Ted Strickland as VP?


Joe Hallett uses a hypothetical dialog to explore the idea of Hillary picking Ohio Governor Ted Strickland as the Vice Presidential candidate should she win the nomination. Here is a snippet:

T: I want you to know, Hillary, that I will do everything I can here in Ohio — campaign day and night — to help you win the presidency. Whatever you need, just ask.

H: I appreciate that, Ted. There is something …

T: Just ask.

H: Will you be my running mate?

T: What!

H: I need you, Ted. I’ve done the electoral math. It all comes down to Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Florida has another Republican governor and is going to be tough for me. Pennsylvania is doable. But I don’t think I can win the presidency without Ohio, and I can’t win Ohio without you, Ted. Thompson is the kind of guy who will appeal to independents in Ohio. Your favorability ratings are still in the mid-60s. Ohioans would be proud to have you in the White House with me.

T: But Hillary, there are so many others. Despite your knowledge of foreign affairs, some voters will question whether a woman is tough enough to stand up to terrorists. You need someone with strong national- security credentials. Someone, maybe, like my New Mexico counterpart, Gov. Bill Richardson.

H: New Mexico doesn’t make or break me, Ted. Ohio does.

T: What about Barack Obama? Everybody loves him.

H: Barack doesn’t get me anything I can’t already get. I’ll win Illinois, and African-American voters have always loved Bill, and they’ll stay with me. You can get me Ohio, Ted, and I need Ohio.


One Response to “Ted Strickland as VP?”

  1. redhawk Says:

    Go Hilltlery.. Get another Unknown to match the Inexperieced list of Democratic candidates.. Let’s see:
    Edwards is an Empty suit
    Obama anotyher empty suit
    Hiltlery well not empty but no GRAVITAS..
    Then come the Minions:
    Biden full of hot air and making dumb statements everytime he is on camera
    Kusinich… Delusional
    So Stricland will fit in the Corrall of empty heads!!!

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