I KNEW I wasn’t crazy! (don’t tell my wife)

Hillary Clinton checks in as the “creepiest” candidate in the hunt for the White House, a new Forbes magazine online character poll has found.

A full 15 percent of Americans say Clinton gives them the creeps – including 20 percent of men, compared to 10 percent of females.

No other active candidate comes close to Clinton, who’s taken hits from pundits for getting shrill on the speaking stump, making people’s hairs stand on end.

But former Vice President Al Gore, a non-candidate basking in the glow of an Oscar award for his recent documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” ties Clinton in the creep-out column at 15 percent.



  1. Hot Rodham Blog Says:

    […] Yeah.  Fear is a good thing sometimes.  Like NOT wanting a communist idealist dressed in socialist garb running every aspect of every soul in the USA,  you idiot!  Evidently, Ewing didn’t know that Hillary gives people the Willies. […]

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