Bay Buchanan: Hillary Clinton is Dangerous to Civil Liberties


Yes. You read that correctly.

Hillary Clinton’s claim that she thought she was voting for more diplomacy when she voted to authorize use of force in Iraq is part of a pattern that suggests to Bay Buchanan that we are all fools for having let her advance to the point where she is running for president.

HA! I had her pegged a very long time ago! She is a fraud and a power-hungry whore.”

It’s inconceivable that somebody would vote for a resolution that’s called ‘Authorization of the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq,’ and yet you would be thinking you might be voting for something that didn’t put armed forces in Iraq,” Buchanan tells me with her trademark staccato delivery.

In the months leading up to the vote, there was a national debate about whether President Bush should go to Congress to obtain authority to go to war.

“Barack Obama made it very clear as a state senator that he understood what the vote was about, and he didn’t approve of it,” Buchanan says. “So he understood it. He wasn’t even in Washington when the national debate was taking place.”

If Hillary really thought she was not voting to go to war, “Why would she have supported the war for the next two-and-a-half years?” Buchanan asks.

Indeed, on April 21, 2004, she told Larry King on CNN that she does not regret her vote to authorize use of force because “at the time, it was in the context of weapons of mass destruction, grave threats to the United States, and clearly, Saddam Hussein had been a real problem for the international community for more than a decade.”

“Hillary has a keen sense of entitlement,” Buchanan says. “She doesn’t admit mistakes or learn from them. She believes in her own mind that she doesn’t have to take responsibility for things she’s done in the past. She can say whatever it is she wants to say today, and it’s as if the slate is clean and nothing has occurred before this.”

Read her haunting words:

October 10, 2002October 10, 2002

Floor Speech of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on S.J. Res. 45, A Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq

“Thank you for visiting my website. Below is the statement I made on the Senate floor on October 10th to explain my decision and vote on the joint Congressional resolution on Iraq. I hope you will take the time to read it with as much care as I have given to making this difficult decision. I am deeply grateful to the thousands of New Yorkers who shared their views on this important issue, and will continue to do my very best in serving the interests of our state and nation.”

“In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al Qaeda members. It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.”
Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY), Oct 10,2002

Playing the Vicitm

The fact that Hillary could write in her own autobiography that mean-spirited conservatives who were trying to keep her husband from accomplishing his agenda were behind all the scandals of the Clinton administration is another example of Hillary’s refusal to take responsibility.

“It’s always somebody else,” Buchanan says. “The Clintons are the victims. Someone else has caused this, and their attitude is they have to endure.”

Of all of Hillary’s prevarications, Buchanan says, none is so clear-cut or shocking as the fact that on national TV, Hillary claimed that when two airplanes hit the World Trade Center, her daughter Chelsea was at Battery Park near the towers, where Chelsea heard and saw the catastrophe unfold.

Hillary’s arrogance was so profound that she did not coordinate the story  with Chelsea, who wrote an article for Talk in which she described what she had been doing that day. According to Chelsea, she wasn’t jogging at the World Trade Center. Rather, she was miles away in a friend’s apartment on Park Avenue South. She watched the events unfold on TV.

Given such prevarications, “We are fools when you consider that we allow her to move forward as a serious candidate for the presidency,” Buchanan says. “Especially when she refuses to take responsibility for an issue as important as war � to send young people into harm’s way, and now she acts as if she never did that, and that it was wrong.”

Hillary is a liar. Plain and simple. Read the rest of the article but I will post the last paragraph. Consider its merit:

“They’re so worried about the Patriot Act, and yet they’re about to put somebody like Hillary Clinton in the White House,” Buchanan says. “We don’t need any Patriot Act if she’s there.”


2 Responses to “Bay Buchanan: Hillary Clinton is Dangerous to Civil Liberties”

  1. Miss Beth Says:

    I just got Bay’s book yesterday–looking forward to devouring it!

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    […] right when the presidential campaign is getting underway, might be politically inspired. But Bay Buchanan’s is the only one by a conservative author. Of the other two freshly out, one is by two New York […]

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