We Have The Pods…Seen The Peas?


DES MOINES, Iowa – In a first, former President Clinton will campaign with his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, in Iowa next month, seeking to boost her candidacy in a state where she trails in the polls.

The former president will spend July 2-4 in Iowa with Sen. Clinton.

“The schedule is still being worked out, but it is the first time he’s joined the campaign,” said spokesman Mark Daley.

Perhaps this is the only way Hillary can get Billary to “keep it zipped“?


2 Responses to “We Have The Pods…Seen The Peas?”

  1. John Ruseckas Says:

    What was it that turned Hillary on to Bill in the first place? We can be sure that whatever it was it wasn’t character. Here’s a man on a level with Mike Nifong or lower. But she loves him to this day. Is it possible to draw conclusions? Most certainly, especially if these can be corroborated.
    Her supreme confidence in the value of deceit, coercion, and crime gotten away with, as ultimate victors on the human scene, permeates her every public act.
    Don’t talk to her about truth, but about what people will believe, and for how long.
    Don’t talk to her about kindness, but about the appearance of it.
    Don’t talk to her of justice, but about how its practical machanisms can be twisted to further her aims.
    Don’t talk to her of victory of anyone over anybody, unless it is hers over everybody.
    Is this a frightening picture? You bet!

  2. snooper Says:

    SPOT ON, John Ruseckas!

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