Senator is provoking interest in the group’s ties to the Democratic presidential frontrunner. But there is far more to the story.


As we noted in our AIM Report, “How Hillary’s Hit Man Got Imus,” Media Matters can be considered, for all intents and purposes, a front organization of the Hillary-for-president campaign.


To recap: the attack on Imus really had nothing to do with his shocking comments about a basketball team. Imus was a shock jock paid to say shocking things. Imus was targeted because he hated Hillary and opposed her presidential run. Media Matters posted his comments as a way to get other potential Hillary supporters, such as Al Sharpton, to take up her charge against Imus. Sharpton obliged, later hosting Hillary and her good friend, Marian Wright Edelman, at his National Action Network conference. He had proven to the former First Lady that he could target and destroy one of her main political enemies in the media. For that, Hillary is indebted to Sharpton and his collaborator, Jesse Jackson.

This is just a thought. Seeing that Hillary is aspiring to the Highest Political Office in this country, shouldn’t there be cause for concern over her apparent misdeeds and double standards?

Some members of the press and the public may prefer not to deal with these uncomfortable personal questions, but when control of the White House is at stake, the right to know has to take precedence.

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  1. redhawk Says:

    .. as posted elsewhere.. the closer we get to 2008, the closer it gets for the Clinton Junk Yard Dogs to be released.. look out Dems kandidates… take up arms… They’ll be let out of the Kompund!!!

  2. snooper Says:

    Their vision(s) of Amerika are being exposed.

  3. redhawk Says:

    … is it time to look for Barbed wire for Stralag Klinton to be contructed yet???

  4. snooper Says:

    could be, red!!

  5. Pepper Says:

    I really don’t understand. Why do none of the slimy things they do stick to them? I suppose we could say it’s because they’re so slimy, everything just slides off, but seriously, why? They’ve been involved in scandal after scandal and a LOT of people act as though they have amnesia.

  6. Pepper Says:

    I meant to say, “not” stick to them.

  7. snooper Says:

    Honestly, the most compelling answer would be that they have the gift of gab. They have the air of, “Who? Me?”

    That is why this site and many others have cropped up. Having the Clintonistas back in the White House is a Clear and Present Danger.

  8. redhawk Says:

    .. They lie and the Prss gives them credibility… but then we always need to remember the vakues of the MSM nad Networks who Invented the Clintons …

  9. snooper Says:

    Values of the MSM? LOL!! What would those be?

  10. redhawk Says:


  11. snooper Says:

    NO WAY!!

  12. redhawk Says:

    .. Yeah am telling you.. read the papers and you’ll figure out all by yourself.. really.. and then for the real benefit that the MSM papers bring, cut them up for your cat litter box.. NOW that is beneficial..

  13. snooper Says:

    Just ask Hillary. She is all on the up and up and legit!!

  14. redhawk Says:

    .. She might find that the NFL might set RULES for Fighting Attack dogs .. then what?? or who shall they unleash…. Just a possibility of having Begal and Carville locked up???

  15. snooper Says:

    I’d like to see McCain and Reid go at it

  16. redhawk Says:

    Reid Better show up with bendages, crutches and lots of Crying towels…he’s gonna need them!!!

  17. snooper Says:

    Reid is lost…in space

  18. redhawk Says:

    Wonder if the inside the helmet antennas are rubbing too hard and giving him a kind of AIR headed feeling… Is he really not a bLONDE in DRag???

  19. snooper Says:

    Tin Hat wearing fruit loop

  20. redhawk Says:


  21. redhawk Says:

    … They have a whole roll of Fruit loops..

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