Sound Bytes and Hillary…Politics For The Stupid


Hillary Jilton Moonbat Clintonista’s Bafoonery

Here is another piece which we shall tear apart. It really is too easy and one of these days, the trolls are going to smarten up. Until then, these items will continue to be printed. Hillary is a glorified troll. She speaks in sound bytes and feel goods.

From The Hill: Clinton presents plan to end Iraq war

Democratic presidential front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) Tuesday unveiled her plan to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq within 60 days of taking office.

“The Plan” of hers is still under the veil. “The Plan” also has the tone as that of RWR when he was taking office and had stated that one of the first things he would do was to bring our people home that Iran had kidnapped and held hostage for 444 days, thanks to Carter.

Note to Hillary…you ain’t no Reagan. No one of any intelligence is listening to you.

Clinton wants President Bush to end the war, but has said she would bring the troops home if the current administration fails to act.

Repeating the first entry doesn’t explain what The Plan is.

“The right strategy before the surge and post-escalation is the same: Start bringing home America’s troops now,” Clinton said in Iowa. “We have heard for years now that as the Iraqis stand up, our troops will stand down. Every year, we hear about how next year they may start coming home. Now we are hearing a new version of that yet again from the president as he has more troops in Iraq than ever and the Iraqi government is more fractured and ineffective than ever.”

Another distortion of the Leftinistra. Where are her assertions originating from? Who said what and can it be verified? The Leftinistra thrive on the “unnamed source” and the unsubstantiated. It makes it easier to explain the woopsies.

I seem to recall that Hillary APPROVED the strategy of General Petraeus as the Senate UNANIMOUSLY confirmed the General and His Plan. As soon as the plan was initiated, all of a sudden, it has failed and it is JUST now getting under way. It takes time for this war stuff, you know.

We are WINNING the war now and the Hillary Turds want to cut and run. Why do they fear a victory in Iraq? Easy to answer…they would have to admit that they have politicized the war and are directly at fault at the deaths on both sides of the war and they cannot afford that. It would be much better for them if no blame came their way.

Clinton promised to initiate phased redeployment as soon as she takes office. However, as part of her plan, specialized forces would remain to fight terrorists.

Where would she redeploy to? If we don’t have enough forces in theater to deal with the terrorists now, what makes her think that “specialized forces” (friggin’ moron can’t even get the terminology right) would fair any better?

With the absence of U.S. troops, the senator hopes to stabilize the country by focusing on aid efforts that put money in the hands of the Iraqi people.


In addition, Clinton plans to bring together U.S. allies, global powers and Iraq’s neighbors to stabilize the country.

Ah. I see. Money fixes all things. Aid fixes all things. We have seen in recent years what bribe money does, haven’t we? How many Islamic “nations” have we helped and aided only to have them “blow us up”? How many embassies were attacked? How many Americans were kidnapped and murdered? Where is the current evidence of gratitude from “nations we have aided”?

She mentioned “the absence of troops” and focusing on aid, etc. What about those “specialized forces”? What happened to them? Aren’t they troops?

She also mentioned “global powers” and “Iraq’s neighbors” to be used to “stabilize the country”. Is she on drugs? Don’t our CONgress Critters have to take those unconstitutional random drug screenings? What global powers and which neighbors?

Has anyone spotted the Bullshit Meter here besides me?


94 Responses to “Sound Bytes and Hillary…Politics For The Stupid”

  1. Janice martorano Says:

    Now, that was fuuny!

    I can’t believe there are people out there that believe this propaganda. I guess our government schools are doing their job in dumbing down the public. Doesn’t anyone challenge rhetoric anymore?

  2. B Hanson Says:

    Normally, politically active people spend much more of their energy promoting candidates that they like than crusading against ones that they don’t. The only exception to this rule is when you have reactionaries who fear one thing over everything else: the specter of a non-white or female president.

    The fact that the source of your hatred is primarily Hillary’s gender — and only secondarily that she’s a liberal — is made obvious by (among many other things) the effectiveness of the name of your website: “We must stop *her*!” The fact that that phrase alone is self-sufficient for your purposes says it all.

  3. snooper Says:

    Poor B Hanson. Another dumbasss Leftinistra. Believe what you will and swallow anything Hitlery has to offer. You deserve each other. Moron.

  4. B Hanson Says:

    Well argued, snooper!

  5. snooper Says:

    I don’t “argue” with idiots. When you have some facts to dwell upon, come back. Until then, have a nice day.

  6. B Hanson Says:

    As usual with reactionaries, the ratio of name-calling to argument is… well, it’s not even a ratio…

  7. snooper Says:

    Just like a Leftinistra to dodge facts. What are you afraid of? You regurgitated your opinion and I slammed your opinion. Again, come back with some facts MORON and MAYBE we can “argue”.

    You Leftinistra crack me up.

  8. B Hanson Says:

    How did you slam my opinion or observation, exactly? By calling me a moron?

  9. snooper Says:

    If the shoe fits…

  10. Blandly Urbane Says:

    “one of these days, the trolls are going to smarten up”

    Your optimism is way off with that remark. I also wish you hadn’t gotten all bent out of shape and gone off on her being a woman, uh, er, black, uh, er…oh, wait…you didn’t…never mind.

    “If the shoe fits…” change it if you continually walk in your own sh*t!!!

    Clinton is bad news and she is popular for some unfathomable reason; reasons enough to oppose her without having to be a misogynist or racist…she’s white right…oh did he mean Obama? Confusing when the subject is rarely argued

    Just because Clinton is a woman and just because Obama is black does not mean either of them should be THE first into this highest office. Why not wait until someone worthy of the office that happens to be female or black or (rubs hands together maniacally), black AND female? What the frick is the hurry to prove the capabilities of women or blacks in serving as president, when for one it should be plainly obvious that they could.

    But, this does not make either of these two turds worthy of the office. Insisting upon either of these two in the mad dash to prove some stupid “diversity” thing that really isn’t questioned, but you insist in your mind that it is could be the stupidest thing possible and set your “imagined” unjust U.S.A. back further…all because it HAS TO HAPPEN NOW!!! As though being black or female is something special qualification…odd that…

    Now, back to the post versus the comment from somewhere Left of who cares.

    Good post. I have to say I am exhausted after commenting on a comment. I usually ignore them, although I am actually writing a comment/post?(dunno) in response to Lance Boil(?) over at my place.

    It is no strategy and it sounds an awful lot like what “Lance” is complaining about with regard to Bush and March 20, 2003.

    I’m sure though that she is right, after all she is a she (I believe or have heard) and I guess that holds a lot of water or esteem and counts for a certain amount of electoral votes or something like that; kind of like a set-aside, you know…

    Continue to drive home a point (the point to them) that it doesn’t matter what happens as long as the fault is appropriately applied and to you know who.

    Strange way to live a life let alone run a country.

  11. B Hanson Says:

    And certainly nobody can accuse Bush & Co. of pandering to the Christian right for its vote.

    It’s true that Bush and his non-scientist politicos have repeatedly altered official documents produced by government scientists in order to appease his evolution-denying, condom-fearing base. But that is because they really do have more knowledge about these matters than so-called “scientists”.

    Everybody knows that science has been Left of who cares since Galileo was un-American enough to challenge the Church and traditional values. What a moonbat.

  12. snooper Says:

    Poor troll Hanson…MORE unsubstantiated CRAP? Or should I say SHIT?

    You started this debacle and sham of some morphed debate. If you can’t step with the Big Time, take a hike.

    Like I keep telling you, if you had some FACTS, the substantiated kind, with chapter and verse, perhaps you wouldn’t appear the fool that you appear to be.

    Good luck, troll.

  13. B Hanson Says:

    hmm… well, if you’re ignorant of current events that everyone else knows (involving dozens of government scientific reports that Bush’s politicos have admitted to altering), then I can’t be bothered to educate you.

    All you have to do is look at *today’s* news, for god’s sake, and the testimony of one of Bush’s own appointees:

    “Former Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona told a Congressional panel Tuesday that top Bush administration officials repeatedly tried to weaken or suppress important public health reports because of political considerations.

    The administration, Dr. Carmona said, would not allow him to speak or issue reports about stem cells, emergency contraception, sex education, or prison, mental and global health issues. Top officials delayed for years and tried to water down a landmark report on secondhand smoke, he said. Released last year, the report concluded that even brief exposure to cigarette smoke could cause immediate harm.

    Dr. Carmona said he was ordered to mention President Bush three times on every page of his speeches. He also said he was asked to make speeches to support Republican political candidates and to attend political briefings.”

    … but I suppose the more logical conclusion is that Bush’s appointee is actually part of a vast left-wing conspiracy…

  14. Top Posts « Says:

    […] Sound Bytes and Hillary…Politics For The Stupid Hillary Jilton Moonbat Clintonista’s Bafoonery […]

  15. snooper Says:

    Typical troll…change the subject when you have ZERO facts.

    In your own words, this is how you arrived and have yet to substantiate your claim. (you will not be allowed to change subjects):

    # B Hanson Says:
    July 11th, 2007 at 11:14 am edit

    Normally, politically active people spend much more of their energy promoting candidates that they like than crusading against ones that they don’t. The only exception to this rule is when you have reactionaries who fear one thing over everything else: the specter of a non-white or female president.

    The fact that the source of your hatred is primarily Hillary’s gender — and only secondarily that she’s a liberal — is made obvious by (among many other things) the effectiveness of the name of your website: “We must stop *her*!” The fact that that phrase alone is self-sufficient for your purposes says it all.

    Substantiate your allegations with FACTS and not opinions or impressions, and then we MIGHT be able to moveondotorgasm…

  16. snooper Says:

    I guess the moonbat patrol has “left” the building. Must be shift change.

  17. B Hanson Says:

    “Stop her now!”

    “What do you mean, ‘her’ who? Read the damn sentence again! Stop her now! Get it? The name is entirely irrelevant…”

  18. Miss Beth Says:

    Okay, can we focus like a laser beam here? Just WHAT is YOUR point? You’ve wandered all over the spectrum, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs–however, one thing is blindingly obvious and that is your severe case of BDS…you have ranted and raved about Carmona, Galileo (what is your basis in calling Galileo Un-American?), evolution, which, by the way is strictly a soft theory and has yet to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by the fossil record, to Christians…do you even know who YOU are much less what you’re ranting about?

  19. snooper Says:

    I guess B Hanson wants Hillary to be a man so we can call this place Stop HIM Now.

  20. snooper Says:

    Unfortunately for this particular troll, Hillary is a HER not a HIM,so we call the place Stop HER Now because she is a HER.

    Don’t strain yourself B

  21. Miss Beth Says:

    You have yet to address the deliberate dumbing down of American students in the public school system, the generational welfare at the hands of the left, the accomodations made to each and every alleged religion with the exception of Judeo Christian beliefs, the filtering of the news by the main stream media to fit the left agenda (and don’t tell me it’s not way left leaning–not when 87% of the journalists contribute to the democrat party), the fact that free speech is becoming something acceptable ONLY if you agree with the left–otherwise, an OPINION gets a screech attack of treason (when we know the real traitors are the sitting congress)..and as for the title of the blog? What’s it to you? Are you denying Billary is female? Is that your problem? If so, come out and say it instead of playing ring around the “Rosie” with the rest of the moonbats…otherwise, start coming up with something to back up your rantings–or leave. Debate is discussion by opposing viewpoints–backed up by facts on both sides–not by screeching opinions by freaks.

  22. Miss Beth Says:

    They always seem to leave the building when I show up…lolololol! Maybe the blog should have been called Stop IT you think Hanson would have been happy then?

  23. rationalpsychic Says:

    “…they would have to admit that they have politicized the war and are directly at fault at the deaths on both sides of the war and they cannot afford that.”

    I’d like to see both sides admit to politicizing the war. [Moderator: the DNC began the politicizing of the war so the GOP had to. The DNC has a history of this.] How you want to pin deaths of Iraqis and soldiers on the Democrats is beyond me unless you are trying to state that the vote for invading Iraq and Afghanistan simply makes Democrats equally culpable with Republicans. That I would agree with. [You are way off track on that one. Not even worth my time to explain it.]

    Still, I would like to hear conservative commentators stating a wish for a political settlement of the conflict and acknowledgment that all of our leaders–on the left AND right–are responsible for thousands of deaths. [Again, young trolls should grow up before tangling with the Big Boys. This last statement is so damned retarded I don’t know if I should shit myself or laugh until I piss myself. Moron.]

  24. Jeff Eschborn Says:

    It’s obvioues that if this woman is elected we are in for a socialist world of crap who the military denounce anyway. Let’s have her do time for the illegal things that she’s done in the ROSE lawfirm and let’s have Vinces body exumed to begin reason she should go under a LIE detecter to reveal the REAL story

  25. snooper Says:

    The Leftinistra, especially Hitlery, can pass a LDT.

  26. Miss Beth Says:

    Unfortunately, for the country, she and her husband often have a sudden onset of CRS whenever the heat gets turned up on their activities…you know, “Can’t remember Sh*t”

  27. Miss Beth Says:

    You know, hypothetically thinking here, since there is NO LOVE lost between the military and the Clintonistas, I wonder if the military would rebel (and I would support them in that rebellion) against the fanatical regime think of the pair…

  28. B Hanson Says:

    “what is your basis in calling Galileo Un-American?”

    hee heee

    wow … I wouldn’t have thought in a million years that joke would need explaining to anybody.

    I stand by my opinion about y’alls Hillary hatred. It’s pretty obvious when you see people all over the country who don’t really care about politics — but then they start marching with torches and pitchforks when they hear a woman is running for president. You all are like my nice aunt-in-law in Tennessee. She’s a lovely woman and doesn’t have any idea about politics or current events. Like many, she doesn’t know the difference between Saudi Arabia and Iraq; and like most of you, she believes Iraq was behind the 9/11 attacks because…. well, because 58% of Fox news viewers believe that to be the case (I wonder how they got that idea..?) She doesn’t vote and tends to just shrug at the mention of any Democrat or Republican. But she got wind about this Hillary… and she is absolutely up in arms. She cannot believe the presumption of this woman. She *hates* her. She can’t name a single piece of legislation that Hillary worked on or voted for… but she knows for a fact that Hillary is Satan’s golf caddy.

    Admit it. You’re all my nice aunt-in-law.

  29. snooper Says:

    Yep. Just what we thought. A mere shallow troll. Can’t substantiate a damn thing and thinks ITS opinion or impression fact. Fucking moron.

  30. Miss Beth Says:

    How would you know whether or not we were or were not interested in politics before Billary came on the scene? Pretty presumptuous of you..but then that’s a hallmark of the left–presume you know everything about everybody and you’re going to “fix it” for everyone because you THINK (strange–it might hurt your brain to REALLY think) you know what’s best….

    I could care less about a persons gender or color–I want to see qualifications–and this bit*h doesn’t have them. It’s that simple. Now, if she were cast in the mold of Margaret Thatcher or, even better, Condi Rice, her gender wouldn’t make a bit of difference.

    However, this one doesn’t even have the sense of a goose to come out of the rain–she didn’t know her husband was having multiple affairs in the Oval office and beyond, raping whom he felt like–but she has the “instincts” to be CIC?

    You’re truly delusional to continue to harp on this track of support for this badly flawed female. She simply doesn’t have what it takes…if you can’t handle that truth, that’s your problem…

    In the meantime, while throwing out your manure, where are your facts to back up your claims? Show us where either she or barack are qualified for this position as leader of the free world…and try to do it without foaming at the mouth

  31. snooper Says:

    This is a rabid troll?

  32. Miss Beth Says:

    Can’t you just see the foam flying?

  33. Miss Beth Says:

    Is “rational” for real? Where’s he been hiding? Does he not understand the political structure of the enemy? Oh—that’s right—part of the kumbaya, we can talk them to death while they slice our heads off crowd–wonder if he’s read Yon’s report of the families being served their own baked sons by al qaeda? Oh wait…just because Yon’s a respected reporter and former soldier, currently embedded with the troops, he’s not to be believed–we can still “negotiate” with maniacs…and since when is it okay to continue to blame Americans for saddam’s atrocities–oh wait again, saddam was just a poor, misunderstood man who really didn’t mean to hurt anyone, Bush made him do it–right?

    The past two days I could have SWORN it was a full moon just by the calls I was getting at work–and it’s not. Boy, I can hardly wait for the full moon if the bats are this looney already!

  34. B Hanson Says:

    Some news for ya:

    Hillary Clinton knows more about the military than any of you keyboard jockeys. You wouldn’t even be able to decypher the Senate Armed Services Committee material she reads and writes.

    There are many in the military who hate George Bush. There are many who hate Hillary. But it is extremely ignorant to suggest she is reviled by the armed services in general. The Reserve Officers Association, for instance, presented her its President’s Award for her work on behalf of soldiers. When her name was announced at the ceremony, she received a standing ovation.

    Only backwood hicks believe that the U.S. Military is full of right-wing hicks like themselves.

    Right-wingers have to get over this delusion that they know something about how to wage a global fight against terrorism. They don’t. There are plenty of people at the pentagon who know very well that you can’t kill a swarm of mosquitos (terrorists) by shooting a gun at it. They know that we have averted countless disasters over the last century using the hundreds of *other* tools in our toolbox that have nothing to do with missiles and airstrikes…

    Right-wingers don’t know this. They’re like children playing Nintendo: to them, the only strategy is to drop a bomb on someone (as long as that someone is not Saudi Arabia — the home of Osama and most of the 9/11 hijackers). But, hey, they’re children…

  35. snooper Says:

    Oh ya sure she does! I guess you are stuck on this one post. Too bad for you and your retarded code coward crowd.

    Take a trip on the wild side.

    Visit these other blogs of mine. (I hold the #1 slot there)

    Read my profile and then spout your retarded shit some more and prove to the world what an idiot you are.

    Then, visit here:

    You are out of your league.

    Moron. Troll.

  36. Miss Beth Says:

    I’m curious where this person is getting her information…notice there still are no links or facts…i listen to the mils talking about her, i read the centcoms, dod’s and milblogs…and nowhere do i see any respect for her or her husband. other, than of course, the joke about him bombing an aspirin factory to take the country’s mind of monica–yeah, that took guts. and, if she is sooooooooooooooo smart and soooooooooooooooo well liked by the military, then–why didn’t she advise her husband to take osama from syria when syria offered him to us in 1998? i have yet to hear that addressed properly–usually, its diverted to bush had to do something to boost his 8 month old presidency–that he was still cleaning up from the clinton’s, the economic mess, the travesty they’d left the political system in after thumbing his nose at his own impeachment…oh yeah, she’s a real smart cookie and so is he–that is as far as criminals go…

  37. B Hanson Says:

    For snooper or Beth, a simple yes or no answer please:

    Do you know more about the U.S. Military than Senator Clinton?

  38. snooper Says:

    And how about that photo op she had with the dude crossing his fingers? LOL!! THAT was a classic. I wonder if anyone told her what that meant yet.

  39. snooper Says:

    # B Hanson Says:
    July 12th, 2007 at 2:32 am edit

    For snooper or Beth, a simple yes or no answer please:

    Do you know more about the U.S. Military than Senator Clinton?


    I served from 1976 to 2004. Does THAT answer your stupidity? Haven’t read my profile yet? Moron.

    Oh. Wait.



    Like I said. You are out of your league.

  40. snooper Says:

    And when are you going to substantiate yourself from your very first comment? Why are you running away from it? Why are you so afraid?

  41. snooper Says:

    Do you get your data from HillaryRub? I mean HillaryHub? LOL!!

  42. Miss Beth Says:

    Considering I grew up at the knee of my cousin, Brig. Gen. Amos Jordan, I’d have to say yes…oh I also grew up with my uncle, Hon. Roland J. Brumbaugh–Federal Judge, lifetime appointee…so, again…yes

    YOUR qualifications?

  43. Miss Beth Says:

    Oh, and Amos? Not just a General…also an Undersecretary of the Defense, Professor at Georgetown, so again..YOUR qualifications?

  44. snooper Says:

    All this troll has is the sound bytes from moveondotorgasm and it is a cheap one at that.

  45. snooper Says:

    We are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ahead of this shallow troll, IT is pathetic.

  46. snooper Says:

    did the troll run away again?

  47. Miss Beth Says:

    It wanted a direct yes or no answer–guess it didn’t like the answer

  48. B Hanson Says:

    snooper — It seems pretty clear to me — and to everybody else that reads your childish name-calling and keyboard mashing — that your years in the service didn’t do much for your critical thinking skills. You clearly would be completely baffled by the overarching knowledge of the Armed Services required of a sitting member of the SASC, i.e., Senator Clinton.

    Out of one’s league, indeed…

  49. Miss Beth Says:

    Oh—I forgot…the judge was in the air force–something about having to be immersed in Russian–and let it slip one time about how much fun it was to elude MiG’s…that was all we ever got out of him, though…

  50. snooper Says:

    funny how trolls DEMAND answers yet CANNOT or WILL NOT answer questions. Must be one of those things taught at the M.I.T. Academy.

  51. Miss Beth Says:

    You wanted a direct answer and you got it–now, you were asked just as directly–what are your qualifications? Answer the question and quit dancing in circles

  52. snooper Says:

    # B Hanson Says:
    July 12th, 2007 at 2:47 am edit

    snooper — It seems pretty clear to me — and to everybody else that reads your childish name-calling and keyboard mashing — that your years in the service didn’t do much for your critical thinking skills. You clearly would be completely baffled by the overarching knowledge of the Armed Services required of a sitting member of the SASC, i.e., Senator Clinton.

    Out of one’s league, indeed…


    And what brings you here and what are YOUR qualifications? How many years did YOU serve? Hillary? Bill?

    Why are you so AFRAID to render YOUR qualifications for anything and why do you run away so?

    LOL!! Silly troll. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of your leage!

  53. snooper Says:

    funny how the trolls do EXACTLY what they accuse others of. Look at the very first comment this asswipe placed.

  54. snooper Says:

    and then when THEIR shit is thrown back into their faces they get upset.

    fucking whiners

  55. Miss Beth Says:

    you know, i never even thought to google amos…he’s all over google!

  56. snooper Says:

    The SASC was founded in 1872 and is one of the oldest yacht clubs in Australia.


  57. B Hanson Says:

    I understand why you want to shift the topic from Senator Clinton’s qualifications — the subject we’re discussing — to mine; because you know you can’t seriously get anybody to believe you know more about the military than Senator Clinton, who is so much closer to the center of the military cyclone than yourself that — well, you’re not even in the same universe.

    So please, continue to distract from that fact by asking for my qualifications…
    As you say, the site isn’t called “Stop Him Now”….

  58. Miss Beth Says:

    Here’s just a bit on Amos: and and

  59. Miss Beth Says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Wants OUR quallifications but refuses to answer the question herself—-typical, TYPICAL spin!

    In case the leftoid has forgotten its own words:

    B Hanson Says:

    July 12th, 2007 at 2:32 am
    For snooper or Beth, a simple yes or no answer please:

    Do you know more about the U.S. Military than Senator Clinton

    Now answer your own question and quit spinning out of control

  60. snooper Says:

    IT started this whole bullshit session with an allegation and an assertion and has YET to qualify it yet wants US to qualify us.

    Fuck this moron.

  61. B Hanson Says:

    “Wants OUR quallifications but refuses to answer the question herself”

    … because it is you, not I, who claimed to know more about the military than Clinton. See how that works?

  62. Miss Beth Says:

    Awwwww, Snoop—it’s just scared—it’s afraid to further show its ignorance on the matter–a distinct trait of the BDS suffering SALAD…and rather than bow gracefully and acknowledge they are out of their league, they continue to spin…much like her vaunted hero, Billary…who cannot admit when she’s wrong, no matter what…well, she emulates her hero well

  63. Miss Beth Says:

    So, then you admit you have no qualifications and you have no intention of backing up any of your alleged claims with any kind of facts, continuing in your normal mo of screeching opinion and imposing your opinions on others…yeah, I do see how that works…you asked a question, it was answered and you refused to answer the same question you yourself had posed–because you’re not capable of answering anything with anything other than opinion, innuendo and arguendo

  64. Miss Beth Says:

    Dang it Snoop…you beat me to the punch with the severe terror alert!

  65. B Hanson Says:

    Thinking seriously about it, I have to admit you’re right. Looking back over the conversation, comparing your posts to mine, I have to conclude that I really am not in my league here.

  66. Miss Beth Says:

    Good…we tire of trying to educate inferior intellects…go find someone more on your level…like the local kindercare

  67. snooper Says:

    if only IT had qualified ITS original comments this “conversation would not have gone like it has.

    The sign of a troll…make an allegation and then make some more in the hopes of hijacking a thread.

    That doesn’t work here.

  68. Miss Beth Says:

    too bad it didn’t go for the conversation on the same article at your blogspot…we could have had even more fun

  69. snooper Says:

    429 hits and counting on this post. Not bad. Must have struck a nerve.

  70. snooper Says:

    yeah…it would have gotten more commentors and this troll would see just how far out of ITS league IT really is.

  71. snooper Says:

    Just for the hell of it, let us try one more time…just like Beetle Juice:

    # B Hanson Says:
    July 11th, 2007 at 11:14 am edit

    Normally, politically active people spend much more of their energy promoting candidates that they like than crusading against ones that they don’t. The only exception to this rule is when you have reactionaries who fear one thing over everything else: the specter of a non-white or female president.

    The fact that the source of your hatred is primarily Hillary’s gender — and only secondarily that she’s a liberal — is made obvious by (among many other things) the effectiveness of the name of your website: “We must stop *her*!” The fact that that phrase alone is self-sufficient for your purposes says it all.

    B Hanson…if you can, substantiate the above.

  72. redhawk Says:

    Is B.Hanson another one of the Followers TROLL that occasinally come in from Foreign planets looking for KOOMBA YA tunes??? Or another one of the Afflicted SOROISTA followers with CRP??? Just wondering….

  73. redhawk Says:

    .. I do not believe that Hitlery’s demise will be as a result of her gender… IT IS HER POLITICS STUPID!!!!!!

  74. redhawk Says:

    PS.. GREAT POST Snooper!!!!

  75. snooper Says:

    red…the troll is upset about something but we haven’t figured out what it is yet.

    could be a lethal case of trollitis

  76. redhawk Says:

    Hello Bud,
    I wonder how the Lunatics are responding to W’s Iraq report since it is NOT THAT BAD!!! It kind of must RUIN their PLAN FOR DEFEAT rethoric for a while and increase the usage of Toilet paper and Maalox by all the Losers and Tolls for at least the next week or so… But they’ll soon forget and enlist the Polls and MSM misinformation to go at it again…
    Can’t wait to see the Neagtive Spin from MSNBC and other Toll Networks and CNN on W’s Speech….

  77. redhawk Says:

    … and oh by the way.. Where is Hitlerita nad her o’bannoin pal on the latest Weasel’s Plan for DEFEAT??? Is O’bannion voting “present” and Pork Chops voting” Waffle”???

  78. redhawk Says:

    .. have we caused another troll to slink away in the Wormy labirinth once more???

  79. Dean Says:

    We can only hope redhawk. Alas I must admit to my enjoyment of this particular thread….a day spent laughing at cognitive dissonant trolls is always time well spent….

  80. snooper Says:

    Trolls get caught trolling and then they get mad. Go figure.

  81. redhawk Says:

    YEP I cannot figure it either.. they get trounced.. they get … they crawl in a hole to sulk , invent a new nic…Reappear.. Get Trounced… Get mad.. crawl into a hole and so on… it is the TROLL vicious Cycle of Delusion!!!

  82. redhawk Says:

    Can ot be that Hitlery ig Getting down to the Bottom of the Lunatic Cesspool Trolling for Supporters? She just announced that that lightwight lying moron, Joe Wilson is backing her ( NOBODY ELSE WANTED HIS BACKING) what’s next O’Donnell and Maher.. REALLY are we so Shocked .. who’s next Chuckie the SCmuckie???

  83. snooper Says:


  84. redhawk Says:

    .. and NUT JOBS.. a heck of a combo!!!

  85. snooper Says:

    LOL!! It is all they have left.

  86. redhawk Says:

    .. another typical NON plan from the Nut Jobs camp… I have a plan.. kinda of have heard it before but never seen… Oh well empty heads have no new ideas but the sheep followers keep on listening…right MSM?

  87. snooper Says:

    I gotta plan too but……..

  88. redhawk Says:

    .. yeah, I read you!

  89. snooper Says:


  90. redhawkone Says:

    .. and so gentle lady and Good guys.. another Widdle Troll meets his fate… KABOOOMMMM!!!

  91. Rob Says:

    LMAO, wow, does anything scare wingnuts more than the Clinton’s??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  92. snooper Says:

    LMAO! Wow! Are the Leftinistra really this retarded?

  93. redhawk Says:

    Limpoids are Spewing and slipping face down in their Womit!!! It tends to Retard their Cognitive missing link!
    Obviouly they also lack a sense of sarcastic humor.. Soros does not program this in their make up…. Love them Robots HAHAHAHAHA

  94. redhawk Says:

    OH C’mon Gang lets answer B.Hansons question ” does anybody know more about the military than Hillary” ??? WELL NOOO.. NOBODY HATES THE MILITARY MORE THAN THIS PANDERING FAT ASSED IDIOT!
    Does this answer your widdle widlle intellect you MORON????

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