Hillary weak in Iowa?


Interesting article in the New York Times on Hillary’s campaign in Iowa:

Mrs. Clinton’s chief strategist, Mark Penn, who by profession is a pollster and tends to be very boosterish on all things Clinton, said that of all the early states, this is the one where Mrs. Clinton is clearly trailing. He blames it on her not having been able to spend as much time in Iowa as her rivals .

“She is leading now in just about every other state, so this is a natural place for us to step up our attention and focus,” Mr. Penn said in an e-mail exchange on Sunday. “She is building a base there, but she is not the frontrunner in Iowa and traditionally these voters make their final decision late.”

Indeed, Mrs. Clinton does seem vulnerable in Iowa, and it’s not hard to picture a number of unwelcome scenarios for a campaign that these days is once again trying to present her candidacy as a juggernaut. Mrs. Clinton could probably escape losing to John Edwards, the North Carolina Democrat, and coming in second next January. Coming in third, which is not at all out of the question analysts say, would be hard to explain by the supposed front-running – particularly if it is Senator Barack Obama of Illinois who comes in first.

Because of this the poor people of Iowa will see an awful lot of the Hill and Bill show in the coming months.


2 Responses to “Hillary weak in Iowa?”

  1. redhawk Says:

    It appears that the Hitlery and Felon Act does not play well in IOWA… GEEESH Nitlery, don’t you still “get It” that the Breck girl looks more feminine than you and his Queen Elizabeth is really manlier than the Felon that tags along with you at the diner???

  2. redhawk Says:

    … Iowans Confused Hitlery with the winning Porker at the State fair and while ignoring Hitlery the PIG was overwhelmed by autograph seekers!!!

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