Hillary Clinton: Empty Pantsuit


BINGO! This is rich…no pun intended for the millionaire status of The Rodham and The Billmeister.

Steven Stark has written an item that says it all and when you boil it all down, one begs to ask the question, “Who is Hillary, anyway?” I asked myself that question back in the ’80s and my answer was, “Why, she is a Tag Along.” What has Hillary done, really? What is the Ringing of the Bell?

I have a terrible confession to make: I couldn’t get through either of the two new biographical tomes about Hillary Clinton.

I really did try. And I’m sure it’s all good stuff if you’re into hearing the same old stories about the Vince Foster suicide, the commodities trade, the health-care debacle, and so on, tortuously replayed for pages on end.

But I, for one, just can’t take it anymore.

I’m with you there!  I mean, really, how many times can you peel the same potato(e)?  For Hillary actually being a Nobody, she sure gets a lot of books about her.  Perhaps it is her lying and stealing and connivery?

…These journalists are trained, so to speak, to lose the forest for the trees. That makes for good reporting, but lousy biography.

The main problem, however, is the subject itself. To continue the cliché metaphor, with Hillary, there is no forest. Or, as Gertrude Stein once said of Oakland, “there’s no there there.”

The press’s assumption about Hillary has always been that she’s the power behind the throne: the smart, savvy one at Yale Law School, who got better grades but postponed her own political career for the benefit of her husband. David Brock wrote an earlier biography, The Education of Hillary Rodham, that advanced this thesis, making the claim that Hillary, not Bill, was the leading light of the twosome.

There’s only one problem with this theory: there isn’t evidence to support it. Love him or hate him, Bill is a political phenomenon.

Hillary’s real claim to fame is that she married a political star. And, because of that, any biography that tells the truth about her essentially amounts to hundreds of pages relaying, well, not that much of anything. You can’t write a good life story about a rather boring and unlikable personage who’s never done enough to merit a lengthy biography in her own right, even if she is married to someone as interesting as Bill.

I am pleased to read the words of someone that thinks as I do.  Read more of the Myth of Hillary.


One Response to “Hillary Clinton: Empty Pantsuit”

  1. redhawk Says:

    Please Not the Pants!!! Thay are Amply Filled.. It is the Hat rest that is really Empty!!!!!

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