Hillary’s Ultra-Left Campaign Speak


Translation: Hitlery uber alles!  Heil Hitlery!  Sieg Heil!  Sieg Heil!

Amanda Carpenter:

“We need to end any kind of benefit in our tax code that goes to any company that out sources jobs. If they want to outsource them, they shouldn’t do that on taxpayers’ money. Let them bear the cost of it and not get some kind of tax benefit for moving our jobs overseas.” – June 19, AFSCME National Leadership Conference in Washington D.C.

“[Warren Buffett]’s honest enough to say, look, tax me because I’m a patriotic American.”-June 28, PBS All-American Presidential Forum, the third nationally-televised Democratic presidential debate at Howard University”Well, I really believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and the American village has failed our children.”- June 28, PBS All-American Presidential Forum

When Hillary said the statement above, members of the media working in the “spin room” at the debate audibly groaned at the obvious reference to her 1996 child-rearing tome, “It Takes a Village.”

“We’re going to make it very clear to everyone that works for the government that they can’t go out and make a profit on their government work. They have to serve the people.” – July 3, at a campaign stop in Iowa

Since leaving the White House, both Bill and Hillary have published memoirs about their lives and “government work” that earned multi-million dollar advances. Additionally, former President Bill Clinton has been paid millions to deliver speeches around the world.

How can two people that spent the majority of their time saying “they had no recollection” or “couldn’t remember”,  write their books of memories?  Wouldn’t the pages be blank?

And, why aren’t they in jail, as they are whining about Libby?

Oh.  Wait.  Double Standards.  I see.  Do you?


14 Responses to “Hillary’s Ultra-Left Campaign Speak”

  1. Fran Murphy Says:

    When will someone really look into Whitewater???????? One of Hills’ girlfriends went to jail for years rather then testify against her. That sounds like terror rather then loyalty.

  2. snooper Says:

    The Clintons are evil and vindictive. All they care about is power and control. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

  3. redhawk Says:

    .. Can anyone answer the question ” Did Hitlery really go to paper hanging School in Vienna and where is its Moustache now” ?

  4. snooper Says:


  5. redhawk Says:

    Wonder what dribble will come out of this IDIOT’s mouth regarding the Iraq report… The Wesael harry has once morte Not Disapppointed by bringing up Osama Bin Laden not having been captured yet… totally ignoring that BUBBA screwed this one up 12 times… But then MORONS have short memoris and this moron is the ultimate MORON …

  6. redhawk Says:

    .. I hear the Hitlerina and BYRD have combined for an amendment to be brought up on the Plan for defeat of Harry the Weasel… Can’t wait to hear it.. TWO Mentally incapacitated minds producing …. NOTHING??? Will See…Stay tuned!!!

  7. redhawk Says:

    .. and JON EFEN CARRY is bringing up Viet Nam .. Don’t they have any new ideas to discuss????

  8. redhawk Says:

    An Upper Michigan paper reported that after the last so called “debate”, a Foxnews open Mike picked up a conversation beteween Hitlery and Breck boy as they were discussing plans to eliminate other candidates from future debates. How you like them two Lunatics eh Biden, Richardson, Dudd, Gravel, Kusinich and other assorted mental midgets?? Totalitarian new way of Democracy Hitlery style… what’s next ONE candidate only for futuire elections ala Stalin, Castro, Chavez????
    Reported by A/P…

  9. redhawk Says:

    .. Did Hillary really discuss her ” hair management program “with Jon Boy Breck???
    Careful Jon Boy.. you might have to buy a rug if you take her advice… SHE LIES all the Time!

  10. snooper Says:

    That video is a classic!

  11. redhawk Says:

    it needs to be saved for a mUST see in NOT how to act in a Democratic Country… but then if she get in it could be saved as how to eliminate free elections!!!

  12. snooper Says:

    I have it saved in several places.

    does she want to be selected as Grand Moonbat?

  13. redhawk Says:

    That might fit the bill .. or, in case she finally gets Whacked she might run as chief spokesperson for IHOP as a specialist in WAFFLES with Jon Effen Carry as second in charge for lies!

  14. snooper Says:

    I did think IHOP would let her bus tables!

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