The Rodham Factor


To sum Hillary up is “Rather” difficult to do. Personally, I wrap that which I personally and professionally feel and believe about Hillary Rodham Clinton can be categorized in one word; untrustworthy.

I don’t trust her one bit. The “problem” with Hillary is her body language and the “look” in the eyes. I hear the words but the words do not match the aura.

In the WaPo’s Media Notes: Howard Kurtz

“Yet if his party nominates Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York for president, the 52-year-old Democrat plans to vote for her Republican opponent.

” ‘It’s a personal thing,’ Cole said. ‘I don’t like her. I think she’s condescending and arrogant, even worse than Al Gore, who has no personality.’It is a paradox of the 2008 presidential race. By a wide margin, several polls show, voters want a Democrat to win — yet when offered head-to-head contests of leading announced candidates, many switch allegiance to the Republican.”

I see someone else can read body language as well.

Senator Clinton, is a member of the most ineffective Congress in the history of the United States yet she boasts of all of the gains. What gains? She is a member of a group whose bark is worse than their bite because they have no teeth; yet her group says GWB is the worse President there ever was. I suppose Jimmah Cahtah was the best? Please. Spare me the vitriol and stop insulting my intelligence. GWB’s approval ratings are HIGHER than Clinton’s, Pelosi’s and the Loser In Command Reid’s. Pot? Meet kettle. Kettle? Meet pot.

Neither Hillary or Bill have the mental capacity to give a straight answer on anything. Certainly they give answers but when you look at their answers closely, they have no substance or merit. I don’t trust crooked shooters. They can’t hit the target unless the target moves to be hit…equates to blowing with the wind.

Bill Clinton Campaigns For Hillary In Iowa: Marc Ambinder

It’s official now: former President Bill Clinton will campaign for his wife, Hillary, in Iowa, from July 2 through Independence Day.

Why now? “For starters and has been noted on the covers of more than a few magazines and newspapers, he has been working hard on behalf of her campaign for weeks but there isn’t a better place to be on independence day than Iowa,” says Jay Carson, Bill Clinton’s spokesman.

Translated: Don’t ask “why now.”

Here’s why I asked “why now”: virtually no one expected him to campaign this early, under the assumption that Bill Clinton would do the most good for his wife’s campaign if he helped to reinforce her standng with Democratic base voters late in the game. (Clinton aides told me in February that I was unlikely to see Bill Clinton on the campaign trail before the fall.)

Whatever those assumptions were, they turned out to be mistaken. For one thing, Hillary Clinton’s standing with core Democratic voters is very solid. And within the past few months, she’s established her own political identity.

Maybe Hillary Clinton needs a bit of an artificial, external boost in Iowa right now.

No definitive answers. When answers are given, when the wind blows, the Clintons blow with it…translation: insecure.

The Rodham is a Globalist. Translation: communist/socialist/One World Government. No. I don’t trust her one bit.

Do you?




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