Montanans don’t want Hillary Clinton


Here is shocker: Montanans are not big fans of Hillary. With the exception of all the Hollywood types moving in, Montana has always struck me as a state with reasonable people. Polls have now back me up:

Montana voters would most likely vote for Republican John McCain for president next year, and they are least likely to support Democrat Hillary Clinton, a new Gazette State Poll shows.

The poll, taken June 25-27, didn’t break voters into political parties. Instead, it asked all 625 people surveyed if they would or would not consider voting for each of 13 different announced or likely presidential candidates if those candidates are the nominees of their respective political party. The poll has a margin of error of plus-or-minus four percentage points.

[. . .]

“Montana voters have an open mind on supporting Democrats for president, but they aren’t going to have an open mind when it comes to Hillary Clinton,” Coker said. “For Hillary Clinton to win Montana, she needs a Ross Perot.”

This would be good news for McCain and bad news for Hillary except that Montana simply doesn’t loom that large in either the primary or general election. But they are still wise to distrust Hillary.


One Response to “Montanans don’t want Hillary Clinton”

  1. redhawk Says:

    Montanans, Kentuckians, and others can’t stand the BITCH! That’s a start!!!!

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