Democrats As Snake-Oil Salesmen


Great quote from John Podhoretz on the D’s debate last night:

It struck me as a snake-oil salesman’s convention. Every minute there was another promise to fix another problem that any sensible person at any point on the political spectrum knows perfectly well can’t simply be fixed by dollars alone ā€” universal health care, education, the size of the prison population, AIDS, early childhood development, and on and on. I suppose there are many people in this country who genuinely believe the reason things aren’t better is that government doesn’t do enough or spend enough and that all you need to do is cut the defense budget to make everything equal. And I suppose saying you’re for massive government action in all these areas is incredibly seductive for those people to hear. But it’s not serious. In fact, it’s insulting to their audiences for the candidates to pretend it is serious. It would be like Republican candidates going before pro-life audiences and saying, “When I am president there will be no abortions in this country!” The fact that this was a forum largely dedicated to issues of concern to African-Americans should be a sobering reminder of just how patronizing liberals can be toward black people.


2 Responses to “Democrats As Snake-Oil Salesmen”

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  2. redhawk Says:

    Yeah.. I’d like to see the Bubbalina bounced out on her big fat ass!!!

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