Hillary’s Achilles Heal…Part 2


As we have presented previously, we continue with the expose of the woman that would be Czar. John Dickerson over at Slate asks the question, “Is Senator Clinton warm enough to win?” I suppose it all depends on what your definitions of “warm” and “sincere” are…yes?

SlateV, a new on-line video magazine has an inside view of the Rodham. You can view the video by clicking on the VOD:POD (in our sidebar) to access “Hillary’s Achilles Heel” or by visiting SlateV.

With the recent release of Hillary’s “what will be my theme song” contest winner, we see that she tries ever so hard to depict herself as the caring and womanly…woman.  She is shown “looking out for” her husband with carrot sticks in lieu of onion rings.  Unless she really likes the womanizing husband Bill “stepping out” on her on a regular basis, the video is a sham.  What woman in her right mind (or would that be left mind?) accepts their womanizing husbands unless, naturally, the brain synapse pathways are askew.

Where Clinton doesn’t do well is on the “softer” set of attributes-trust, likability, and the feeling that she’s “just like us”-that help voters form a personal connection with a candidate.

Well stated.  I will add that Hillary is of questionable character and she is a crook.  Does America need another Clinton crook?  I think not.  To make matters worse and to add insult to injury, does America want or need a full-blown socialist as president?  I think not.




3 Responses to “Hillary’s Achilles Heal…Part 2”

  1. redhawk Says:

    Does the American public needs a:
    Socio Comunist Waffler as CIC??? i don’t think so!!!

  2. snooper Says:

    If one is a commie-pinko, the A.N.S.W.E.R. would be yes!

  3. redhawk Says:

    So I SEE!

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