Delegate, Trustee or Politico?


Many moons ago, I wrote a piece for whatever reason and one can find it here and the addendum to it here. These two writings were intended to whet the appetites of those that were confused as to what exactly was a Federal Republic as opposed to a Pure Democracy. It is refreshing to read others with the same ideals as I and also notices that Hillary hasn’t a clue. That is no surprise, really.

Jay Cost has a “short version” as well and he applies the same principles to The Rodham. Clearly, The Rodham is unworthy to be the President of The United States. Period.

To expound on it here would be an exercise in futility.  Suffice it to say,  go read the piece.

The Lame Stream Media or,  the LSD Press would have us believe that the “majority” is sick and tired of GWB and will  flock to Hillary.  Perhaps ALL voters should be compelled to read this piece and turn in their “report” before they are allowed to vote.


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