Just A Thought


Not much here.  A mere sentiment.  Interesting it is, considering from whence it came.


“I don’t know about you, but I have had it with the D.C. Democrats, had it with the DLC Democrats, had it with every calculating, equivocating, triangulating, straddling, hair-splitting son of a bitch up there, and that includes Hillary Rodham Clinton.”Molly Ivins


4 Responses to “Just A Thought”

  1. Boaz Says:

    For myself, that includes to a larger degree, the RINO’s. They professed to be on our side, and ‘one of us’.
    Instead they are a fifth column working (IMO) to destroy this Nation

  2. snooper Says:

    “RIGHT” on Boaz!

  3. dsolo Says:

    All too true.

  4. snooper Says:

    sad, ain’t it?

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