The Shrill One Went Down To Selma


Hillary had her contest to select her campaign’s theme song. Apparently, they forgot this one…and it is someplace on this site…enjoy!

The Shrill One Went Down To Selma

The Shrill One went down to Selma, she was looking for some votes to seal.
She was in a bind, ‘cuz he weren’t far behind, she hoped she’d have great appeal.
Well she went across the bridge span suckin’ air and sweatin’ a lot,
then the Shrill One jumped up to the church mike and said folks let me tell you what.

I guess you probably know it, but I’m a civil rights fighter too,
and I’ve come too faaar in my jet and car to not try and convince you.
Now Dr. King did some great things, but give the Shrill One her due,
I need yer votes at the polls for my.. err our dreams to roll, then I’ll make life good for you.
She then said I ain’t no ways tired, so I’ll drawl it out again,
please on me bet and ya won’t regret, ’cause I’m the best there’s ever been!

Shrill One practice on yer drawl and play yer best race card,
’cause ya need black votes from Selma, Barack’s comin’ on real hard.
And if you win you’ll get yer party’s nod for winnin’ polls,
but if you lose, he’ll gain the Hee-haw Soul!

The Shrill One squinted up her face and said I’ll stay awake,
then spittle flew from her puckered lips as southern-fried she spake.
And she pulled the race card with tongue tied strings and it made a faked voice hiss.
Then the practiced linguist got her voice down tight, and it sounded somethin’ like this.

Mired in right wingers, trust my run, Shrill One’s in da house, we shall overcome.
The capitalist pigs make way too much dough, Granny are ya satisfied, no child no!

The Shrill One held her head up, self assured and lib elite,
‘cuz she knew she had more girth weight on her pant suited heavy feet.
But then Fred said Shrill One bring it on, I’ll take you on and win.
You done been told you Marxist chick, run hard left and I’ll win!

Hire all the big wigs, Shrill One run! America’s for freedom, not left wing scum.
Free markets and low taxes give all more dough,
you’ll cry loud next November in defeated woes!

Tim Schieferecke


2 Responses to “The Shrill One Went Down To Selma”

  1. blacktygrrrr Says:

    Outstanding good sir, Outstanding!

  2. snooper Says:

    Maybe Hannity will sing this with Charlie Daniels?

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