Hillary and Her Crimes


We have presented here on this Stop Her Now blog several articles, opinion pieces and other items of interest, depicting the unethical, illegal and dubious activities of The Hillary. Her aspirations are not to be President of the United States regardless of the lies, manipulations and the absolute stupidity, lies and deceitfulness of the HillaryHub. Her aspirations are to be in complete and total control over every aspect of the lives of the American People. We will either have to do things Her Way or suffer the consequences of not doing things her way.

We have brought to you Hillary’s Disclosure Woes. We have brought to you Ethics and The Clintons. Other items are The Clintonistas, The Clintons And That Big Bad Oil Thing, Czarina; Pork President, Hillary Bios, The Clintons Empire Building, Unfit For Command showing the very long list of the scandals and illegal activities she has been involved with in one way or another, Hillary’s Skeleton(s) revealing her dubious and illegal campaign activities (the Smoking Gun Tape and the lawsuits and FEC rulings), Hillary Despises Capitalism, and approximately 100+ more.

One of our readers going by the post-name of bgoldberg has given us a link to a fellow Warrior Against Hillary that we have in our blogroll. The article offers the YouTube videos of documented Smoking Gun(s) as to the veracity of Hillary the Hun. The videos are below.

The title of the article is “Hillary Committed Felonies: Just Released Tape Proves Crime”.


In preparation for submitting the just released video of Hillary Clinton engaged in various felonies, to the California Appellate Court reviewing Hillary’s protection by California’s Anti-SLAPP law in Paul v Clinton et al., election law expert and US Supreme Court/Constitutional Lawyer John Armor determined on June 14, 2007, after analyzing the video of Hillary Clinton on a conference call with Peter Paul, Stan Lee, et al, that the video captures Hillary engaged in a series of felony violations of the law.

The videotape, with clear audio of Sen. Clinton, documents her direct knowledge and involvement with Paul in producing the Hollywood fund-raiser and indicates she participated in solicitation of entertainers, whose in-kind contributions of their services would also constitute illegal contributions exceeding $25,000.

The five minute video, which will be released to the public when the Appellate Reply Brief is filed in Paul v. Hillary Clinton et al., has been reviewed and analyzed by a series of election law experts, with John Armor being selected to publicly explain his analysis of the first ever video to capture a presidential candidate committing felonies.

UPDATE HERE!!! Me smells troubles for The Rodham!!  Posted today!!

After almost seven years of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s denial of receiving, and failing to report $2 million in campaign contributions, a “smoking gun” tape being released today, reveals that Senator Clinton not only had direct knowledge of Mr. Peter Paul’s planning and funding her 2000 Senate campaign, she and her White House staff liaison with her senate campaign acted as co-producers and talent coordinators of the largest fundraiser of her campaign.


6 Responses to “Hillary and Her Crimes”

  1. Hillary Clinton ‘08 » Hillary and Her Crimes Says:

    […] View original post here: snooper […]

  2. snooper Says:

    Silence from the Leftinistra is deafening, is it not?

  3. Jeff Eschborn Says:

    I have sent several emails dedicated to stop this woman with no replys–DO YOU really want to stop her I DO

  4. snooper Says:

    Yes…that is what this blog and this web site is about. As for emails, where did you send them? If you sent them to Hillary’s place, they were deleted.

  5. dougfromupland Says:

    Here it is so that even the mainstream media can understand.

  6. Czarina’s Crimes…continued « Hot Rodham Blog Says:

    […] De we really need another Clinton Criminal in the White […]

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