Czarina’s Crimes…continued


De we really need another Clinton Criminal in the White House?

Hat Tip to Hill Cap (via commenter dougfromupland).

NY Post: like we have been saying; when is Hillary going to be held accountable for HER actions?

A Chicago lawyer linked to the public corruption scandal involving Barack Obama’s controversial political patron co-hosted a fund-raiser yesterday for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Myron Cherry, a longtime Democratic fund-raiser, appeared in a federal indictment against Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who faces fraud charges related to an Illinois public pension fund.

The indictment against Rezko alleges that in late 2003, he agreed to help get $25 million in state pension business for a firm that would pay a finder’s fee to a business associate. But because of that associate’s tie to Rezko, they agreed to claim the fee’s recipient was another, unnamed businessman, who allegedly did no work. That was Cherry, says a person familiar with the probe.

Cherry has denied any wrongdoing. His connection to Rezko could be problematic for Clinton, as her chief rival, Obama, has been dogged by questions about his ties to Rezko.

Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer declined to comment.


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