Obama Kicks Hillary In The…er…uh


From The Note:

When Barack Obama heads to New Hampshire Friday for a good government speech, he does not plan on making a Clintonesque pledge to run the “most ethical administration in the history of the republic.”

He does plan, however, to offer some tangible examples of what he means when he says that he would “turn the page” on the ways in which politics have been practiced.

With Ron Brownstein seeing him as the “priest” to Hillary Clinton’s “warrior,” the “wine track” to her “beer track,” the Bill Bradley to her Al Gore, the key test for Obama’s reform proposals will be whether he can present them as a gateway to substantive change.

WATCH OUT OBAMA!  The Queen of Dirt and dubious relationships with people of questionable character may find out some things about you.  One cannot attack The Rodham without the wrath of said same Rodham.

Watch Six.  Keep Five.


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