Shrillary: The Never Ending Queen of DNC Double Standards


The NY Post has a slam-bam herd of Hillary atrocities today.  I wonder why that is?


July 7, 2007 — SEN. Hillary Clinton is facing increasing Democratic criticism for using Mark Penn as her presidential campaign’s chief strate gist while he also serves as CEO of Burson-Marsteller, the public relations giant with corporate clients whose policies run opposite to Clinton’s.

Clients include Royal Dutch Shell (attacked by Clinton for “windfall profits“), as well as tobacco and pharmaceutical firms with records she has deplored. Penn was a key operative in President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and continued as a second-term adviser.

A footnote: Penn criticized Bloomberg News, which has reported on conflicts between Burson-Marsteller and the Clinton campaign, for obtaining “several months” of Penn’s internal blogs. On June 29, a former employee who started a rival firm filed suit in New York City against Penn for monitoring his personal e-mails.

Dear Hillary: MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!

Does anyone else see the Double Standards here or do we need to spoon-feed you?

OH!  WAIT!  There’s MORE!

July 7, 2007 — Capitalizing on her experience, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has opened up a 23-point lead over Barack Obama, a new poll released yesterday shows.

The Newsweek poll shows Clinton leading Obama 56-33 percent in a two-way matchup of the Democratic presidential candidates.

That’s almost double a previous survey in early May that showed Clinton with a 51-39 percent edge over Obama.

First of all,  Newsweek did the deal so that right there is “suspect”.  A far-leftist Jihad loving waste of a magazine is “seemingly supporting” a far-leftist Jihadist Sympathizer (Hillary), and I am supposed to believe their shiite?  Not hardly.

The latest numbers also indicate that the question of which candidate is experienced enough to take the Oval Office is playing into the equation.

Asked “do you think he or she has enough experience in politics and government to be a good president,” some 70 percent of voters said Clinton does, compared to 25 percent who gave her experience level a thumbs down.

Five percent said they didn’t know.

If, and I stress “IF”, this is “true” (snicker-snicker snort-snort), there are some folks in dire need of a cranial enema.

But asked the same question about Obama, 40 percent said he had enough experience, while 34 percent thought he didn’t. Another 26 percent of voters weren’t sure.

So how long has Obama been a Senator?  What IS his experience level?  And Czarina?  What is her claim to fame?  A botched Socialist health-care quagmire?  Again,  there are quite a few folks in dire need of cranial enemas.  Something is stuck.

The notion of experience has been a hallmark of the Clinton campaign, and it’s been an issue on the stump for Obama in recent weeks.

Hallmark?  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA?  What has she done again except Pork Barrel her way into the bowels of Socialistic Double Standardom?

The Illinois senator recently told a crowd at a fund-raiser for his White House bid that the only person prepared to lead the nation on “Day One” is Bill Clinton and not Hillary, and on a recent Iowa campaign swing he painted the couple as part of a has-been past.

And Clinton pollsters reportedly message-tested questions about Obama’s experience with Democratic primary voters.

In other findings, 86 percent of voters said if a woman were their party’s nominee they would cast a ballot for her, but only 58 percent said they think the nation is ready for a woman president.

When the same question was asked about the first black presidential nominee, a whopping 92 percent said they’d vote for their party’s choice, but 59 percent said the country isn’t prepared for a black president.

Clinton’s approval rating is at 57 percent in the poll, with Obama right behind her at 54 percent, according to the survey.

The poll also showed President Bush’s job-approval rating at a dismal 26 percent.

And the approval ratings of CONgress…the DEMOCRATIC PARTY leadership and majority is what?  Hello?  Reid is at 19%…Cheney at 38%…Hello?  Newsweek “left” that one “right” out of the article?  Gee.  I wonder if there is any BIAS there?  Morons.

The poll of 1,002 people nationwide was taken this past Monday and Tuesday.

The margin of error for the entire survey is 4 percentage points, while the margin for the Democratic candidates was 6 points.

According to recent fund-raising reports, Clinton was trounced by Obama in a key area: money.

For the second quarter of this year, Obama reported raising $31 million in funds that can be spent on the primary season, compared to $21 million in primary dollars for Clinton.

Obama also reported taking in money from 250,000 donors.

That number suggests a deep level of small-dollar, grass-roots donors whom the Obama campaign hopes will translate into votes when the primary balloting begins next year. With Post Wire Services

If anyone votes for either of these TWO losers, they need to immediately check into a rehab center for dumb-ass abuse and get that cranial enema.



6 Responses to “Shrillary: The Never Ending Queen of DNC Double Standards”

  1. Hillary Clinton ‘08 » Shrillary: The Never Ending Queen of DNC Double Standards Says:

    […] Read more from the original source: snooper […]

  2. redhawk Says:

    “pork barrels”…. Any ideas why Weasel Harry and frends are not willing to pass the GOP passed anti Earmarks Bill that the House passed last year unfder GOP leadership BUT Weasel Harry is not willing to bring to the Senate floor without attaching it to the war on Iraq liberal Defeat bill… and where is miss PORKCHOPS on this??? Why on an IHP Waffle Tour!!!

  3. redhawk Says:

    OH but wait…. While Pork Chops Hitlery is on the IHOP waffle tour.. Weasel Harry is blaming the GOP leadership for not wanting his BACK door Only Anti Ear marks joke to be attached to non consequential bills… But sen De Mint set the record straight to day… Wesael Harry as Usual isc LYING!!!!!!

  4. snooper Says:

    Their Double Standards are sooooooooooooooooooo obvious.

  5. redhawk Says:

    … Snooper,
    I don’t know if tyou saw this yesterday but although slightly ( By a lot) off topic it needs to be said.

    I saw the Rino senator from Oregon, the whining Gordon Smith speaking on the Senate flor attemting to excuse his support for the Harry the Weasel Defeat plan by talking about a governmenbt that is unable to function, is ful of hate, is incapable to legislate, is in total confusion and so on… At first I thought he was speaking the truth regarding the US Congress but then he spoiled all by saying that it was IRAQ… as he left for a month’s vcation…. THE CLOWNS ARE ACTIVE IN THE US CIRCUS!!!!

  6. resouces stuff Says:



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