Obama to out raise Hillary


If there was one thing I was confident Hillary Clinton could do it was raise money. But it appears Barack Obama ain’t no slouch either:

Eager to cast their fundraising totals for the second quarter in a positive light, officials with Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign said they expect to raise less than Sen. Barack Obama — probably about $27 million, roughly what they drew in the first three months of the year.

[. . .]

Advisers in the two camps had been quietly predicting for weeks that Obama would outperform Clinton, and on Thursday, the Obama campaign unveiled a tidbit about their fortunes. They said they are in reach of having 250,000 donors for the year by the time the second fundraising quarter ends this Saturday.

David Plouffe, the Obama campaign manager, wrote in a memo that the campaign had already added about 140,000 new contributors in the last three months. “While the professional pundits are busy handicapping a big-money horse race, we have a more important goal: getting more people involved and owning a piece of this campaign,” Plouffe wrote.

Typical campaign speak by the Obama camp. Obviously each is going emphasize whatever makes their candidate look good, but lots of money and from lots of donors is rarely bad. Now if Obama could just turn some of that money and enthusiasm into improved poll numbers things might really get interesting.


One Response to “Obama to out raise Hillary”

  1. redhawk Says:

    WOW… Is this what is the beginning of the DOWNWARD slide for Ms. PORKCHOPS????

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