Hillary and Poli-Speak


Elephants never forget, so let’s remind Hillary Clinton of her past positions on Iraq and cure her memory loss.

On October 11, 2002, she cast her vote supporting the President’s resolution to go to war. She said her vote was cast with the “conviction” that the war authorization “best serves the security of our nation.”


Hillary also said that she rejected setting a timetable to withdraw from Iraq. Her exact words:


“I reject a rigid timetable that the terrorists can exploit, and I reject an open timetable that has no ending attached to it.” (Associated Press, 12/3/05)


You can watch the video of these statements by clicking here.


But in recent months and days, Hillary has voted against providing funds to support our troops and their safety. The legislation she voted against provided $1.6 billion for body armor, $2.4 billion to help combat IEDs, and $3 billion for mine resistant vehicles.


And now she is saying that “this is not our fight.” She wants to withdraw.


The President and the Republican Party will not forget our commitment to protecting Americans at home and abroad.  Neither should Hillary Clinton. Remind her of her past positions and her support of our troops by contacting her here:


Sen. Hillary Clinton
476 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510-3204
(202) 224-4451
E-mail form: http://clinton.senate.gov/contact/webform.cfm?subj=issue


18 Responses to “Hillary and Poli-Speak”

  1. redhawk Says:

    This brings back something that an OLD Farmer said to me last Sunday:

    The definition of POLITICS..
    POLI= Greek for Many
    TICS= Blood sucking things…. and the Clintons fill the bill!

  2. redhawk Says:

    Guess what.. Attempted to write to her… being NOT from NY , as usual, got cancelled… Now I ask.. Are senators working for Us or are we just here to pay taxes to fulfill their Coffers, Political ambitions, and pay twice as much in taxes when they Screw up with no accountability???
    That was going to be my question but…..

  3. Stevend Says:

    Is it too soon to start a “Patreus fro President” campaign?

  4. snooper Says:

    red…they only speak for “us”…we cannot speak to “them”.

  5. snooper Says:

    Petraeus for President. That has a nice tone to it.

  6. redhawk Says:

    … Petraeus can be the next candidate.. Right now he’s got the JOB to do.

    Wouldn’t we all love to see him coming back in Sept and Whack the Morons across their empty heads with a few 2×4’s???

  7. snooper Says:

    2x4s are too small…

  8. redhawk Says:

    May be But then he’ll be dealing with PIN HEADS!… and them’s small!!!

  9. snooper Says:

    AH! Perhaps toothpicks will be in order?

  10. redhawk Says:

    .. they may cause MAJOR damage to the moon beams!!! AKA the Congressional MORONS currently Spinning wildly on C-Span over the REED-Leving Plan for Defeat losing amendment… and the fun never stops!!!

  11. snooper Says:

    Up All Night With Reid…Bozo…what a waste of our money

  12. redhawk Says:

    Now the WEASEL pulled the War appropriation bill totally off the floor.. what a petulant small Moron he is declaring itself to be… This means No pay raises to the troops nor equipment needed all the while they are Kicking ass to AQ….guess that the improving chances in Iraq is causing cases of gas attacks and diarreha tio the trolling Lunatics…

  13. snooper Says:

    “They” are DEATHLY afraid of a victory in Iraq.

  14. redhawk Says:

    .. boy would that set them back another 200 years!! Might see a mass move out of Hollywood to the new Socio world of Chavez and Castro .. right Baldwin.. Baba the singer… and the rest of the celluloid self appointed ” smart folks”… actually unable to speak without a script and a director or is it DICTATOR?

  15. snooper Says:

    I watched that WHOLE CSPAN2 deal up until reid stomped off…what a charade!!

  16. redhawk Says:

    .. the Petulant Mental Dwarf got upset.. Imagine that . They lost their Cookies once more and now the run to hide and sulk… Don’t we know some of their followers doing just that????

  17. snooper Says:

    The M.I.T. whiners? Yep. We know some.

  18. redhawk Says:

    Whing TROLLS are curiously hiding again under their desks!!!

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