What “IS” It With The Rodhams, Anyway?


The Rodham Family of Criminals, Charlatans and down right Wrong Doers just never ends.

I mean, really. Right? Or IS that left?


July 7, 2007 — NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A lawyer for Tony Rodham, the brother of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, said yesterday he’s confident he can avoid a trial next week on charges that his client failed to repay debts to a Tennessee carnival operator.That should be a relief to Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign since the case could have revived stories about how her brothers accepted money from people pardoned by her husband, President Bill Clinton.


Rodham is accused of failing to repay $107,000 plus interest to the bankrupt estate of Edgar Allen Gregory Jr. and his wife, Vonna Jo, both of whom received a presidential pardon in 2000.

Rodham’s attorney, Samuel Crocker, said he’s sure a settlement will be reached before the trial begins Thursday. “May lightning strike me down if it does” go to trial, Crocker said.

Bankruptcy trustee Michael Collins said he was glad to hear Rodham was eager to settle because negotiations have been going on for some time. “There’s certainly room for a settlement,” he said.

Rodham claims in court documents the money he received from the Gregorys was for consulting services, but the trustee for the Gregory estate claims it was a loan. Rodham was reached by telephone Thursday at his home in Vienna, Va., but declined to comment.

In court filings, Rodham says the Gregory estate actually owes him $130,000.



And Hitlery, Czarina, Queen Pork, friggin’ FRAUD beotch, had the audacity to yap about the Libby Commutation? And the folks granted PARDONS by her hubby King Zipper Loose are involved…AGAIN?

Uh, Hillary? Shut the hell up and go to your room and don’t come out for about 100 years you idiot!


3 Responses to “What “IS” It With The Rodhams, Anyway?”

  1. libertycard Says:

    Marxists quotes – A rose by any other name…..


  2. snooper Says:

    Damn good link! Made a post out of it! Thanks!

  3. redhawk Says:

    Do Roses really require a lot of Manure in order to grow??? Just wondering if the Rod hams have lived in it long enough….

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